Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 49. The Diner.

"I know" I said quietly

"Really?... how do you know?" She asked in surprise.

"I've been getting visions too" I responded

"Oh my God!" She said in delight "how long have you been getting them?"

"Just recently, one already came to pass or almost and I'm trying to stop this one from happening " I said sounding a bit exasperated.

"How do you plan on stopping it?"

"By doing a prayer circle"

"Thats a great idea hon, you are truly my daughter" she replied sounding proud.

"Actually, it was Kimone's idea, she had heard us when we did the same for her"

"Wow, God is truly amazing" she said and instantly burst out in a series of prayer.

I closed my eyes and nodded in agreement with her words, I felt them in the depths of my soul. Apparently, Alando could hear the conversation as he too bowed his head in prayer. I was happy that he embraced our praying habit as it made it easier for me and my mom to be around him. I've been in awkward situations where my mom would be praying and the person took offence as they were atheist or didn't believe in our way of life. I embraced my tears as they ran down my face while I said my own prayers inwardly. I needed this nightmare to be over and done, I felt like I've had enough but something deep down inside gave me a feeling that it was far from over.

After the conversation and prayer with my mom, we drove to a nearby diner to get something to eat. I craved for some greasy unhealthy food, I wondered how he would react with me ordering steak and fries. We sat down and the waiter immediately attended to us by giving us the menu cards. I scanned it quickly and found what I needed, his eyes widened as he listened to my order but he said nothing.

"It's what I'm craving right now" I told him as he read his menu card

"I figured" he replied without looking up at me. He ordered a cheese burger for himself and I watched as the waiter went into the kitchen with our orders.

"Do you know him?" Alando asked as he noticed me watching the waiter.

"Errr, no I don't, I was jus looking at how tall he was"

"Its impolite to stare" Alando said with a scowl.

"Awww, come on, I was just admiring.... um looking at his height, that's it"

"So you were admiring him?" He asked cocking his head to the side with a curious look on his face

I rolled my eyes and flashed my ring in front of him.

"This big shiny thing that you placed on my finger means that you're the one I love, the only one for that matter, it also should sort out any qualms you may be having right now" I told him sounding a little too harsh.

He gave me a crooked smile,

"You're right, I'm sorry" he said and gently rubbed my hand.

There was so much insecurity in his eyes that I was taken a back.

"I'll never cheat on you Alando" I told him as I stared deep into his eyes.

He leaned back into his seat and ran his hands over his face and head.

"I'm only human so I give in to my doubts at times" he said humbly and my heart ached for him. "After all that Camilla put me through, I find myself having trust issues from time to time" he continued.

"That's totally understandable" I said trying to comfort him.

"I told you what she did right?" He asked referring to what happened between he and her.

"Umm, yeah you gave me a brief summary"

"Hmmm, she brought the man she was fucking into my home, told me he was some relative of hers" his words were filled with disdain. "She also fucked more than five men during our cartoon episode of a marriage"

"Huh?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, you heard me" he confirmed

"How did you two meet?" I asked.

He sighed and I saw how his countenance changed as the memories began coming back to his mind.

"I'm sorry that she hurt you" I told him as I kissed his knuckles ignoring feeling I had to comfort him so bad, I wish one kiss would take all his pain and bad memories away.

"We were high school sweethearts or whatever,although there was nothing sweet about her heart anyway" he said dismissively. "I was so busy studying to becoming a doctor that I ignored the signs, overlooked the lies. Even when she told me she was pregnant the first time and I questioned the possibility of it being mine I still stayed because I was taught to not give up easily, but it was after she and her boyfriend got arrested for bank robbery everything came to light for me and I ended things permanently"

"Oh my..... she was awful" I found myself saying. I wasn't one to bad mouth another female but based on what he was telling me, where was lie? She was truly an awful person for all the wrongs she had done to him.

I was glad when the waiter came with our food as it allowed us to put an end to our blast from the past conversation. My mouth watered as the aroma hit my nostrils and I couldn't wait to dig in.

"Remember, eat slowly, chew your food properly so you won't end up feeling nauseous" he warned.

"Yes love, I will" I told him with a smile.

The steak was heavenly and done to perfection, the fries were hot and I added mayonnaise which made them melt in my mouth. I slowly ate my food letting out a few moans here and there.

"I don't know if its because I'm pregnant but my taste buds are so on point right now, its ridiculous" I told him while I took another bite of my steak. "Its like I can taste everything in it, every spice, every herb, its crazy".

He chuckled as he put the final piece of burger in his mouth.

"Yeah, it's because you're pregnant " he confirmed. "How are you feeling though, you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm okay, this food is everything"

"Okay Miss greedy"

He recalled the waiter and ordered drinks for the both of us. We were waiting and having a chat when I saw a familiar face walked into the diner. He noticed I was staring and looked in the direction, he too stopped talking and stared as well.

"What's she doing here?" I asked

"My guess is as good as yours" he replied

It was Maria Ramirez, the long lost red head. She looked around surveying her surroundings and her eyes caught ours and she scowled. The hatred was evident in her eyes and it made me smile. I touched Alando's hand breaking his stare and he turned back giving me his attention.

"She's coming over here" I told him and he sighed.

"Ahem" she cleared her throat and my eyes shot up to look at her, Alando stared out the window.

"Good day Mr King and company" she said not taking her eyes off him "why did your mom have my mom arrested?" She asked.

Her mom was arrested? Why the hell was I just hearing about this I wondered.

"Alando I know you hear me talking to you " she snapped. We both stared at him waiting for a response.

He turned to her, green eyes blazing.

"She was arrested because she aided and abetted with Camilla to bring harm to me and my family" he replied calmly.

"What?!" I asked before Maria could respond

"Anything my mother's done can be laid at your family's feet" she snapped back.

He chuckled,

'I'm not even going to argue with you over this shit, speak to my mom better yet, speak to my dad he's the lawyer, he should be able to answer any questions you might have no matter how stupid they may be" he told her and motioned for us to leave.

He didn't wait for our drinks, instead he left the money on the table and went through the door dragging me behind him.

"Why didn't you tell me that Mrs Ramirez has been charged?" I asked

"I forgot" he responded dryly.

"How do you forget something like that though?

"I don't know, my brain tends to just forget about people and things that are not important"

I saw that this conversation was going nowhere, he didn't want to talk about it and I decided that for once I would let it go. The less I knew the better as I didn't need the unnecessary stress.

"I made a few calls to my realtor today and he has some houses lined up for us to view, you up for it right now?" He asked without looking at me.

"Yeah, I'm up for it" I replied with a smile.

We drove to a gated community in a secluded area known as "Olympus Gardens".
I have never been to this area before, it was totally new to me but gosh, it was beautiful. The houses were also new, based on the information written on the front wall, they were built in 2015.

"Wow!" I said as we drove along and I looked at the houses.

"You like what you see so far?"he asked

"Yes, they're beautiful " I replied.

"Great, then you'll love the house were gonna view for ourselves".

He said it with so much promise that it got me hyper and all excited that I couldn't sit still in my seat.

"I'm looking forward to it" I said with a smile.

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