Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 51. Protect him from your past.

My mouth flew open, it took me a couple seconds to process what I had just heard.

"Mrs King, you shouldn't have" I said as my eyes filled up with tears

"This is just a small token of appreciation for all you've done for our son" she replied

"Huh... what did I do? I'm the one who should be appreciative of him, he has done so much for me" I told her honestly.

She smiled and touched my cheek.

"You have no idea how happy you've made him" she said softly. "From the day he met you he has been a changed man, he's the happiest I've ever seen him and as a mother, my children's happiness means everything to me."

A tear fell from my eye and she wiped it away with her finger.

"Thank you for telling me this" I told her, "I had no idea I had such great effect on him"

"I knew you didn't know, only his father and I has access to see him at his weakest points, this baby you're carrying and saying yes to being his wife, is the best gifts you could have ever given us" she continued and gave my tummy a gentle pat making me blush a bit.

I took up the present she gave me and inspected it again, it consisted of a body butter, body mist and a shower gel. I sprayed the body mist in the air and it was wonderful, I fell in love with the aroma right away.

"Thank you so so much" I said and gave her a big hug.

"I'm glad you like it my dear" she replied and kissed my cheek.

"Hey mom" Alando greeted as he came back into the room

"Hello Son" she replied and they also greeted each other with kisses on the cheek.

I admired the King family and I loved how much they love each other. In a world where broken homes filled with violence and hatred was slowly becoming the norm, It was breathtaking to see a family that was the complete opposite.

"I see you've given babe her present" he said looking at me.

"Yes I did, and thankfully she loves it" she replied and gently pinched my cheeks.

"Can I speak with you outside for a moment mom?" Clearly whatever he wanted to talk about wasn't for my ears. I didn't even want to know what it was about, whatever he had to say was between him and his mother. All I wanted to do right now was take a bath so I could use the stuff given to me. I removed the shower gel from the package and hurriedly went to the bathroom. I turned the shower on and lathered my body.

The exquisiteness of the shower gel was second to none, it instantly smoothed and softened my skin while filling my nostrils with my very own unique scent. I was in heaven.

"I see you're enjoying your gift" he said as he saw me smiling in the shower.

"Yes, I very much am" I responded

I closed my eyes and allowed the water to run over me once more then I opened my eyes to see blood running from between my legs.

"What the fuck?" I blinked rapidly, I closed my eyes tight and put my hands over my face.

"Are you okay Nicole.....Babe, look at me" I heard Alando saying, but I was afraid to open my eyes. I really didn't want to see the blood again.

"Open your eyes Baby, look at me"

"No!" I cried out

"And why not?" He asked

"I don't want to see the blood" I told him

"The blood? What blood?" He asked again, this time he sounded so confused.

"The blood that's running between my legs, don't you see it?"

He then came in the shower, turned the water off and hugged me.

"Baby, there's no blood, you can look and see for yourself"

I didn't doubt his words, I opened my eyes and looked at my legs and there was not a drip of blood anywhere. I was so relieved.

"Come let's get you dried and warmed up" he said and lifted me out the shower.

He lotioned my skin and dressed me in my sleep wear, his hands felt so good on my body.

"Gonna make some hot chocolate, you want some?" He asked

"Yes please" I responded

He made the chocolate and we sat on the bed drinking in silence. It was clear that we were both busy with our own thoughts. Something was bothering him as he suddenly became perplexed and knotted his eyebrows

"You okay?" I asked

He sighed.....

"You've been acting so weird lately" he said quickly

"I know, its weird for me too" I told him

"Today I saw you at the new house, you were standing there with your eyes opened, frozen like a statue, you were not even blinking."

"Wait..... my eyes were opened?" I asked in surprise.

"So you didn't know what you were doing?"

"No, ummmm, I was having a foresight" I told him

"A foresight?" He was even more confused than ever.

"Yeah, you can call it a vision or whatever, it's kinda like a preview of the future"

"You are able to do that?"

"Yeah, just recently though and I'm worried cause I've been getting dreams of you dying"

"Yeah I remember you told me, but I won't though, I promise to be extra careful" with a big grin on his face.

I smiled....

"Yeah, I hear you" I told him and took another sip of my chocolate.

"What did you see in the latest foresight?" He asked sounding curious.

I hesitated at first but then I thought for a moment. There was no way I could hide this from him so it would be best if I told him everything here and now.

Taking a deep breath, I straightened my shoulders and told him everything. I watched his every reaction, I saw how his eyes widened, his brows knotted and his mouth popped open at certain parts of the story showing how intrigued he was.

"Do you think the blood between your legs means that you're gonna lose the baby?" He asked

"I don't know, I don't think I'll lose the baby though because on the foresight this morning the baby was in it"

"From the first day I saw you, something radiated from within and I saw how special you are, even up to this day I can't explain it but I felt like you were calling to me and right then and there I knew you were the one"

I blushed when I heard what he said.

He came in front of me and stared into my eyes.

"I love you" he whispered.

I love you too" I replied and our lips locked into a deep and passionate kiss.

It 2:45 am when my bladder awoke me from my sleep. Alando's arms were securely wrapped around me, the space between his lips signalled that he was deep in sleep so I gently removed his arms and tip toed to the bathroom. As I sat on the toilet relieving myself I began to reminisce on our latest sex episode.

The way he gently stroked in and out of me, kissing my lips and my neck made my insides tingle with delight. How he moaned and told me how much he loved me when I straddled and rode him, grabbing and slapping my ass when he was about to pop off was even more sexier in memory. I went back into the room feeling so horny, thinking I had to get some more but he looked so peaceful as he slept it would be a crime to wake him up. I stood there staring at the beautiful man who was sprawled out on his back looking so hot. Even when he was asleep he was able to turn me on, I don't think that was normal, maybe it was my hormones due to the pregnancy. At this moment I didn't care all I knew is that I needed some of him and I needed it right now.

I was about to go back on the bed when suddenly the room got smokey but there was no fire, I knew it was foresight so I remained calm and braced myself. The smoke cleared and Alando was no longer on the bed so I went in search for him.

"Alando!" I called out, no one answered but I didn't panic. "Alando babe, where are you?"

"He's not here" a voice said, I knew the voice too, it belonged to the mystery lady who I saw in the earlier vision and again her face was hidden from me.

"Why is your face always hidden?" I inquired

"You are asking the wrong questions" she replied

I was asking the wrong questions, shit, then what was a correct question for me to ask I wondered to myself.

"Time is running out, you must move quickly" she said again and she began drifting away

"Do you know where Alando is, did something happen to him?" I asked her.

"You must protect him from your past" she replied

"Protect him from my past?" I repeated as I tried frantically to think clearly and process what I just heard.

"Yes, you must protect him from your past or you will lose him forever" and with that she disappeared.

He was now back on the bed still sleeping peacefully and I stared at him with tears welling up in my eyes as I replayed the messenger's last words in my mind.

"Eyan!' I whispered.

It had to be him, he was the only person from my past who would try to hurt Alando.

Now that I had the who figured out, it was now time for the 'how' and that was the hard part that made me shiver with fear.

How was I going to protect him?

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