Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 53. My tummy hurts.

"You are my grandmother" I whispered, she didn't answer she only continued to smile. She was still as beautiful as the first time I saw her. It felt so good seeing her again but I knew this wasn't a social visit because she passed away when I was eleven years old.

"Its good to see you again my child" she finally said.

"But grandma you died fifteen years ago, what are you doing here?" I asked her as a sudden feeling of fear came over me and it made me afraid.

"Fear not my child, I bring you no harm but I was sent to warn you"

"Warn me about what?"

"A great danger awaits your family, you must move quickly and do what needs to be done to protect him "

"But that's the thing grandmother, I don't know what to do"

She waved her hand and a cloud of smoke suddenly appeared, when I looked closely I saw Eyan sitting in his car at my old apartment with what looked like a knife in his hand and I froze.

"Go to him, don't let him come for you" and with that said she disappeared.

I blinked and saw Alando staring at me, thankfully his dad's back was turned to me so he didn't see what had just happened.

"You okay?" Alando mouthed to me.

I shook my head and he immediately excused himself from his father's conversation and rushed to my side.

"What did you see?" He asked just loud enough for me to hear but I had no words to tell him what it was that I had just seen. How would I tell him, what was I to say as I still didn't know what it was that I should do. I felt like giving up and running to the hills but held my composure as I didn't want his father asking any more questions.

"Umm dad, Nicole needs to get some food so I'll call when I'm at the hospital, there we can finish the discussion."

His father looked at us and nodded after a few seconds then we hastily headed to the car.

"I saw Eyan, waiting at my old apartment with a knife in his hand" I finally told him as he drove through the gate

"What?!"he asked and he pressed hard on the brake which made a loud sound that frightened the security guard.

"Is everything alright Mr. King?" The guard asked as he hurriedly came to the car door.

"Yes, we're fine, I just remembered I left something"

"Would you like me to get whatever it was for you?" The guard asked again

"No, its fine" Alando told him and he smiled as he walked away.

"It was my grandmother who came to warn me about him so I know this is some serious shit" I told him as I massaged my forehead.

He sighed.

"Let's just get something to eat first, we'll figure out something as we go along." He sounded so exasperated, I would be too as this was very stressing.

"We were together for so long, we were doing good when he chose to walk out. He cheated on me and I dried my tears and moved on with my life so now he wants to kill the man I love because his plans didn't work out?" Like what the fuck yow!" I yelled it all out through my tears, I was mad as hell!

Alando said nothing but I could tell he too was upset as his green eyes were now dark with anger.

"Which one of the apartments was he waiting for you?" Alando asked.

I thought back to the foresight just to be sure he was at the apartment that I shared with Kyle.

"Oh shit....Kyle!" I shouted.

"You think he would hurt Kyle?" Alando asked again.

"Babe, I dont know what this bastard would or would not do"

I took my phone from my bag and dialed Kyle's number.

"Hello stranger"

"Hey bestie, wassup?" I asked as cheerfully as I could.

"Nothin much, just about to go to the hospital "

"Okay, I'm on my way there as well, so I'll see you then."

"Is everything okay, you sound a bit tense" I knew he would pick up that something was wrong, I was never able to hide anything from him.

"Yeah, I'm okay" I was lying and I knew he knew it too

"Whatever it is, be ready to tell me about it when you get here" and he hung up.

I smiled to myself at how authoritative he sounded. Reminded me of the days in college when I would be having a meltdown and tried to hide it but he would take one look at me and knew that all wasn't well. He would then bully me into getting myself back together, I appreciated it then I still do now.

We drove to "The Pancake House" to get breakfast but I wasn't feeling hungry at the moment, I was filled with thoughts of Eyan and his wanting to hurt Alando.

"Aren't you going to have your breakfast?" He asked when he noticed I didn't touch my food.

"I'm not hungry" I replied while staring out the window.

"Why not?"

"Knowing that my ex wants to kill my future husband dont give me much of an appetite" I told him quietly.

"You need to feed the baby" he said sternly

"I'll let you stop by the fruits market on our way to the hospital" I promised.

"So aren't you going to have anything here?" He asked again

"Just a cup of tea and I'll be fine"

"Eyan doesn't know you're living with me now does he?"

"Errr, no, I don't think he does" I replied

"That's why he's waiting for you at your old apartment" I saw that he was thinking about the situation just as much as I was

"He could be waiting for Kyle too, or you based on my visions"

"I should just show up at the apartment and kill that son of a bitch first" he seethed.

"What?.... you'll do no such thing!"

"And why not?"

"Cause" was all I found the courage to say.

"So you rather the bastard kill me first?"

I couldn't believe he even said that.

"Repeat what you just said, say it a little louder too so you can hear how stupid you sound" I snapped at him.

"Hmmm!" He replied

"You know what, I've had enough of this argument.

"Yeah, me too and I'm gonna put a stop to it once and for all" he replied

He got up, paid the bill, placed the car keys on the table and left.

I was too upset to ask him where he was going and at that moment I didn't care. I knew he was upset with me too because he left me in the cafe went about his business. I knew I told him I would get some fruits but I was now so hungry I began to feel dizzy.

I called the waitress and ordered pancakes and omelets with a glass of orange juice. The food was delivered ten minutes after and I ate like a homeless child who hadn't had food for days. I could hear Alando's voice at the back of my head telling me to slow down and chew my food properly but I couldn't help myself, I was too hungry and the food was real good.

I was about to get up to leave when I felt nauseous and there was a slight pain in my abdomen. I knew that there was a possibility that the nausea would come but the pain in my tummy was a new affliction. I sat there and hope and prayed that it would go away quickly but it didn't.

"What the hell is this" I whispered as I rested my head on the table.

"Are you okay Ma'am?" The waiters asked as she came over to clear the table.

"My tummy hurts a little"

"Would you like to use our rest room?" She asked politely.

"Yes thank you"

She pointed to her left and I looked in the far corner at the white door that had the sign 'female' written on it. I sat there thinking to myself what if I was to just vomit right here on the table and get it over with but the niggling pain in my tummy told me something else was wrong.

I got up and stumbled my way to the bathroom, I was so hot that as soon as entered the stall and closed it, I took my clothes off and stood there naked in hopes of cooling down. But just as I started to cool off I felt something warm running down my legs and I knew this was worse than all the nausea in the world.

As I looked down on myself, I hoped that it was my bladder that had gotten weak and spewed out a bit pee. But to my horror it wasn't pee, It was blood.

I wiped my eyes and pinched myself just to be sure, but it wasn't a foresight, this was real blood running down from between my legs.

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