Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 54. Courage

It was the Grace of God that prevented me from passing out when I saw the blood on the floor. Why was all this happening to me? this was too much and I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take.

"Lord please don't take my baby, I'm begging you please, please please" I begged in each of the twenty silent prayers that I whispered as I stood there. Then I remembered my visions of me holding my baby in the new house so that meant the baby would be okay but why was I bleeding? I didn't make sense.

"Stay calm Nicole, you'll be okay, you got this" were some of the things I told myself as I tried not to panic.

I fumbled through my bag searching for my phone and quickly dialed Alando's number as soon as I found it.

"Please pick up, please pick up" I whispered as I waited for him to answer. But he didn't, the phone rang and went straight to voicemail. I dialed again.

"WHAT?!" He snapped.

"I'm bleeding" I blurted out quickly.

"Spotting or......"

"Blood running down my legs bleeding "

"Shit.... where are you?"

"I'm in the bathroom at the pancake house"

"Stay there, dont let anybody in, I'm on my way" and he hung up.

I stood there and could barely find the strength to put my clothes back on, the blood wasn't running anymore but I continued praying and clung on to the hope that my baby was okay and this was just a minor thing. I allowed no negativity to come into my mind as I waited for Alando to come and get me.

"Sir you can't go in there it's a ladies bathroom" I heard a woman saying.

"I'm a doctor and my fiancee's having an emergency, she needs my help" I heard Alando telling her.

There was a knock on the door and I quickly opened to let him in.

"Oh my God, why are you naked?" He asked

"I was hot and that was when the blood started coming" I explained

He got me dressed, lifted me up and carried me to the car.

"Will you be taking me to the hospital?"

"Ofcourse, where else would I take you?"

"But I dont want to go to the hospital" I told him

"Like seriously Nicole?"

"Yes you're a doctor, you can look at me"

"I'm not a obstetrician though"

"Then call the obstetrician , but I don't want to be admitted again, I've already been admitted twice before and it looks like its becoming a trend, a trend that I dont like"

He sighed...

"You're so difficult to deal with at times"

"I know" I replied and I fell asleep in the back of the car.

I woke up and found myself on a bed in the hospital room with Alando talking to the Obstetrician that looked after me before.

"Hey" I called out them, they both turned and looked at me. "Is the baby okay?" I asked as I absentmindedly touched my stomach.

"Hi Miss Lyons, good to see you again" the doctor said with a smile

"Nice to see you too, what about the baby?" I asked again.

"The baby's fine, you were just having a bit of what we call cervical changes" the doctor told me.

"What's that?" I asked

"Cervical changes happens during pregnancy when extra blood flows to the cervix. Intercourse or a Pap test, which cause contact with the cervix can trigger bleeding. Did you do a pap test recently?" He asked looking at me.

"No but, umm, I...uhh.. did have sex last night though" I told him

"Oh wow!" The doctor said while looking at Alando in surprise. "Ummm, Dr. King, I think you're gonna have to stop having sex for a while"

"WHAT?!" Alando asked with horrid look on his face

"Yes, umm, you have to be somewhat gentle or better yet try not to go so deep" the doctor clarified "so Miss Lyons this type of bleeding isn't cause for concern as long as you and your partner have umm mild performances you should be fine"

I flushed with embarrassment.

"No need to be embarrassed dear, I know how these things works, it's so good at times that it causes us to get carried away, but fear not, I'm sure Dr. King here will take good care of you" he said and patted Alando on his shoulder.

"Yes I will" Alando confirmed with a stupid grin that made me want to slap him.

"Good day Miss Lyons" he told me and left.

"You're awful" I told him as soon as the doctor was gone

"Me? What did I do?"

"You fucked me too hard that's for one thing"

He chuckled loudly.

"Its too sweet for me not to" he said as he planted a sloppy kiss on my lips.

"Good to know that it was a minor thing though, I was scared that I would lose the baby" I told him

"Yeah, me too, but thank heavens you're both okay"

"What would you do if I lost the baby? I had to ask because I needed to know if this baby was the only thing that was keeping us together.

"I would be sad, but as soon as you were well enough and ready, we would definitely try again" . His response made me smile.

"I love you Mr King."

I love you more Mrs King to be" and then we sealed it with a deep kiss.

After finding out that I was okay and Alando left to start his shift, I went to Visit Kyle and Kimone. It was like a breath of fresh air when I walked in and saw the them in the middle of a joke and laughing with each other

"God, I miss those smiles" I said as I went and hugged them both.

"Aww, we miss you too" Kimone replied.

"Your face is so fat" Kyle said and he pinched my cheek making me giggle.

"So what have you been up to?" Kimone asked

"Well, he bought me a house ooh correction, he bought 'us' a house" and signaled to my stomach which was met by cheers and congratulations from my best friends.

"But something is wrong though, I can still hear the worry in your voice" Kyle told me and I knew he was waiting for me to tell him what was going on.

I sighed.

"Its that bad huh? Kimone asked.

"Yeah, kinda...."

"Tell us wassup Nicky" Kyle demanded in an impatient tone.

I sat on the bed and told them everything about the incidents and foresights.

"I came home a couple evenings and saw him waiting in his car, he came out and told me that he was waiting for you and I told him that you did live there anymore but I guess I didn't believe me"

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked him

"I called, but your phone was off and I had forgotten after that" Kyle said

"Oh it must've been when Alando flung my phone into the wall" I told them and waved dismissively so they knew not to even ask about it, well at least not right now.

"Oh my God, how are you going to fix this?" Kim asked, I could tell she was worried

"Honestly Kim, I don't know, I definitely have to call my mom and hope that she knows what to do"

"But your vision said you should go to him and dont let him come to you, that means you should go to see him and then what?" Kyle asked he was even more confused than I was.

"This is stressing me out" I sighed.

"It must be so weird seeing and talking to your dead grandmother huh? Kyle asked

"Yeah, it was kinda creepy, I was even afraid at one point but I knew she wouldn't hurt me so that calmed me down" I told him.

Just then my mother walked in.

"Hey mom, just the person I need to see" I said as I got up and gave her a big hug and a kiss.

"Hey everybody" she greeted and she kissed me while returning the hug. "Kimone, I see you're getting better and better"

"Yes ma'am, thank you for your prayers"

"You're most welcome love"

"Mom, we have so much to talk about" I told her and motioned for her to sit on the chair beside the bed.

"I know, I saw my mother in a vision" she told me with perturbed look on her face.

"You too?" I asked in surprise

"Me too? Are you saying she appeared in your visions has well?" My mom asked

"Yeah, for a while now but it was this morning that her face was revealed to me" I told her.

"Wow!" My mom sounded as if she couldn't believe what I was telling her.

"That's not even the scary part" I told her as I waited for her to process the news I told her before. I gave her the fullness of the visions just as I had told Kyle and Kimone earlier.

My mother was perplexed and it made me uncomfortable because I've never in my life seen my mother perplexed before, not even when my father died. So this made the situation even more scary for me. The one person who I was sure would know what to do was just as confused as I was.

We all sat there staring at each other with blank faces, lost in our own thoughts.

"Go to him, don't let him come to you" the voice said again. I was certain I heard it but I didn't say anything. I got up and took up my bag.

"I'll be right back" I told them

"Nicole Lyons where are you going?" My mom asked, I could heard the fear in her voice but fear was the last thing I needed that right now. I had to go and try to do whatever was necessary to save Alando. I didn't know what that was as yet but I also knew sitting here in this hospital doing nothing was definitely not it.

So I gathered what little courage I had left and headed through the door.

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