Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 55. Nooooooo.

I said a prayer before I started the car, I prayed and ask God to show me the way, make it known to me what it was that I had to do. I took comfort in the vision that showed me holding the baby in the new house because that meant I didn't die. But where was Alando? Not once did I see him in any of the visions, did that mean that I failed?

I swallowed hard to get rid of the bile that suddenly found it's way to my throat. The thought of failure made me sick and weak to my core and that was definitely not a good sign. I needed to be strong, determined and filled with faith for the task ahead.

I started the engine and headed for my old apartment. On my way there, I kept my thoughts on the positive path, refusing to let any negativity sink in as there was no space for that right now. As I was about to make the turn off to my old street, my phone rang, it was Alando!


"Where are you?" He asked

"I'm out running an errand, I should be back shortly"

"Nicole, please get your ass back here" he yelled

"What are you talking about?" I asked

"Don't give me that bullshit, your mom told me"

I parked the car immediately.

"Babe, I'll be fine, this is just something I have to do" I told him.

"If anything happens to you and our baby, I will NEVER forgive you" he stressed on the never making sure his point was clear as day.

I had nothing more to say to him so I hung up and turned my phone volume down just in case he tried to call back I wouldn't be distracted into answering it.

I restarted the car and turned onto the street that I once lived on. I drove up and down looking for Eyan's car but I didn't see him. I reflected back to my vision to check if I could see what type of car he was in but I couldn't as the vision wasn't that specific. So I decided to park across the street from the house and wait for him. I reclined my seat a bit, just enough that I was still able to view the street and not be seen, it was good thing the car was tinted.

I waited and was beginning to get a bit impatient when I noticed a black 2015 Buick Encore driving down the street and I instantly recognized the person sitting behind the wheel, it was Eyan.

He drove to the bottom of the street, turned around and parked in the space exactly across from where I was.

"Ain't this ironic" I whispered to myself,

He came out the car and went and knocked on the door, ofcourse no one answered as Kyle was back at the hospital with everyone else. I watched him knocking the door over and over mouthing what looked to be my name.

"Damn this nigga real was crazy" I said outloud

He got back into the car and turned his engine off so I knew he wasn't planning on leaving anytime soon. I sat in my car, tapping the steering wheel wondering what should be my next move.

"What must I do now?" I asked outloud hoping by some miracle I would get an answer.

"Time is running out" I heard a voice say, it sounded like it came from someone in the back seat and it forced me to look behind me as I knew I was alone but there was no one there. I looked at my phone that was vibrating with Alando's picture on the screen so I knew he was calling again. I didn't answer, instead I sat there staring at the phone in my hand then suddenly an idea hit me. After thinking about it I took a deep breath and got out my car.

I walked over to Eyan's car and tapped on the window, I could tell he was frightened yet happy to see me.

"Why are you here Eyan?" I asked

"I just really need to see you, I've been by your work place for the past couple of days but you were a no show."

"And how long have you been coming here?" I asked

"For about a week now and you haven't been home once, looks like your shacking up with that punk ass doctor"

"Gosh Eyan, you are like a fucking stalker"

"I need you back Nicole and I won't stop until I get you"

"Oh really? We'll see about that" I told him

"If I can't get you back I swear to God I'll kill that fucking doctor " he snarled and got out of his car. I could see the determination in his eyes but something else struck me, he looked off, like he had been smoking, but when since did Eyan smoke? It was like he had become a whole different person since we broke up.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, get your hands off me, that's it, I'm calling the cops" I threatened and attempted to get back to my car but he tried to grab my hand again.

"Why you gonna call the cops, you tryna get me arrested?" He asked with his eyes looking wild and unfocused. Something was definitely wrong with him but at the moment that was not my concern.

I saw him reaching for a knife from his pocket, it was the same knife I saw in my vision. Somehow I was awashed with fear and it was then that I began running towards my vehicle. The next thing I knew he was running after me with the knife in his hand.

I attempted to open the door but something told me to move my hand out the way.

"WHAM!" Was the sound of the knife stabbing the car door at the exact spot where my hand was. I didn't even have time to react as his hand was up again and coming towards me.

Then it dawned on me, this man wanted to stab me, maybe it wasn't Alando he wanted to kill but me, or was it that he wanted to kill the both of us? I couldn't let him hurt me, not today. So in one swift movement , giving it everything I had, I hit him under his throat, it was such a hard hit that I was certain his trachea was damaged.

"You Bi- bi- bitch" he yelled taking a few steps backwards while trying to catch some air to get his now disrupted breathing back on track.

I was sure that the blow would at least slow him down but boy was I wrong, he was now more determined than ever. I tried to anticipate his next movement but he was too quick, the next thing I knew was feeling the knife blade going into my arm making me cry out in pain. When I realised what he had done I was so angry. Using my knee, I issued a sharp blow to his groin and the knife instantly fell from his hand.

"You bastard, why did you stab me?" I screamed at him and I could feel my rage taking me over. Grabbing the knife from the ground I hovered over him, I aimed the knife for his face and he instinctively put his hand in the way but I didn't changed my direction.

There was a sudden spray of blood on my hands, while he was on the ground screaming like a little bitch because I stabbed him in his hand. I was about to stab him again when someone grabbed me from behind and another person took the knife from me and threw it to the ground. I was so enraged that I couldn't see who the persons were.

I started kicking and screaming.

"Put me down, the son of a bitch stabbed me, I'm gonna fucking kill him" I yelled.

"Its alright honey, its alright, I got you, I got you" Alando said while holding on to me.

Just then I saw Kyle dashed from behind us.

"THWOGG THOWGG " I heard as Kyle kicked Eyan in his gut.

"You motherfucker" Kyle yelled, "how could you stab her?" He was about to kick him again when I heard my mother screamed.

"Stop stop stop" she cried. "Please, no more violence, no more.... I'm begging"

I looked around and saw her shaking and crying and I instantly calmed down.

"I wanna go to my mom" I whispered to Alando and he let me go.

I went over and attempted to hug her.

"Oh my God, your arm is bleeding" she said

I looked at it...

"Yeah, the bastard stabbed me" I told her.

Just then Alando ripped my blouse using it to tie the wound and restrict the bleeding. I then noticed that the street was filled with people some of them had their phones out and videoing us.

"Its funny how they all wanna video but no one wanted to help when I was fighting for my life" I said

"Yeah, sadly that's the way of the world these days" Alando responded.

"Come we gotta get you back to the hospital so I can stitch you up" he said.

I sighed but didn't argue as I knew how much arguing would only make things worse right now.

"I'll do it in my office, you'll be fine" he told me as if he was reading my mind and he placed a quick kiss on my lips.

"Watch out, watch out" I heard a lady cry out but I didn't know what was happening so I turned around to see what was going on.

I saw Kyle and Eyan in a scuffle with Alando going towards them but it all happened so quickly that I got confused for a second.

"What the hell?" I whispered.

As in the blink of an eye I saw the knife in Eyan's hand and I froze, I wanted to run but my legs wouldn't move.

I blinked again and the next thing I knew Alando was on the ground with blood pouring from his neck and I screamed.


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