Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 56 Everything was my fault

I failed!

Alando was dead and it was all my fault, if I had only listened to him and turned back when he had called, none of this would've happened. Everything was my fault.

I screamed outloud as I felt like I had lost a major part of me, how was I going to live with myself knowing I was the reason for Alando's death?

Suddenly there was smoke all around me. I close my eyes as I tried to breathe and when I opened my eyes again I was sitting in my car with my phone in my hand.

I touched my face and pinched various parts of my body to be sure this was real. And it was real, I was sitting in my car and Eyan was still across the street waiting in his car.

It was all a vision.

Now that I knew Alando was alive and that everything I saw was all in a vision I knew exactly what I had to do. I called my mom and told her my plan after giving her a quick summary of my foresight. I told her not to let Alando out of her sight as he wasn't to come anywhere near Eyan or he would die.

"Okay honey, call me when its done" and she hung up.

I got out my car and walked to the door of my old apartment, opened it and went in. I quickly went to Kyle's room and grabbed his baseball bat, ran back downstairs, hid it neatly behind the settee and waited for Eyan.

He didn't disappoint, within five minutes there he was standing in the doorway.

"What took you so long?" I asked him

"Me? I have been waiting on you for so long but you didn't come, I bet you were shacking up with that lame ass doctor"

I looked at him and just like in the vision he was off, his eyes were wild and unfocused. His clothes were dirty and smelt as if he hadn't taken a shower in days.

"Eyan ... are you alright?" I asked as I realised that this was not the Eyan I knew.

"I'm fine I just need you back" he yelled.

"That's not gonna happen but what you do need is a bath and some clean clothes" I told him.

Something I said must've triggered him off because he took out the sharpest knife I've ever seen and attempted to come at me.

I immediately jump over the sofa and grabbed the bat.

"You were always a violent one but I'm taking you with me today dead or alive" he said and stepped towards me again.

"Okay we'll see about that" I said as I took two steps backwards.

"Whaappp" was the sound of my bat connecting to his hand and the knife fell to the floor and he hollered in pain.

"You bitch!" He yelled as he too fell to the floor.

I went and called 911 from the house phone.

Thankfully the operator picked up within two rings, I gave her the address and told her that my crazy ex boyfriend was trying to kill me and that she should send help.

Just as I hung up the phone I saw a shadow behind me and my instinct told me to move out the way.

"CRAASHHH" was the sound the bat made as it hit the glass table that I was leaning up against. I moved quickly and took up a vase and threw at him but missed.

"You wanna play games baby, let's play" he said as he came after me.

I ran in the kitchen and grabbed a frying pan that was closest to me

"Ooh, well well well, what have we here, a frying pan vs a baseball bat, let's see who's gonna win.

"I fucking hate you" I yelled at him.

"That's why am gonna use this as an opportunity to show you how much I love you" he said and took one step closer to me.

I quickly glanced around the kitchen to see what else I could use to fuck this nigger up.

There were plates, pots, knives, spoons and the kettle so those would have to make due. I throw a few plates at him each having minimal effect on him as they crashed into him and then hitting the floor.

He looked at the broken plates on the floor and then at me.

"Now you're just making me angry" he said with a serious face.

"Heellllppppppp" I screamed when I saw a few cars driving by as he had left the front door opened.

"We both know that people in this neighborhood are not neighborly, so stop wasting your time" he said and he took two more steps towards me.

I was running out of space, I needed to do something because I knew for a fact that he was gonna hit me with the bat.

He took another two steps and I braced myself to take a few hits. He swung his arm wildly and

"SWAAATTT" the bat and the frying pan connected making the pot fall from my hand, then I lounged at him and we both tumbled to the floor in the pile of broken plates.

I ignored the pain I felt as the splinters from the plates pierced my skin. We were wrestling on the ground when he gained an advantage and ended up on top of me then I felt his hands around my neck.

Was this how I was supposed to die? Here in Kyle's kitchen by the hands of a man that once loved, was this it? I wondered

Hell to the fucking NO!!

I used my eyes and searched for something that I could use to hit him in his head with, it didn't matter what it was as long as I got him to get the hell off me before I suffocated to death.

My eyes caught sight of a thick piece of glass a couple inches from me. Yes, that's it, I thought and I stretched my fingers and reached for it. I gripped it firmly in my hand and attacked.

"STAB....STAB......SLAASHHH" were the sounds I heard as the glass made contact with his skin, next thing I knew blood was spraying on me and he was crying out in pain.

I didn't stop to see where it was coming from I quickly pushed him off me and ran outside.

"FREEZE!!" The officer commanded and stopped me in my tracks

"HANDS UP!" The officer shouted again and I held my bloodly hands in the air.

"HELLLPPPPPPP" Eyan shouted out from behind me.

One of the officers came and grabbed me and the other went in to assist Eyan.

"She tried to kill me officer, arrest her please" he continued to shout out.

By this the neighbors had began coming out their houses to see what was happening.

"Nicole are you okay? Mr. Poe who was one of the few neighbors I was friends with asked.

"Eyan tried to kill me" I told him

"What, but I thought you two had broken up?" He asked looking confused.

"Yes we are" I told him.

"Young lady can you tell me what happened here?" The officer asked.

"I came here to pick up a few stuff but I forgot to lock the door and he came in and attacked me" I told the officer.

"Do you live here?" He asked again

"I used to " I replied

"Whatever she's saying do not believe her, she's lying "Eyan shouted out.

The officer looked at the both of us, unsure who to believe.

"Whatever you want to know is on my phone in my back pocket, I recorded the incident, the audio that is" I told the officer.

He looked at me suspiciously

"You recorded it? .... did you know that he wanted to hurt you?"

"I had a slight idea that he would " I explained, "why are you questioning me, I'm the victim here" I told him.

"By the looks of things, I'm not so sure" the officer said.

I stared at him in disbelief

"Looks are very deceiving Officer, I'm the one who called 911"

Just then the paramedics came for Eyan who was still bleeding from the cuts I gave him, I tried to see where he was bleeding from but the crowd blocked my view.

"Come let's get you to the hospital as well" the other officer said.

"Why?" I asked.

"You have splinters all over your back he said

"Will I have to travel in the ambulance too?" I asked.

"No, we'll take you there" he told me

As I saw Eyan on the stretcher, I knew this nightmare was far from over. He was like a big insect that just wouldn't die.

We drove to the hospital and we arrived behind the ambulance. I came out and watched as they carried Eyan inside. The officer escorted me inside as well and told the nurse that I had splinters in my back.

The nurse looked at me funny but I payed her no mind.

"Your face looks familiar" she said

"Yeah, I know" I told her

"Who are you again?" She asked.

I looked at her and sighed....

"I'm Dr. King's fiancee" I told her.

The police officer grabbed my hand and spun me around to face him

"Dr King as in Alando King?" He asked

"Y-e-essss, why?"

"He's a very food friend of mine, he actually saved my life once" he said

"Oh okay, that's great" I told him and I winced as the splinters in my back had started to hurt.

"Aren't you supposed to me pregnant as well?" The nurse asked

"Yes I am" I confirmed and she jumped up quickly...

"Come let's get you inside" she said and she hurriedly got me in a room.

She was about to leave when I grabbed onto her arm and stopped her.

"What is it hon?" She asked

"I need a favor, please don't tell Alando that I'm here" I begged.

She hesitated for a moment, then she reluctantly said yes but something told me that it was too late as the door opened and a familiar cologne hit my nose and I saw an angry pair of green eyes staring at me.

He didn't even wait until I said anything he just took one look at the blood on my hands and the splinters in my hair and just made the wrong assumptions.

He was furious!

"Dr King, please calm down" the nurse begged as apparently she has seen him angry before but her words were in vain as he took two steps and was suddenly in front of me and I knew what was gonna happen next.

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