Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 59. Shocked!!

I took the key from under the flower pot and let myself into my mom's house. I was immediately hit with the feeling of home and it was just what I needed.

I headed straight for my room, everything was exactly the way I left it and I dived in and quickly fell asleep.

My dad and I were walking on the beach, I was about six years old, he held my hand and led me into the water. I started to panic as the waters became rough and I couldn't see him anymore so I began calling out for him.

"Please don't leave me daddy" I cried.

"I'll always be by your side baby, I promise" he said to me and with that I awoke from my sleep and tears immediately started to spring from my eyes.

I layed in bed with the tears still running as I remembered my dad's face. It felt so good to see him again and I wished I had stayed in the dream a little longer. There were so many things I wanted to tell him but I guess it wouldn't have made a difference either way as he was no longer here in body so there was nothing he could do to help me. But when I thought about it, there was something in the dream afterall, it was words of comfort where he said that he would never leave me. It may not seem as much to someone else but it meant the world to me. I layed there revelling in more memories of my dad until I fell asleep again.

It was a quarter past six the next morning when I woke up again, wow, my body needed the rest but now I was starving and as usual my mother did not disappoint. Breakfast was ready and waiting for me when I entered the kitchen.

"Good morning hon, I was so happy when I came home and saw you but you looked so tired that I didn't even bother to wake you"

I smiled at her and my stomach grumbled as I inhaled the wonderful scent that abided in the kitchen.

Sitting down at my regular spot at the table my mom placed a mug of chocolate tea and a plate of egg and vegetable wraps before me. After saying grace I dug in and ate every drop leaving nothing in the cup or plate.

"Looks like you were starving" she said as she cleared the table

"Mom, can I stay here for a while?" I asked as I needed somewhere to stay until I figured out my next move.

"Ofcourse you can , it'll be your house when I'm gone anyways"

I rolled my eyes at the last part of her response.

"Why do you always feel the need to say that?" I asked

"I know you dont like to hear it but it's the truth, I'm not gonna always be here. Everyone has to die sweetie"

"Okay mom" I answered quickly hoping it'll put an end to topic.

"Thought you were gonna live with Alando, you changed your mind?

"He changed his mind, he broke up with me"

"Really.... what happened?" She asked

I sighed as I remembered our last conversation.

"He was mad at me for getting in a fight with Eyan, he told me if I got hurt he would never forgive me and I guess he meant it" I told her.

She sighed....

"I think he's just upset, give him some time, he'll come around"

"Its the same thing Kimone told me, I just hope your guys are right"

"Have you gotten anymore visions?" She asked.

"No, well... yes... although wasn't really a vision .... it was a dream" I told her

"What was it about?" She asked curiously.

I looked at her and smiled.

"I saw daddy"

Her eyes lit up when she heard what I said

"Oh my.... I haven't seen years, what did he say?" She asked

And I gave her a very detailed description of the dream.

"See, you dont have to worry so much, he's with you in spirit" she replied.

"Yeah, I know."

For the next three months, my life was quiet. No drama, no Eyan, no work and sadly no Alando. It was just me, my mom and my baby growing inside me. Mrs. King and I talked regularly as she called to check up on us, we even had lunch a few times. Apparently, Alando did not tell her that we were no longer together as she kept asking when will I be coming back to the house but I played it off by telling her that I'm just spending some time with my mom.

Mr. King Snr and I made a few trips to the police station for follow up questioning on Mrs Ramirez's case as apparently she was charged with aiding and abetting a criminal as she was Kamila's accomplice in the incident where I was almost stabbed. I also learnt that the man who was stalking me at my workplace was also charged. Dont remember for what though as I was busy thinking about Mrs. Ramirez and how she would survive in prison for me to even hear correctly what Mr. King was saying. Eyan was released from hospital and no one has seen or heard from him since and I have not received another vision.

Kimone was finally out of the hospital and was now at home with Kyle, they decided to give their love another chance. Mom and Mr. Whitman were also madly in love so much that they couldn't keep their hands off each other and I was a hundred percent happy for all of them.

Everyone was happy except me. I missed Alando so bad and even though I tried to hide it those who were closest to me knew. It was hard but I had to face the reality that it was now over for us.

He called every week to check on things and topped up my bank account so I wasn't in need of anything but that was about it, he made sure that we did not see each other.

Whenever I was due for a doctor's appointment he would send the obstetrician to my house and I hated it. I needed to see him so bad. I was lonely, miserable and very very horny.

I was due for an ultrasound today and I would definitely have to go to the hospital, I prayed, as a matter of fact I begged God to let him be there. He texted me saying a driver was gonna come pick me up so I got myself ready and waited patiently.

I heard a car drove up and I quickly grabbed my bag and headed to the door. I opened it and a familiar pair of eyes stared back at me, the resemblance was strong but it was not Alando, it was his brother. I remembered his face from the family portrait that hung on a wall at the great house.

"Hey sis" he greeted and gave me a big hug as if we were pre school pals.

"Uhhh... hi" I said with a nervous smile

"I'm Andre the brother also Mr. And Mrs King's youngest and cutest child, and you must be the beautiful wife to be that I've heard so much about" he chirped.

He made me laugh so hard, I was about to say that I was no longer his sister in law but decided not to kill the mood.

"Bro said I should pick you up and behave myself and I promised that I'd try" he said with a childish grin which made me laughed even harder.

"You ready to go..... want me to carry your bag?" He asked.

"Yes please" I said and we headed to the car.

The drive to the hospital was so entertaining that I could barely sit still, I laughed and laughed at his many jokes that my face was almost stuck in a permanent grin.

"You and Alando are so different" I whispered

"Yeah, he is Mr ever so serious and I'm the family comedian, I know"

I giggled..

"How did y'all meet though?" He asked

"Errrr, we met at the hospital"

"I figured as my brother goes nowhere else, work, home, sleep and that's his cycle every damn day" he said sounding a tad bit annoyed.

"And I take it you're way more exciting" I said to him

"Yes ma'am, I like to travel when I'm not working, see the world and meet new people" he replied.

"And I take it you're not married either" I asked again as I noticed there was no ring on his finger

"Naah, not in my books right now, I'm not like my parents or my boring sibling" he replied.

"Well, we're here, thank you for picking me up and I had fun coming here, haven't laughed so hard in awhile" I told him.

"Hey no problem sis, just call me whenever you're bored" he said and threw his arm around me as we walked into hospital.

I signed in at the front desk and was shown into the room by a nurse. Andre was still with me and regaled me with another story as we waited for the obstetrician.

The door opened and Andre got up to greet the doctor as I placed my phone on silent.

"Hello Doctor Boring, how art thou doing today" Andre snickered

"Shut up punk" Alando replied and I froze at the sound of his voice.

I looked up at him and my heart skipped a few beats, thankfully his eyes soften when he saw me and I relaxed a bit.

"Hi" he said with a smile and I smiled back too breathless to respond with words.

"Awww come on is that how you greet your wife to be? ..... you're so lame" Andre said and rolled his eyes

"Don't you have somewhere else you need to be?" Alando asked his brother.

"Oh, so you wanna get rid of me now...alright fine I'm going, sis if you need me just holler okay I'll be outside checking out the hot nurses" he said as he headed through the door leaving me in stitches.

We were now alone in the room and I was so nervous, if I didn't know better, I would've sworn I was on a first date with him.

"You've gained weight and I see the baby is getting big" he said as I stood up

"Yeah... that's what my mom says" I replied and we stood there staring at each other.

"I also see you're still wearing your ring" he said again

"Yeah.... I have no plans of taking it off, I'm kinda hoping the person who gave it to me will start loving me again"

He smiled and my knees got weak.

"I've never stopped loving you Nicole" he said softly.

"But you said......."

"I know what I said"

He took my hand in his and kissed the ring. The feeling of his lips on my finger sent chills to my spine.

"I miss you so much" I told him and as the words left my mouth his lips were on mine. I stood still as I tried my best to savor the moment .

"I missed you more" he replied and just then the obstetrician walked in.

"Ohh that's so nice, Good morning, sorry I'm late let's get started." He said quickly.

I was told to take my blouse off and go on the bed. Alando turned on the machine and the doctor rubbed a liquid on my tummy.

Alando held my hand as the obstetrician ran the metal thing on my tummy and I heard the sweetest sound to my ears.

It was the sound of my baby's heartbeat but it sounded weird.

"Well well well, what have we here?" The doctor asked as we all looked at the machine, I looked at Alando who suddenly had a surprised look on his face with his mouth slightly opened.

"What's wrong?" I asked him but he didn't respond,

he just continued to stare at the machine.

"Doctor is everything okay?" I decided to ask him since Alando was obviously in shock.

"Congratulations Dr. King and Miss Lyons, it looks as if you'll be having twins" he said excitedly.

What the hell, did I hear him correctly.... did he just say twins??

And now I was the one who was in shock .

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