Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 6. The prayer circle.

Mom came back with an egg sandwich and bottled water, she sat beside me as I gobbled them down in quick time as my hunger was in full flight.

"Do you know when you'll be able to go home?" mom asked

"Later today hopefully, everything seems to be normal thus far..... any news on Kimone?" I asked

She shook her head

"Everything's the same," she said sadly...

"Mom did you know Kyle cheated on her? He's the reason she's here fighting for her life.... that bastard" my voice was filled with the newfound hatred I had for Kyle.

"Honey, I don't believe in the blame game, no one's perfect," she said while gently squeezing my hand

I looked at her in total shock, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I withdrew my hand.

"How can you defend him, mom, with everything that he has done, even after he disrespected you like that?"

"Honey, I've been around long enough to know that we all make mistakes, everybody deserves second chances and forgiveness," she said softly.

I sighed. Leave it to my mom to see the good in everything and everybody.

"I hope Kimone gets a second chance... she's so young, we had so many plans... I'm not ready to lose her Mom" I said while fighting back my tears.

"I know honey..... we can only pray and hope for the best right now"

We sat there in total silence and then like a flicker of light a thought hit me.

"Mom, remember the prayer circle you used to do when I was younger?" I asked

"Yeah... I still do it at church" she replied.

"Think we could do one for Kimone in her room?" I asked again

"Sure honey that's a great idea," she said with her voice filled with excitement.

"Okay...... let's go" and we both got up and made our way to Kimone's room.

My mom was a devout Christian, growing up I wasn't allowed to miss church, even while I was in college she would call me on Sundays and we would have our mini church services over the phone. She was my prayer warrior, she prayed about everything and I was taught to do the same. I've never seen my mom angry, she was calm in every situation, she was also my rock, my 5ft 6 inches of pure faith and love. My dad died when I was 8 and she did her best to provide everything I needed. I wasn't one to have a lot of friends so when I introduced her to Kimone and Kyle she immediately took a liking to them.

Upon arrival in kimone's room, we saw Kyle and a doctor in deep conversation. They both looked at us as we entered and Kyle called me over.

"Dr. Miller, this is our friend and roommate, feel free to share the information with her as well," Kyle said while pointing in my direction.

The doctor looked at him and then back at me with a bit of confusion on his face

"Friend?" He asked

"Yeah" Kyle answered.

"Really? I thought you were brother and sister"

Kyle and I both laughed, even mom let out a low giggle.

"I know right, we get that a lot " I replied with a smile.

"Will she be ok Doctor?" I asked

"We're not able to say right now, her brain is still swollen," he said while looking at the chart in his hand.

"Is there anything you can do to get the swelling down?" I asked anxiously

"Yes, there are a couple of methods as I was just explaining to Mr. Errr ...Matheson here"

"Which are?" I was becoming impatient.

"Umm... so there are three procedures we were looking at surgery, hypothermia, and osmotherapy " he responded.

"Which one do you recommend?" I asked again.

He paused for a moment then spoke again.

"Surgery is the best choice but it's very risky...... this surgery involves removing a part of the skull and repairing the damage, which may be a ruptured blood vessel. Ventriculostomy is another possible procedure. It involves inserting a plastic tube into the skull to drain excess fluid and reduce increased pressure on the cranium" he replied as if he knew I was gonna ask him to explain the details of the surgery.

I sighed and felt a firm grip on my hand, I knew it was Kyle, he gave it a gentle squeeze and I looked at him

"I'm sorry" he mouthed

And I gave him a weak smile

"Her mom will be here tomorrow morning so when she gets here we'll discuss it"

"Why can't we make the decision," I asked while looking at the doctor

"Because the decision is not ours to make," Kyle said softly

"Really?" I asked

"Yeah, he's right, if they were married the choice would be on his shoulders but don't worry a few more hours won't not harm," the doctor said reassuringly.

As the doctor made his exit, I took about 4 deep breaths to calm myself,

"You okay?" Kyle asked

I Sighed,

"Barely" I replied

My mom hugged me from behind and I felt a bit of comfort.

"She'll be alright honey, let's do the prayer circle, Kyle would you like to join?" She asked while stretching her hand out to him, he hesitated for a moment.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Lyons, I didn't mean to disrespect you I don't know what came over me" his words were washed with sincerity.

"It's okay hun...all is forgiven," she said with a soft smile, sat on the floor with hands joined together and we prayed.

We were all emotional, I could barely find the words to say, Kyle was a little better he managed to get a few words out. My mom was a boss she prayed and prayed then she prayed some more, I admired her strength and I appreciated her being here with us through this disastrous time. We prayed for about 2 hours and when we were finished we just sat on the floor singing some of our favorite gospel songs.

I was halfway through 'Amazing Grace' when Dr. King walked in.

"Hi Dr. King," my mom said happily

"Hello, Mrs..... It's Lyons too right?" He asked

"That's right," mom said.

I didn't speak, instead, I chose to focus on the pattern on my Mother's skirt"

Hello, Nicole" he said softly...

I pretended as if I didn't hear.

"Don't be rude child," my mom said while pinching my leg

"Owwwwww" I squealed

Kyle laughed and leaned over to my ears and whispered

"You like him don't you?"

"What?!.......Noooooo!" I answered

"Whatever you say, Nicky," he said and he and my mom got up.

"How's the patient doing?" I heard Dr king ask

"No changes, her brain is still swollen" Kyle answered

"Who's her Doctor?" He asked again

"Dr. Ummmmm..... Miller" Kyle answered after a couple of seconds...

"Okay, I'll check with him and see wassup"

"Thank you" I heard Kyle and my mom said in unison.

"No worries" he replied while stretching to help me get up from the floor.

"Thank you" I mumbled

"I'm here for the number Miss Lyons, I told you I'd come back for it and I'm a man of my word," he said with a sheepish smile.

"I rolled my eyes" and my mom giggled.

"I already told you no," I told him while stretching my legs

"And I thought you realize I don't take no for an answer," he said menacingly

"Don't worry Dr king... I'll give it to you" I heard my mom give out

"You wouldn't dare!" I snapped

She didn't answer but she gave me her 'I've made up my mind' stare, a stare that told me this was a battle that I wouldn't win.

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