Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 61. I know that tattoo.

Alando along with his parents came by my mother's house and his mother hugged me while crying her eyes out with nothing but pure unspeakable joy.

This Goddess of a woman was here and not afraid of showing how vulnerable they all were. Mr. King Snr didnt join his wife's crying party but he did hug me and I saw how grateful he was.

"Thank you young lady, I guess you now know how important this is to us" he whispered as he hugged me again and I smiled in response.

My mom cooked a lovely dinner and we all sat down and ate like a loving family, it really good to see.

"So when will you guys be moving into the new house?" Mr King asked then suddenly all eyes were on me and Alando who in turn looked at me.

"I'm not sure, Alando and I have to discuss it and see what we come up with" I replied and Alando smiled signalling that he was pleased with my response.

"You guys bought a house?" Mr. Whitman asked.

"Yeah I did, three months ago" Alando responded.

My mom was impressed but I saw a slight bit of disappointment flash across her face, I guess it was because of the fact that I would be moving out again andI knew how much she enjoyed having me here.

"You okay mom?" I asked her

She looked at me and smiled,

"Yes love I'm fine, I'm just happy for you" she said with a smile.

Mr. Whitman realised she was getting emotional and held her hand.

"She'll be okay, she's in good hands" Mr Whitman reassured her.

Mrs King quickly changed the subject and started talking about the skin care line that she dedicated me. Telling us how well its been doing and that the customers loved it. She had planned on putting it out for a limited time but it has been doing so well that she decided to make it available full time.

I blushed at the news and I blushed even more when everyone at the table started clapping.

We finished dinner and his parents left but surprisingly Alando stayed with me. We did the dishes and went up to my room where we layed in each others arms and talked for hours.

He told me how he went by the new house and stayed there for days thinking of how lost he felt without me, not knowing what his next step would be. One thing he knew for certain was that the relationship wouldn't work if I continued to put myself and the baby at risk without thinking of the consequences.

I in turn told him how miserable I was, if it wasn't for my mom and Mr Whitman's company I'm sure that I would end up in the asylum by now.

He asked about the visions and I told him that I haven't gotten any in a while now and quite frankly I wasn't interested in getting them anymore.

We both agreed that we didnt do well being apart and made a vow that we would stick together no matter what and ofcourse I had to promise to keep myself from intentional danger. We then sealed it with a kiss. He being the consummate gentleman, knew that we couldn't have sex while being ummarried in my mother's house so we cuddled until we both fell asleep.

The next morning we showered, had breakfast and headed out. He told me he had two days off from the hospital but would go in only in cases of emergency. I didnt ask where we were going, I figured I would just let him do his thing as wherever we were headed to was fine with me.

We arrived at what looked like a spa and I instantly got excited.

"You're the absolute best you know that?" I squealed as I reached over and grabbed his face giving him a sloppy kiss.

He grinned and got out then came over and opened my door. I took my time and got out of the vehicle. I couldn't move as fast as I would like because my stomach was now bigger and the with the knowledge that twins were in there forced me to be extra cautious.

We went in and was ushered into what looked like a massage room. The room was filled with candles and a sweet smelling incense. I was glad that my nostrils found the aroma enticing as it would be a major disappointment if it was to upset my stomach.

"Are massages during pregnancy safe?" I asked him just out of curiosity.

He laughed...

"Have you forgotten that I'm a doctor?" He asked while still laughing at me.

I covered my face feeling slightly embarrassed at my stupid question.

"You'll be getting what's known as maternal massages. They are generally considered safe after the first trimester, as long as you get the green light from you practitioner which I did and you let your massage therapist know you’re pregnant, which in your case is very obvious." He said while pointing to my stomach.

"Oh okay" I said and looked at the bed which was in front of me.

"Will my masseuse be a male?"

He made a serious face that made me giggle.

"Clearly that's a trick question" he replied and went to greet the lady that walked into the room.

"Good morning Dr. King, it's so good to see you again, this must be the lovely fiancee that I've been hearing so much about, I'm Elizabeth" she said as she came over to greet me.

I smiled politely and held out my hand to her, her grip was firm and she stared at me. I knew she was scrutinizing me but I ignored it. Something about her didnt sit well with my spirit and I immediately got uncomfortable.

"Hi I'm Nicole. Will you be the one giving me my massage?" I asked her.

"Why yes, would you like someone else to do it?" She asked, clearly she sensed my unease.

"Yes please" I replied with a smile.

"Okay, I'll get the lovely Monique to work with you today" she replied and exited the room

I could feel Alando looking at me and I knew I would have to answer all the questions that were written in his eyes but until then, I chose to focus on my upcoming massage.

Monique came in, she was a taller than Elizabeth, she had a warmth about her and her eyes were soft and welcoming, I was good with her and my babies were too, as suddenly I felt small movents in my tummy.

"Whoah!" I said and I touched my stomach

"What's happening?" Alando asked and with two steps from his tall legs he was now by my side.

I grabbed his hand and placed it on my stomach, the expression on his face was priceless. His green eyes were filled with so much emotion that all I could do was kiss him.

"I just felt our babies move" he whispered on my lips

"I know, I felt them too" I replied and he hugged me.

Monique was an absolute gem, she was so gentle with me and the massages were heavenly. She laid me on my sides and placed pillows between my body and the bed in the perfect position to make me a hundred percent comfortable. I could not ask for more, but knowing Alando, there would be more.

So said so done, after the massages, Monique gave me a simple pedicure and I loved it. My toes and feet were feeling so light and looking so pretty I couldn't stop staring at them.

He sat beside me and got himself a pedicure as well, we laughed as there was this gentle man that came with his wife and was there telling crazy jokes. Everyone was having a good time except Elizabeth. She laughed but I could tell it was all pretend. It was like I could see right through her, something was off but I just couldn't place what it was.

Alando caught me staring and snapped his finger to get my attention.

"Its rude to stare" he whispered.

"I know, it's just something about her that keeps picking at me" I told him in a whisper.

He didnt say anything and neither did he give me the reaction that I expected but I decided that I would ask him about it later.

Monique was putting the last coat of nail polish on my toes when I heard a loud noise outside. It sounded like glass breaking.

"What the hell is that?" I heard Alando asked and everyone else got up to look in the direction the noise came from.

For some reason I didnt feel like moving, I sat and watched everyone's reaction carefully especially Elizabeth's.

"Who drove the Audi?" I heard the gentleman who was telling the jokes asked and at that moment Alando's green eyes immediately got dark.

"We did" I responded, "what happened to it?"

"Ummm, the windscreen is broken, seems somebody dropped a brick in it"

Alando and I looked at each other, then he slowly got up and walked to the entrance to look at the damage.

"Elizabeth, show me the footage for the front camera" he said to her in a cool voice as he came back towards us.

His actions were calm but the color of his eyes told me that he was very angry.

I got up and went to watch the footage with him, he rewinded it until we finally reached the part we wanted to see. Both of us were watching the video closely and saw a car pulled up beside the Audi and a man in a blue hoodie got out with what looked like a brick in his hand.

He walked over to the car and threw it in the windscreen, he was careful to not show his face so we wouldn't be able to see who it was.

Then something caught my eye,

"Babe, rewind the footage a couple seconds" I said to him.

He didnt question me, he just did as he was told.

"Can you zoom it in?" I asked

He zoomed it in and I saw clearly what I was looking at. The perpetrator had a tattoo on his hand just slightly above his knuckles, the same hand that held the stone. I sighed bevause I would know that specific tattoo anywhere, it was a tattoo of my name and I knew who it belonged to.

It was Eyan.

And here we go all over again.

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