Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 62. And it shall come to pass.

"I know that tattoo, I know who it is" I whispered

Alando looked at me and immediately figured it out too, the muscles in his jaw tensed and he was now angrier than begore but he kept it under control.

"I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch" he growled lowly through gritted teeth, I had to touch his hand in an attempt to calm him down because if he had continued getting angry he was sure to explode.

"Let's call a cab and go somewhere for you to cool off you look like you're gonna burst open" I said to him calmly.

He took deep breaths, closed his eyes and counted from one to twenty. When he opened his eyes again they were a soft green so I knew he was somewhat calm now. I turned around to see Elizabeth watching us intently which made me instantly uneasy.

"Do you know who it was?" She asked

"No!" I replied quickly,

She frowned at my response and stared at Alando as if she was waiting on him to say something different. He picked up on it and gave her a "No!" As well.

"You're sure you dont know the person? your reaction tells something different" she said as she stared at me.

"Why does that part concern you so much?" I asked

"Because it happened at my business place" she said with a daring look in her eye.

I wanted to slap her so bad and I was about to when Alando grabbed my arm and pulled me backwards.

"Ladies...... let's be civil about this" he said

"Me?.... I did nothing, your fiancee is the aggressor" she said while pointing to me.

"Behave yourself" he whispered to me

"I'd like to leave right now Alando" I told him before he turned his attention back to her.

"Okay.... in a minute, I'd like to speak with Elizabeth alone" he whispered.

"Okay" I replied

I walked by close enough so that I bounced her and she stumbled out the way grabbing on to a nearby chair to catch her balance.

"Nicole..." Alando called out after me

"I'm sorry" I said and I raised my hand as a sign that I regretted what I did but I knew he figured that I was being mischievous. It's just that I could not leave without giving her something to remember me by.

I waited for Alando who came out shortly after with Elizabeth behind him looking like she had just been scolded. She didnt even look at me as she exited the office we were once in.

I went to the entrance of the spa and looked at the car, the windshield was badly shattered and the brick was still in it. I sighed as I thought of Eyan and why he would want to do something like this.

"Babe, my dad's coming to take you to your mom's, I have to stay here and deal with the police when they arrive" he said as he joined me in staring at the damage.

I gave him a quick glance and suddenly he was driving an unknown vehicle with a gun in his hand, I looked closely, then I realised that he was chasing another car, the car looked familiar too... it belonged to Eyan.

I blinked my eyes and was suddenly back in the present moment, he was about to walk away when I grabbed him back to me.

"Don't do it!" I said to him

He spun around and looked at me slightly confused.

"What?" He asked..

"I saw it Alando, don't do it"

He then realised that I had gotten a foresight, he withdrew his hand and shrugged and I knew that he had already made up his mind. But still, I begged in hopes that I could some way, some how make him change his decision.

"Please.....I....I just dont want you to do something you're gonna regret" I said to him

"I'll be fine...."

I grabbed his hand again and placed it on my tummy,

"If you won't change your mind for me, do it for them" I said to him.

"I am doing it for them" he snapped at me. "I'm sick and fucking tired of this bastard, if it's not one thing it's the other with him and I'm gonna put a stop to it once and for fucking all"

At this point I realised that there was nothing I could do to stop him, I played my best card and it didnt work so all I could do now was pray and hope for the best.

His dad arrived shortly after and I hesitated about getting into the car, I knew there had to be a reason for me getting that vision, there has to be something that I can do to stop him but my mind was blank of ideas. If only I had seen how the vision ended then maybe I would have a better idea of what happened. I thought.

I sat in the front of the car and waited for he and his dad to finish speaking, maybe I could trigger a vision but how? As I sat there staring at him and focusing on what I wanted to see, I found myself drifting, my surroundings got dark and I was in a room that I didn't recognize.

Yes I did it, I triggered a vision. I remained calm as I didnt want to lose focus so I concentrated solely on what was infront of me. And just like the vision I had some months ago, I saw Alando, dead on the ground with his hands tied behind his back and his throat slashed

"What the fuck is this?" I screamed "I told you not to go, why did you not listen?" I screamed again.

I spun around and there was Eyan, in the same hoodie with the bloody knife in his hand. His eyes were wild and unfocused just as they were the day we fought three months ago. He lounged at me and in trying to get out the way I tripped over Alando and fell.

As I felt his lifeless body under me I knew I had to get out of this vision because things were getting way too intense for me to handle. But I couldn't, it's like I was stuck, I rolled over just in time to see Eyan standing over me with the same brick that he used to smash the windshield or atleast, one like it.

"No not yet" I heard a female voice say and Eyan froze.

Then I heard footsteps approaching, I squinted my eyes as best as I could to see who it was but the person stopped just before entering the light.

"She doesn't get to die so easily, she has to pay for what she did" the voice said again.

I listen closely to the voice and suddenly my brain registered who it was.

"You fucking bitch!" I shouted and after she realised that I knew it was her she stepped into the light.

It was Maria Ramirez.

I blinked and I was back in the car, Alando was now staring at me with questioning eyes. His dad's back was turned to me so he didnt know what had just happened. Not Elizabeth though, she was watching me from the spa but what she saw was the least of my worries right now. I needed to tell Alando what I saw and get him to change his plans.

I got out the car and walked up to him and his dad and just started speaking right away.

"Excuse me Mr King, may I speak to Alando for a moment please?" I asked politely.

"Sure, no prob, we were done anyway" he replied.

I waited for him to go back to his car before I started speaking again.

"Babe please, I'm begging you do not go through with this"

"What did you see?" He asked

Should I tell him what I saw? I wondered quickly, how would I tell him that he died in my vision? I had told him about this same vision before and we were able to play it off. But this time it was different, it felt real, too real and it scared me so much that my hands were shaking.

Just as I was about to tell him, a police car drove up and I breathed a sigh of relief atleast that should keep him here for a while.

The officers came out and Alando and his dad went over to speak with them. I stayed where I was and watched the vehicles as they went up and down the street while thinking back on my foresight.

I had so many questions, Why the hell did I see Maria, was she apart of this? And if she was, when and how did she link up with Eyan? As I stood there with my thoughts, I noticed a black Chevrolet truck slowly coming towards us.

That's odd, why is this driver so slow on this busy street, it was just a random thought and before I knew it the windows rolled down and gun shots rang out sending everyone scattering in various directions.

Oh shit, not again I thought, as I ducked down as fast as I could. Atleast I didn't freeze this time and just as I thought it was over, a different set of gunshots began ringing out.

I tried to see if it was the police who were returning fire, but from where I was, my vision was blocked by a parked vehicle. I then heard tyres screeching and the sound of a vehicle speeding off.

"Alando.....No!" I heard Mr. Snr King yelling.

As I heard my father in law's voice I sprung up from where I was, not even caring if the shots had subsided or not. I ran over to where they were to see that one of the officers was hit and bleeding from his leg.

"Shit....where's Alando?" I screamed

And I was just in time to see him getting into the police car with what looked like a gun in his hand.

"Oh fuck, No....." I screamed but it was too late he was already speeding off into the direction that the shooter's car went.

This was it, my foresight was coming to pass and there was nothing I could do to stop it....

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