Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 64. Either way I'll lose.

I closed my eyes for a moment to remember the happy times I had with Alando, even though it was filled with fights and struggles the fact that we fell in love, got engaged and started a family was enough for me to be happy with every decision I made leading up to this point.

My surroundings got bright and suddenly I was in the new house, I quickly looked around, I saw my mom, Mr And Mrs. King, Kyle and Kimone even Mr Whitman was present but no sign of Alando. I looked down at my stomach it was flat, I wasn't pregnant anymore. Where were my babies?

Did they die? I wondered to myself

I started searching for them, no matter where I went, there was no sign of Alando or my babies. My heart ached within my chest, I couldn't even breath, the pain was too much. I fell to my knees and started hollering out Alando's name.

"What is wrong my child?" A voice asked me and I froze and was hesitant in looking in the direction the sound came from. It has been so long since I heard that voice. "Do not be afraid, I'm not here to harm you but I hate to see you in this much pain" he said to me.

When I finally found the courage to look, my eyes lit up with happiness. It was my dad.

He was wearing his favorite baseball jacket and hat with a washed out jeans, he held is hand out to me but for some reason I was afraid.

"Its me honey, please don't be afraid" he said to me with a smile.

"What are you doing here daddy?" I asked

"I was sent to you " he said calmly.

"By whom?" I asked

"My time is limited so you have to ask the right questions and do it quickly" he said to me.

"How can I save my family?" I asked without even thinking

"I'm afraid you can't " he said

"What?.... why not?"

"It looks like your family is not meant to be saved" he replied

I was immediately angry, not sure if it was at him or the answers that he gave me.

"Then what was the purpose of the visions if there was nothing I could do to stop the results? This makes no sense" I said even more angrier than before

"This is not adding up, there has to be something I can do, I refuse to believe that my family will die by the hands of these wretched people!" I yelled

He started speaking to me again but I blocked him out completely, no matter what he said I didnt believe that all hope was lost. Something deep down in my soul told me that there had to be something that I could do to change the outcome. I would not lose my family, in fact I refused to.

I forced myself from the vision and returned back to the present. Nothing changed, Maria still had the gun at my temple and Eyan was infront of Alando with the gun to his forehead.

Alando was looking at him dead in the eye.

"I thought you were a grown ass man why are you letting that bitch tell you what to do? I almost pissed myself when I heard what he said to Eyan

"Shut up!" Maria shouted and because she was so close to me, her voice rang out in my ear.

I quickly moved my head and held my ears and as soon as the gun was no longer had my head and I lost it.

Using all the strength I could muster, I elbowed her straight in her gut and she went down instantaneously and I wasted no time. I used my knee to give her a solid one in the face that sent her and the gun flying in different directions. I headed for the gun right away.

Picking it up I pointed it at her, thinking she would chill but she was one crazy red head. When she saw that I now had the gun she lounged at me and I squeezed the trigger twice.


Both of them hitting her in the stomach and she fell at my feet gasping for air.

"Bang......" I heard again and I looked at the gun in my hands. I was confused for a few seconds but then began trembling with fear as I realised that the shot I had just heard didnt come from my gun.

I quickly turned around to see Alando and Eyan on the ground. Alando at the bottom, Eyan on top. I froze in place as my mind began working overtime trying to process everything that had just happened and what my eyes were now seeing.

"Alando.....Eyan?" I called out, but neither of them replied.

I saw a slight movement and my heart started to beat really fast as Eyan staggered to his feet and my worst fear was now a reality.

Alando had been shot!

"You motherfucker!" I yelled as Eyan turned around to face me and I quickly pointed the gun at him."I'm going to kill you for what you did him!"

He turned around and stared at Alando's body on the ground...

"He deserved it!" He said looking back at me and I could see the hatred in his eyes. I instantly felt my own hatred building in me, hatred that I had for Eyan.

I was about to pump the remaining bullets I had into him when I heard police sirens and a number of police cars coming towards us.

Eyan started to panic and looked as if he wanted to run.

"Dont you fucking move, if you do I promise that I'm gonna kill you!"

"Nicky, would you really shoot me? He said with a disgusting smile plastered on his face.

"You wanna call my bluff and see what happens?"

My hands were still trembling but I took a deep breath and steadied myself because there was no way I could let him get away with what he did.

We were now surrounded by the officers who were shouting and had their guns pointing at the both of us

"Drop your weapons!" They commanded and I immediately did as they said.

Eyan on the other hand, held on to his gun much to the annoyance of the officers.

"Drop your weapon or we will open fire!" One of the officer told him sternly..

It was then he placed it on the ground and was quickly apprehended by two officers.

Mrs king ran over to me and screamed when she saw her son lying on the ground bleeding.

"That bastard shot him" I said to her with tears now running down my face.

She immediately went over to Alando and started screaming in dismay.

"Alando my son, please don't die on me, I cant lose you, you're my miracle child" she hollered.

A few of the officers went over and started inspecting him.

"He's alive but barely" I heard one of them say and attempted to revive him

"How far are the paramedics?" His mother asked.

"They should be here shortly, we radioed them in on our way here just in case there were any casualties" the officer replied

The ambulance came with Snr King in tow. When he got out and rushed to where we were, he let out a loud roar of agony when he saw his son on the ground. The roar frightened me, I was sure it could be heard from about half a mile away.

"Who did this?" He asked as he looked in my direction

I wiped the tears away from my face and pointed to Eyan. It took about four officers to restrain him as it was obvious that he wanted to do nothing less than to kill Eyan. The paramedics quickly but carefully took Alando with his mother closely by his side and they drove off .

An officer came over and offered to take me to the hospital which I kindly accepted.

"Is he going to be okay?" I asked the officer

He sighed as he stared at me.....

"I'm not sure but it doesn't look good"

I could see that he was being honest with me and I appreciated it. As I sat in the car en-route to the hospital I fiddled with my fingers and whispered prayers on top of prayers in my mind. The babies must've sensed my distress because I began feeling multiple flutterings in my tummy. I grabbed on to the seat as my stomach stiffened slightly.

"You okay?" The officer asked as he noticed my unease.

"Yeah, I think so .... it's just the babies messing around" I told him

"Babies?" He asked sounding a bit shocked.

"Yeah, twins a boy and a girl" I told him as I gently touched my stomach and hoping that they would settle down soon.

"Don't worry, I'll get you to the hospital as soon as I can" the officer replied

"Am fine, I just really need Alando to be okay" I told him as I stared blindly out the window.

I started to remember the last foresight I had and I sighed. It looks like my dad was right afterall because no matter what I did, nothing changed, the scenes were different but the result was still the same. Every single vision I had Alando was not in them

"It looks like your family is not meant to be saved" replayed over in my mind and I stiffened again as the babies began to fluster even more.

I tried my best to remain calm and not get worked up because I knew that all this stress wasn't healthy for them. But I was plunged into a world of sadness as I thought about their father who was fighting for his life at this very moment.

Taking deep breaths, I gently massaged my tummy as I tried to comfort my heart and not put myself in a position to harm my babies as losing them is totally not acceptable for me.

But having them and not their father was even harder to deal with. I then became extremely emotional as there was a feeling that this was not going to be a win/win situation because based on how things were looking I would not get all three of them. It was either or ither.

A tear fell from my eye because either way......

I'll lose!

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