Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 65. Cardiac Tamponade.

We arrived at the hospital and I pretty much jumped out and rushed to the nurses station. The nurse that was there recognized me immediately and directed me to where his mom was. She was outside still crying and my heart ached more when I saw the state that she was in. She was a mess!

The officer ran behind me, trying hard to get my attention but I ignored him as all I wanted to do was check on how Alando was doing.

"Miss, you have to see a doctor to find out if you have any injuries" he said as he grabbed onto my arm.

"I'm fine, I'm fine!" I snapped at him

My phone began vibrating in my pocket, it was Kimone.


"Nicole oh my God, I just heard what happened where are you.... are you okay?"

"I'm far from okay.... Alando was shot and I shot Maria" I told her.

When the officer and Mrs King heard what I said, they both gave me questioning looks.

"You did what?" Kimone asked.

"You heard me" I confirmed

"Where you at?"

"I'm at the hospital" I replied

"Okay...I'm on my way" and she hing up.

Why are these things happening? I was tired of these run ins with the hospital and the police, it was getting to a bit too regular and I hated it. I just needed Alando to pull through this so we could get married, move into our new house and start a family. God damn it was that too much to ask?

And ofcourse things got worse when the officer wanted to question me after hearing what I told Kimone over the phone. I stared blankly at him, refusing to believe that he wanted to add more drama to my plate right now. Wasnt me being pregnant and stressing myself with the possibility that father of my children could die any minute now enough?

Apparently not because he was adamant that he needed to speak to me and I was determined that I wouldn't speak to him. Mrs King was the one who intervened by telling him that he could only speak to me with my lawyer present and that he would be here shortly. Thankfully he gave up and walked away.

Just then, a nurse came out of the room that Alando was in and I rushed to speak with her.

"How is he doing? I asked, I didnt even care that my voice was trembling.

"We're doing the best we can to save him but at the moment things doesn't look good" she told me as she hurriedly walked away.

I felt like someone had hit me across my back with a piece of board.

"Noooo, nooo" I wailed

Mrs king hugged me and started praying as I cried in her arms. I was so deep in grief that I didnt hear a word of what she said. I felt lost, my faith was weak and so was my body. I had no strength and I wanted to give up, my mind was in turmoil and my babies sensed it because the flutterings started again and I began feeling uncomfortable.

"Are you okay my love?" Mrs King asked.

"Far from it....." I replied as I touched my tummy and went to sit on a chair.

My mother and Kimone were now practically running down the hall towards us. They both came and hugged me and in no time the three of us were crying a bucket load of tears.

"Have you heard anything as yet?" My mom asked as she broke the hug.

"No not yet" Mrs King replied.

"Don't worry, he will make it through" Kimone said to us but something about the way she said it caught my attention.

I wiped my tears and stared at her...

"You sound so confident, how can you be so sure?" I asked.

"Look at me, I am a living testament that miracles do happen and prayer changes things" she said simply.

"Oh my God, you are so right!" My mom replied

"Is there anywhere that we could do a prayer circle" Kimone asked enthusiastically.

"A prayer what?" Mrs King asked, I could see how confused she was

"Don't worry, you'll see" mom assured her but I wasnt feeling it right now. I just wanted to curl up somewhere and sleep until this nightmare was over.

My mom looked fixedly at me, realizing that I wasn't as enthusiastic about the circle as they were.

"You need to pray for him, pray until the situation changes" she said softly as she took my face in her hands

"I'm sorry, I'm just not strong enough to do all of this" I replied as a single tear escaped from my eye.

"You know better!" She told me sternly..."he needs you so you have to dig deep and find the strength from within"

I shook my head but she held my face firmly, staring deep into my eyes....

"You know better.... we'll be waiting on you to complete the circle" was the final thing she said to me as she went searching for a room to do the prayer circle.

"I know the perfect place...." his mother gave out, grabbing Kimone's attention... "I think it's only right that we use his office"

"Perfect" my mom said and they all headed there.

"Aren't you coming" hos mother asked.

I sighed......

"Not yet, someone has to be here when the doctor comes out" I replied quickly. And I raised my hand dismissing any rebuttal that she may have.

My mother said nothing as they all headed into Alando's office.

Everything that I was experiencing at this moment was new to me. There was never a time in the past that I didn't have the strength to pray or felt this hopeless. I was never this doubtful, there was always a light at the end of the tunnel in every situation but sadly I wasnt feeling that way this time.

The door opened, the doctor came out with the glove on his hands filled with blood and I held my breath as I got up to meet him.

"Hi I'm his fiancee, how's he doing?" I asked nervously.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Mikhal Reynolds..." he greeted and took a quick glance at my stomach "ohhh, you're, I think I should just wait for his mother" he said.

I knew it was out of concern for my health and he didnt want to put all the stress on me but I didnt care. I needed to know what was happening with the love of my life and I needed to know now!

"No!" I said unrelentingly. "Tell me what's happening with him!"

He sighed as he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand which was now out of the glove. He then ushered me back to the chair I was sitting in. He sat beside me looking as if he was searching for the right words and I tried to remain calm as I waited for him to begin.

"The bullet stopped inside his pericardium, that's the narrow space between the heart and its thin protective membrane"

When I heard those words, my bladder was suddenly full and I had a hard time holding back the liquid that was now forcing it's way into my underwear. Dr. Reynolds heard the sound of my urine reaching the floor and stopped speaking immediately.

"I'll get someone to clean that up" he said calmly to me.

"Thank you" I replied and anxiously waited for him to tell me about Alando's condition but he refused to

"You are in no condition to take this news" he said to me and it took all my self restraint not to lose my cool with him.

"Please, I need to know"

He looked at me again and I saw that his eyes were filled with pity and I wondered for a slight moment if Alando was dead but I quickly shoved that thought to the deepest part of my mind.

"Dr. King is experiencing what we call cardiac tamponade. It's usually the result of penetration of the pericardium, which is the thin, double-walled sac that surrounds your heart as I had explained earlier. The cavity around his heart is filled with enough blood that could compress his heart. As the fluid presses on his heart, less and less blood can enter and as a result of that, less oxygen-rich blood is pumped to the rest of his body. The lack of blood getting to his heart and the rest of his body can eventually cause shock, organ failure, and cardiac arrest, even death".

I placed my face in my hands and let out a scream that was so terrifying my mother came running out of Alando's office with Mrs King and Kimone behind her.

"Oh my God Nicky, please dont tell me that he's dead!" My mom said to me while looking at the doctor.

"Dr. Reynolds how's my baby doing?" Mrs King asked.

"When he came in his blood pressure was low and his pulse was weak because the volume of blood his heart was pumping was reduced. He had extended neck veins because they’re having a hard time returning blood to his heart along with rapid heartbeat combined with muffled heart sounds due to the expanding layer of fluid inside his pericardium."

His mother listened intently, nodding a few time indicating that she understood everything the doctor was saying.

"Okay, you've given me the bad news. I need the good news now" she said to him with a straight face.

"After we removed the bullet ummm, we were concerned about his ventricles collapsing because of the low blood volume but the echocardiogram showed us that that was not the case so that's a good thing. We uhhh, performed an invasive procedure called a thoracotomy where we drained the excess blood and removed the blood clots. Because he has a penetrating wound,we had to remove part of his pericardium to help relieve the pressure on his heart and fought hard to get him stabilized. He's now receiving oxygen, fluids, and medications to increase his blood pressure. At the moment, he's stable but for us to know what the next step, we have to wait until he wakes up so we can see how he's adjusting to the the treatment. He's very lucky to have gotten here when he did, it literally saved his life"

"Oh thank heavens!" His mother said as she breathed a sigh of relief.

The doctor patted Mrs king on the shoulder who then grabbed him and hugged him like her life depended on it.

"Alando is my friend and we all love him dearly so trust and believe that we would do everything we could to save him".

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