Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 66. Where is the lie?

After listening to everything the doctor said, I was somewhat relieved. Relieved that he was alive and that there was a great chance that he would make it out of this.

"Can I see him?" I asked and I could feel all the eyes on me

"Umm, yes but not for long as you need to be cleaned up and he needs time to recover" the doctor replied.

"Okay...." I said without looking at him

"Do you want me to take you home and help you get cleaned up honey?" My mom asked

"Yes please, but I need to see him first"

"Sure, whenever you're ready"

I turned to his mother and gave her a look that asked if she was gonna come with me and she understood it very well but she shook her head and told me to go ahead.

I went in and held my breath as I saw the love of my life lying there with tubes, blood and a big bandage over the wound in his chest. Oh I wished I could touch him and make everything better. This seemed like an everlasting nightmare. This minute we were happy, expecting a family and everything good and the next minute there was chaos and he was in the hospital fighting for his life. I went over and touched his hand gently and prayed for him. I prayed like my life depended on it and gave it everything I had, at times when I ran out of words, I would just cry.

"Lord, I need a breakthrough, I am tired of the heartaches, I am tired of crying" were the last thing I said before I was thrown into a cloud of smoke. I didn't even flinch realizing that I was enroute to having another foresight. In fact I was highly annoyed, I wish there was a way that I could just not have anymore of these visions because what was the point of giving me them to me if I wasn't allowed to save him? Why tell me about it and not give me a solution that would help me with a favorable outcome.

I looked up and I was in a small room on a single bed, what the hell kind of place is this I thought and as the smoke cleared I realised where I was.

I was in jail!.

"Oh well, " I said in a low voice, I was surprised that it was jail and not me dying. What did I ever do to deserve all these trials and unhappiness I thought. Then I heard a soft voice saying "make the right decisions or prepare for this obstacle".

I was too tired to even ask a question, I just sat there feeling useless and numb but I did make note of what the voice said. I blinked frantically and I was back at Alando's side. To my surprise, his eyes were opened and he stared at me. He didnt speak but he squeezed my hand and gave me a weak smile. That was enough to lift my spirit and I smiled right back.

"I love you" I whispered and he squeezed my hand twice in acknowledgment. The doctor then came in began checking his vitals.

"He's awake" I told the doctor...

"So I see... " he said as he continued checking him. "His blood pressure is normal and he seem to be responding to the medications so far, so let's just give him a little time to get some more rest. You also should rest and get cleaned up" he encouraged.

"Okay.." I agreed and kissed Alando before I left.

As I went outside the police along with King snr. were waiting on me. This time I wasnt the least bit surprised, I expected anything to happen at this point. An earthquake, a major storm, even a great big flood. With the way how my luck been going recently, I knew that anything could happen and I mean anything.

"Miss Lyons, I'd like to ask you a few questions" the officer said but King Snr. told him that he'd like to speak with me first. The officer obliged and he drew me to the side, I knew it was to ask me my version of what happened to so I told him everything as quickly as I could from start to finish.

"Okay self defense....this should be easy enough" he said and we walked back over to the officer. Mrs king went in the room but my mom and Kimone were watching us with a bit of panic in their eyes but I gave them a gentle reassuring smile telling them that everything would be alright. My mom blinked rapidly and Kimone nodded.

"Is Eyan dead?" I asked King snr just out of curiosity.

"Unfortunately no, but Maria died enroute to the hospital" he whispered. I was disappointed, not with the fact that Maria died but that Eyan was alive.

"I should've killed that fucker when I had the chance" I whispered and King Snr glanced over at me but said nothing. I'm sure he understood why I would say something like that because Eyan was the reason why Alando was laid up in this hospital with a gunshot wound to his chest.

The officer asked the questions and I replied under the watchful eyes of my future father in law. He made sure everything was on point and I was extremely grateful for his presence as it kept me calm and reassured.

"According to a male survivor, you shot Miss Ramirez on purpose" the officer said

I stared at him unremorseful as ever,

"Survivor?" I was surprised at the term he used to address Eyan. "I'm confused, what did he survive exactly?"

"I'm not sure, I wasn't there when it unfolded"

"Hmm, but I was and I can tell you that he was the main antagonist in all of this,"

The officer raised his eyebrow....

"Did he not tell you that Maria held a gun to my temple and he had a gun on Alan... I mean Dr. King?"

He looked at me in disbelief and then at the paper he was reading from.

"According to what is written here, no he did not" he replied.

"Well, the two of them held the both of us at gun point, we both had a struggle, Maria's gun fell from her hand, I took it up, she lounged at me and I fired the weapon"

"So you're admitting that you did shoot her?" The officer asked and King snr stepped in

"Yes she did, but it was in self defense " he highlighted.

The officer's expression was blank as he wrote down what he was being told.

"Why did you fire more than once?" The officer asked.

"She was relentless, she kept coming at me even after I fired the first shot" I replied

"Okay," he said while scratching his chin "did you see him shoot Dr. King?" He asked.

"Yes!..... I did..... they had a scuffle, the both of them fell to the ground, I heard a single gunshot, Eyan got up with the gun in his hand and Dr. King remained on the ground with a wound to his chest"

"So you didn't actually see when Dr. King was shot then?" And that was enough to let King Snr almost lost his cool.

"Are you even suggesting that my son shot himself?" King snr asked. The officer was frightened.

"No I'm not, I'm just trying to understand what happened." he replied.

"I am telling you what happened, Eyan and Maria held us hostage after shooting up our car at a spa where we were" I said a bit too loudly that it attracted Mrs. King's attention as she came from Alando's hospital room.

"What's going on here?" She asked looking at all of us.

"The officer here is asking the wrong questions" her husband replied.

"Why are you antagonizing my family?" She asked sternly

He sighed and rubbed his forehead as he instantly recognized her.

"Look, I'm sorry for everything that your family is going through but I'm just doing my job.

"Doing your job includes arresting the son of a bitch who shot my son!" She said angrily.

"We will do that as soon as possible but I'm just trying to get everybody's side of the story" he replied.

"There are tons of witnesses who saw the man shooting up my son's car, now my son has been shot and is fighting for his life in the very same hospital that he and his grandfather gave so many years of service!" She was livid. Her eyes were wide and the muscles in her face were tight.

Just then another officer joined us and identified himself as Detective Isaiah Boyd, he also recognized Mrs King.

"I'm sorry for all that your family's going through at the moment Mrs. King, if there's anything I can do please let me know" he said

She tried to relax by taking a deep breath,

"Where is the man who shot my son?" She asked, Boyd replied telling her that he was in custody.

"Great, and I hope he'll receive the full length of the law for what he did to my baby"

"Mom...Dad.... I just got the news is he okay?" Andre asked as he greeted his parents. He then looked at me "sis, you look like you've been through hell"

"Still going through it" I said softly and he gave me a comforting hug.... "my bro's a fighter, he's gonna be okay"

"Officer if we're done here, I'd like to go home my babies and I need to rest" I said as I touched my stomach. Both officers looked at each other and the one that questioned me nodded.

"If you have any other questions please call my office and I will arrange a meeting okay" Mr. King snr told the officer and we all walked away.

As I walked I felt a sharp pain which caused me to cry out.

"Are you alright my dear?" Mrs. King asked

I inhaled sharply....

"Yeah, just some back pains. I really need to get some rest. Mom can you please take me home?"

"Sure honey, let's go...." she said and I said goodbye to the Kings.

"Kim are you coming with me? she nodded and was at my side without hesitation. I needed my best friend with me right now she was the only person apart from my mom who truly understood me and I thanked god for sparing her life.

We got home at my mother's house and Kimone bathed me and laid beside me in my bed where we prayed together. I could also hear my mother in her room praying. After we were done Kimone and I just laid there saying nothing.

"You know the last time I was in my bed Alando slept in it with me" I said to her softly. "Who would've thought that he would be laying in a hospital bed less than twenty four hours?

She sighed heavily.

"Kinda like the same thing that happened to me with my accident, one minute I was healthy and everything was fine with the exception of being pissed off at Kyle and the next thing I knew I was waking up in a hospital and learning how to walk and do basic things all over again. Life is so unpredictable and nothing is certain, so you have to appreciate the things and people in your life especially if they are good because it can all go bad in the blink of an eye".

And my first thought after hearing what she said was.........

"Where is the lie?"

She was accurate as fuck!!

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