Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 67. Bernard City

As I laid there thinking of Alando, I quickly fell asleep and I was extremely grateful for the rest because God knows how much I needed it. My babies needed it too, they were restless and I could feel it.

Thankfully, my dreams were peaceful and happy. Filled with visions of Alando and our babies even though I could not see the babies faces, we were all happy and that was all I needed. I woke up with the urgent need to pee, so I slowly got up and observed my surroundings then I headed straight to the bathroom. I could literally feel my babies growth, my tummy was heavier and bigger. Wow! I was fat too, a tall fat and pregnant gyal. I thought as I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror. After running the warm water, I washed my hair and took another well needed bath. After which I got out, got dressed and headed to the kitchen but no one was home. There was a note on the table that they were gone to the hospital and that I should get some rest. But how could I? My love was laid up in the hospital with a gunshot wound to his chest.

For the next three months, the routine of my life was hospital visits and back home. There were days when I couldn't leave my bed because of how huge my tummy was and the doctor was adamant about me getting rest. I was now 7 months and 3 weeks pregnant and what a journey it has been. Alando was still in the hospital recovering from his injury and I took on the task of getting the new house prepared for him and my babies. Kimone and I bought furnitures and all the decorative pieces I loved and on days when I was unable to make it she, my mom and Kyle made sure things still got done.

Things were not easy, I was in pain most of the time, sometimes physically when my babies decide to play football in my tummy or emotionally when I'm alone in my room and missing their father. My mind was hardly at ease mainly because I was worried all the time. Worried that Eyan would somehow try to harm me and my babies because although being slapped with a couple of charges he somehow magically made bail. Mr and Mrs King was furious to the core. She begged me to come stay by the great house where it would be alot safer for me but I refused. The memories I had of how I almost lost my life in that kitchen was way too fresh in my mind.

Its been two days since I last saw Alando because I've been really tired since of lately. I needed to see him today though so I got myself ready and headed down to the kitchen. The African American nurse that Mrs. King assigned to me had just given me my breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancake and milk. I felt like a small child having my meals prepared for me and ofcourse I had to stick to the meal plan that was given to me by the doctor.

She was 54 years old, medium built with a pudgy nose and small eyes. She was also a wonderful lady who told me that her name was Lillian, she was small in stature but boy could she work. She reminded me of my assistant that I had back at the car mart. Speaking about my assistant, I just remembered that she left a missed call and a message on my WhatsApp saying that I should give her a call as soon as I could. I wondered briefly what it could be about, maybe she wanted to fill me in on the new person who had taken my spot but quickly threw that thought out the window as she was not the type to gossip. They only way I would know for sure is if and when I called her. Miss Lillian went and got my phone and I quickly dialed her number, it was sunday so I knew she wasn't at work, maybe she was busy attending to her family I thought as the phone rang without answer.

"Heyyyy Nicole, Good morning" she said on the other end, sounding energetic as usual.

"Hi Kathryn I'm good, here returning a call I missed from you...wassup?" And as usual she got right into the details.

"Girl you remember that mysterious resignation letter that Mr. Martin received from your email?"

"Yeah I remember "

"Well my husband and I did some checks, it turns our your account was hacked"

"Well, obviously it was because I did not send that email " I replied

"I also found out that someone at the office was helping Eyan to keep track of you"

As I listened to what she was saying, it all made sense to me. How else would he have been able to keep track of my movements, especially the day I made the impromptu return to work. That day stood out in my mind more than everything else. But who was it? Who would be so cruel to share my info with Eyan? Everyone at the car mart knew about our love story and our break up. They knew about my breakdowns, my tantrums and time off from work due to what he did to me because I hid nothing. I tried to think of anyone who I had a beef with, anyone who I thought hated me but my thoughts came up blank.

"Hello, you still there?" I heard Kathryn asking on the other end

"Yeah, yeah I'm here, was just trying to think who would do such a thing" I teplied

"You don't have to guess, I was gonna tell you anyways " she replied

"Who was it?"

"It was Vanessa!"

"What the fuck? Vanessa who came to me begging for a job? The same bitch I helped when her son was sick?"

"Girl, I almost pissed my pants when I found out" Kathryn replied in a whisper

"Yeah but how did you find out?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Having a husband that's a police officer do come with it perks"

"I can't believe this shit, after all I've done for that bitch she went and betray me like this.... I'm gonna go see her!"

"Nicole are you sure you're up for this? Remember the babies, you're too far along to take on any added stress"

"Girl these babies were made in stress" I said and we both burst out in laughter.

Kathryn tried to talk me out of confronting Vanessa but I had already made up my mind because I needed to know what was her reason to do something like that to me.

"Okay, if you won't change your mind atleast let me come with you" she said and I quickly agreed. It was better to have her with me than to go alone anyways.

"Does she still live over by Bernard City?" I asked

"Yeah I think so, the last time I checked that was still the address on file"

"Hmmm okay great" I replied

"When were you planning on going over there though? Kathryn asked

"Today...I wanna go there and then go see Alando"

"Okay, how's he doing?"

"He's coming along, the wound is taking a while to heal and because its so so close to his heart, It's a very tedious process. The doctors arent taking any chances so they are keeping him until they think its safe for him to come home"

"Oh wow that's rough, I'm really sorry for everything that you and your family is going through"

I heard the genuine concern in her voice and it warmed my heart. She was a very sincere person that reminded me of Kimone in so many ways and that was one of things that I loved about her.

"I pray he gets well in time to see the babies being born"

"Yeah, that's one of my greatest wish right now" I told her.

We agreed that we would go see Vanessa by midday, that way I would get back in time to go see Alando.

Lillian prayed for me as we sat at the table waiting on Kathryn, she then went and packed food for me to carry on the road for whenever I got hungry.

Kathryn was at my door at 11:50, I knew she would be early as she was always on time. I often wondered how a woman with two kids had a husband managed to have her life and her timing so all together. I was ready to go but not before Kathryn met Lillian and greeted each other briefly.

"I like her" Lillian whispered to me with a huge smile.

"Yeah I know right, I like her too" I giggled as I hugged her and told her goodbye.

The drive to Bernard City was a bit bumpy because the roads were bad. It was my first time travelling to this side of time and I regretted my decision to come. Something about the journey suddenly felt wrong, I felt it in my core.

"What's wrong?" Kathryn asked and I felt the need to tell her of my feeling.

"I just dont think this trip was such a good idea afterall" I told her "let's go back home"

"Go back and we're here?" She asked

I looked and realised that we had stopped and was parked on a street that was filled with run down houses and I immediately got the creeps. The looks of the place reminded me of where and when Alando and I was held hostage.

"Look, her house is right there" Kathryn said as she pointed to the grey house that had Vanessa's car parked in the driveway. But it was the other car that was parked behind hers that drew my attention, I knew that car because it was purchased at the car mart I once worked and I was the one who signed off on the deal. It was Eyan's car but what the hell was he doing at Vanessa's house.

Then the front door opened, Eyan came out with Vanessa quickly in tow behind him and as he opened his car door she grabbed him and they began kissing intimately.

And then it all became clear why she was helping him.

They were in a relationship.

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