Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 68 Kathryn.

"That daughter of a bitch!" Kathryn exclaimed as we both watched everything being unfolded before our eyes. "The bitch has been fucking him all along!" She said again.

I was surprised that Kathryn was using curse words but couldn't say anything because I was more surprised by what I was looking at right now. Eyan drove off and Vanessa stood there waving him goodbye, I wanted to get out this car, grab her and just beat her to a bleeding pulp but the huge tummy that was infront of me told me to just relax myself and sit my ass down.

"I'm going out there, she's gonna have to answer to me" I blurted out

"Nicole, you're way too heavy to be doing this, let me handle it" Kathryn said.

I thought about what she said and something in her statement struck a cord.

"Handle it how?" I asked out of curiosity and to my surprise she too out a gun from her bag.

"Oh my fucking Gosh, what in God's name are you doing with that?"

"You really didn't think that I was gonna come here unarmed now did you?"

I wasn't sure whether to be mad or hug her for having my back, but after thinking about it for a second, I settled for the latter.

"How come I didn't see this crazy side of you before?" I asked and she laughed.

"Because it was never required before" she said as she selected the gun looking like she was ready to create havoc.

"I cant believe you're such a badass...." I said again as I stared her then at the gun. My knowledge of guns were limited, the ones I knew were the ones I saw back when my father used to take me to the shooting range with him. But this pretty little thing that Kathryn had was a brand new 'Glock 43, 9mm Ruger". I recognized it because it was a ladies gun and I always wanted one. I was appreciative of the fact that she looked like she knew what she was doing so it didn't make me uncomfortable.

She got out the car so quickly I had to blink rapidly to make sure I wasn't imagining things, damn this short lady could move.

"You little bitch" I heard her yell out and I could see the shock written all over Vanessa's face.

"What the hell, what are you doing here?"Vanessa asked but Kathryn didnt even bother to answer her.

"You're the most cruel person I've ever known" Kathryn said to her again and boy did Vanessa find the nerve to play dumb, acting like she had no idea what Kathryn was referring to.

"Don't play stupid with me you little slut.... After all that Nicole's done for you, you still had to be a a backstabbing little cunt, how do you sleep at night?"

I had to cover my mouth to prevent myself from laughing out loud. I still couldn't believe that this was my assistant, the vibrant, peaceful, housewife and mom that I've known all these years. Its a good thing I was seeing this with my own two eyes because if someone was to tell me I would not have believed.

"I should just shoot you dead right here, you're such a piece of shit you don't deserve to live"

Kathryn was even more upset than I was and when I heard those words I knew it was time to diffuse the situation. When Vanessa saw me exit the car she looked as if she wanted to run away and never return.

"Okay Kathryn honey I think you should calm down, no need to shoot anyone......... yet" I said and immediately stared at Vanessa who looked like she had just shitted her self.

"I have just only one question Vanessa, WHY?" I said to her. She stood there looking like she was searching for words.

"I'm so sorry" she whispered...

"What exactly are you sorry for?, you knew exactly what you were getting into from the get go" Kathryn sneered before I could even respond.

"She's right..." Vanessa confirmed to my surprise, "I knew everything but......" she paused, which irritated me.

"But what?" I asked...

She took a while before she answered then she mumbled the words...

"I love him"......

"You do what?" Kathryn asked this time the both of us was in shock.

"You're the most evil person I have ever come in contact're awful. You smile with me everyday knowing you meant me harm. I even went as far as got a job for you and this is how you repay me?"

She was about to reply when we heard a vehicle coming behind us. When I turned around it was Eyan's car and my heart skipped a beat instantly as I felt the sudden wave of fear washing over me. Kathryn on the other hand was firm as ever, I wondered how in the world was she able to be so calm at a time like this. Ever since he shot Alando I was afraid of him because that proved to me that he was capable of doing anything. Apparently the fear was evident in my eyes because Kathryn came closer to me and told me that I needed not to be afraid because she would kill him before she allow him to hurt me.

I glanced at her hand that was hidden in her pocket, I knew she was holding the gun and if Eyan was to make a funny move I was certain that he would get it today. So I inhaled and exhaled in an attempt to calm myself down as I watched him getting out of his car.

"Wow, it's a good thing that I had forgotten my phone" he said as he went to stand beside Vanessa.

"What are they doing here and what did you tell them?" He asked her, she shook her head frantically, and with that it became quite obvious that she too was also afraid of him.

"Nothing, I told them nothing" she replied as she kept her eyes on the ground as if she was scared to look at him.

He then turned his attention to Kathryn and I.

"What are you two housewives doing here?" He asked

"We came to see Vanessa" Kathryn replied

"What for?" He asked while folding his arms to his chest as he looked fixedly at us.

"How is that any concern of yours..... is your name Vanessa?" Kathryn asked which made him chuckle.

"Damn Ma, I didnt know you were so fiesty, why didnt you tell me she was do fiesty" he said to Vanessa who this time didn't answer.

"Well now you know" I finally said because his cockiness annoyed me to no end.

"Hey baby mama I see you too, looking like you're about to have twins.... how come you didn't let me get you pregnant .... I know I would've made a great father, better than that bitch ass doctor"

I knew what he was trying to do but I wasn't going to fall for his crap, infact I was gonna show him that I was better at this than he was.

"Thank God I wasn't that stupid" I replied and I watched as the smirk was instantly gone from his face and replaced with what looked like anger. As his countenance changed, I saw Kathryn got even more attentive and alert. My mind flashed back on the day he and the red head held Alando and I hostage and the fear was back again. I had to keep reminding myself that this was a different situation and that he was not going to get the chance to hurt me.

"I thought you were glad that you didn't get her pregnant?" Vanessa said as she realised what he said earlier.

"Shut up bitch!" He gnarled at her and quickly flung her hand from his shoulders. This was definitely a different Eyan, he was nothing like the person I was with. He never yelled at me, well he knew better than to try those things when we were together.

"Are you just gonna allow him to speak to you like that infront of us?" I said to her, the both of them looked at me and I could see that he was wondering what the hell I was doing.

"You deserve better than this, a man who loves a woman would never embarrass her infront of his ex like this, he doesn't love you.... he loves me, always have, always will"

To our surprise, Eyan said nothing he just stood there staring at everything else but me. It was obvious that there was truth to the things I said. Vanessa stared at him, watching his body language and until she was what was so obvious.

"Its true, my god it's true. You don't love me, you never did. She's the one you love. How could I have been so blind, how did I not see it before now?" She said as she wiped the tears that were now streaming down her face. Kathryn watched in a bit of shock as she realised what I had done.

"I should've known better, I should've known that the only reason you chose me was so you could have someone to keep you up to date with Nicole. Someone who would know her daily movements, how could I have been so blind?" She said as she used the palm of her hand to hit herself on the head repeatedly.

"Damn, how did you know to do this and how did you know that this would work?" Kathryn whispered to me

"I don't know, just quick thinking I guess" I replied.

Then vanessa got hysterical shocking the hell out of all three of us. She began screaming and hitting Eyan who was now trying his best to restrain her. He somehow managed to lift her over his shoulder and carried her kicking and screaming into the house which was where things got worse. We could hear the shattering of glass, and the throwing of objects.

"Well, I guess our work here is done let's go" Kathryn said with a smile and we both re entered the vehicle to drove away to go see Alando.

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