Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 69 The walk.

On route to the hospital I began feeling uneasy, I dont know why but there was a sudden heaviness in my belly and the twins were becoming restless.

"Are you okay?" Kathryn asked as she noticed I shifting in my seat in an effort to find comfort.

"I'm not sure, I just feel uneasy, my babies are restless"

"Oh.... try to lie down maybe you'll feel better"

I tried that but I felt worse, laying on my back in the backseat made me feel as if I was falling over. I had to put her handbag under my head as I pillow but that was of no help as the bag was not soft enough. Plus, I wasn't comfortable with putting my head on something that had a gun in it. As I laid there I was suddenly plunged into a world of darkness, it was so dark that I couldn't see anything, but I heard beeping sounds. As I listened closely I realised it was the sound of a hospital monitor and then the darkness got a little lighter and I was able to see someone lying on a hospital bed. In no time I realised it was Alando but the more I tried to walk towards the bed was the further away it went. I decided not to panic but still continued trying to get close to him but the results were the same. The more I tried to reach him the further away he went, then suddenly the beeping stopped and there was a different noise from the machine.

"What the fuck.... did he just flatlined?" I asked outloud and quickly refused to be apart of this vision any longer so I forced myself back to reality. I Laid there in the backseat, noticing that my babies were no longer restless and I wasn't uncomfortable anymore so I got up and stared out the window.

"You feeling better?" Kathryn asked again

"How soon before we get to the hospital, something's wrong with Alando" I said to her calmly.

She looked at me through the rear view mirror and I saw the question in her eyes.

"I feel it.... something is wrong and we have to get there soon" I said to her.

She said nothing, apparently she trusted my instincts and I buckled my seat belt as I felt her driving a bit faster than before. Now it was a race against time as I needed to get to the hospital before this vision came to pass.

As I sat there awaiting Kathryn to get us to the hospital, I closed my eyes and began a conversation with God. Suddenly we were caught in a long line of traffic, it was so sudden it was as if this traffic came out of no where.

"Ohhh why did I take this route?" Kathryn mumbled as she blew her horn trying to get the traffic to move but it was no use, we were at a stand still. I knew something like this would happen because in accordance to the dream no matter how I tried to get to him he would drift further and further away from me and this is apart of it coming to pass. But still I refused to believe, I blocked my mind from accepting it. This vision would not come to pass!

"Damn... it's been almost thirty minutes since we've been stucked here, what in the world is happening up there?" Kathryn said as she tried to looked ahead of the line of cars that was infront of us.

I use my Google maps and saw that the hospital was ten minutes away driving so I tried to work out how long it would take me on foot. I then told Kathryn about my plan to walk the rest of the journey and ofcourse she didnt agree.

"Are you crazy, you're almost right months pregnant, you cant walk the rest of the journey" she said with widened eyes.

"Well..... each step takes me close to the hospital and I'll do that any day than sitting in this damn car and not moving" I said to her as I opened the car door.

"God I hate it when you get so stubborn" she yelled as she hit the steering wheel sounding off the horn in the process.

With my bag clutched closely to my side I began walking, determined that I was gonna get to that hospital by any means necessary. As I walked I could hear Kathryn shouting out my name but I didnt bother looking back as all my attention was now on going forward. I knew she couldn't and wouldn't leave her car in the midst of traffic so I wasn't worried about her coming after me on foot.

After about ten minutes of walking I finally saw what was the cause of the major traffic pile up, there was a major car accident and the road the blocked off. The car was crushed and unrecognizable, it was impossible to think that the occupant or occupants survived. My heart sank t the thought that a family would be in mourning for those who were killed in the crash.

"Miss I'm afraid you can't walk here" an officer said to me as I tried to walk through the yellow tape to get to the other side of the road. Great, even on foot I'm being prevented from reaching my destination. It's like the universe was fighting against me, maybe I was paying for something unforgivable thing that one of my ancestors did because this was just too much I thought as I stood there speechless looking at the police officer wondering what would be my next move.

"But I have to get to the hospital" I said to him and his eyes immediately settled on my stomach.

"Are you in pain?" He asked and without thinking twice, I lied.

"Yes, I am!" I told him. It wasn't a hundred percent lie, I was in pain just not physically.

"Okay, I'll get the ambulance to take you to the hospital he said went over to speak with one of the EMT's who was now looking at me and nodding.

I stood there with my fingers crossed hoping that the results would be in my favor because time was running out although still wasn't giving the vision permission to take over my mind. My phone rang and I froze as I hoped it was not a call from anyone with bad news. After a few deep breaths, I reached inside my bag and took out the phone. I didnt even looked at the caller ID, I just answered.

"Hello....." I said as I waited on the person on the other end to speak.

"Are you okay, where are you?" The person asked and I sighed with relief when I heard Kathryn's voice.

"I'm okay, there's a major accident on the freeway, that's what's causing the traffic build up. Oh and an officer is organising for an ambulance to take me to the hospital"

"Oh okay, that's great news .... just as long as you're okay" she said

"Thanks for being so concerned Kathryn as a matter of fact, thank you for everything that you've done for me"

"Awww don't mention it honey just keep me posted with whatever's happening" she said and we hung up.

I was really grateful for her and the things she did, it is wasn't for her I wouldn't even know that Vanessa was working with Eyan or the fact that they were together. This situation proved to me more than anything that not only could people not be trusted but that Kathryn was a real and loyal one, she was like anothrr version of Kimone in so many ways and I was was blessed enough to have the both of them in my life and on my side.

The EMT came over to to where I was and began asking me some questions. 'How far along, was I, when was I due' all the questions that in my view was of no importance right now.

"Sir. With all due respect, I just really need to get to the hospital like right now" I said to him and he sensed my impatience.

"I know, but as you can see this is an accident scene and there's only one ambulance here right now so I'm just trying to see......."

"What are you trying to see?.... you wanna wait until I'm in labor and my babies come popping out before you take me to the hospital? I'm having twins and they along with everything else inside of me need to get to the hospital right now!" I said to him a bit louder than I wanted to but I was just overwhelmed with worry and very frustrated at this point.

The officer realised that I was upset, came over to where we were and asked what was happening. By this I just couldn't stop the tears from flowing and frankly I didn't want to.

"Just take me to the hospital that's all I ask and nothing more, please just take me to the hospital" I heard the desperation in my voice and I didnt even care.

"Okay, okay... just take her a next ambulance should be here shortly" he said

"Finally... a hreakthrough" I whispered and I couldn't contain my joy.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much" I said as I gave him a hug.

"No problem ma'am, just have a safe journey" he said as he walked with me to the ambulance.

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