Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 7. A bully and a boss

I stood in silence as i watched my mom took her phone out and gave my number to Dr. King who wrote it in his hand and left immediately after

"Dont worry, you'll thank me later" she said as she noticed my annoyance.

"Daaang Mrs L, you're a bully and a boss" Kyle remarked while popping the collars of my mother's blouse.

"Not funny Kyle, You two are rid

iculous you know that?" I said as I headed to the door.

"Where are you going?" My mom asked

"To get a nurse to discharge me so I can get di heck outta here" I replied

"I thought you were gonna stay with Kimone?" She asked with a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

"Naah its kool I got it" Kyle said quickly...

"Thanks bestie.... ummm, sorry about today I said some things that I shouldnt have".....

I had to apologize, I was mad at him for cheating on Kimone but as my mom said everyone needs a second chance and he was one of my best friends.

"Its fine Nicky..... I started it, I was way outta line, so I guess I deserved it"

I smiled....

"I'll be right back" I said and left to find the nurse.

I went to the nurse's station and found Nurse Jenkins looking like a little mouse nibbling on a chocolate cookie, she smiled as she saw me...

"How may I help you" she asked politely

"I'm Nicole Lyons, I fainted this morning and was brought here, I would really love to know if I can go home now"

She knitted her eyebrows as if trying to remember who I was..

"Dr King, room 203, you checked my vitals" I told her trying to jog her memory.

"Oh yes dear, I remember you now... go back to the room I'll be with you in a minute" she said looking over her glasses at me.

I hurriedly walked back to the room, I was careful not to run into Dr. King again, I couldn't risk my heart beating 200 beats per minute at the sight of him, I needed to be calm so I could go home.

The nurse came and checked me, everything was normal and I signed the discharge papers. I decided to let my family know that I was leaving so I peeped up and down the hall and when the coast was clear I made a dash to Kimone's room. In my haste I accidentally flung the door open startling both Kyle and my mom.

"Good heavens child, are you tryna give me a heart attack?" She asked while holding her chest

"Who are you running from?" Kyle asked

"Nobody" i said dismissively

"You're running from Dr King Aren't ya?" Kyle asked while laughing at me.

"I came to tell y'all that I'm going home, I need some sleep, I'm exhausted. I told him hoping it'll change the subject.

"Okay Dear" my mom said and gave me a hug

Kyle followed and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. I walked over to Kimone's bed and gave her kiss on her forehead

"I love you so much, please come back to us" I whispered and I left for home.

The Uber came within 5 minutes and I was really grateful that I didn't have to endure a long wait.

"Can you drive by Ecklebird Street please, theres something that I need to see" i asked the driver while buckling my seatbelt.

"No ma'am, that road is blocked, there was a major accident in that area this morning and they're fixing the damages"

"My friend was in that accident" I whispered.

"Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear that ma'am, is she alright?" He asked sympathetically

"I dont know.... I really dont know" I said fighting back my tears.

"I'm sorry ma'am"

"Its okay, just take me home safely" I told him.

As I reached home, I kicked off my slippers, dashed upstairs and went straight to sleep.

I awoke in complete darkness, it took a minute for my eyes to adjust and for me to realise where I was. I stretched to turn on my bedside lamp and I glimpsed the clock beside me, it was 9:00pm! that meant I slept for 5 hours, wow I was so exhausted. I sat up and looked around for my phone, then I remembered the last time I saw it was when I received that dreadful phone call. I went downstairs turning the lights on as I go along. My phone was exactly where I left it this morning, on the kitchen table.

I sighed as I remembered the day's events and i immediately felt the need for a hot bath. I grabbed the phone and checked my messages, there were several missed calls from an unsaved number but I decided I would find out who it was later when I got settled and so I went back upstairs, placed my phone on the bed headed in the shower.

I stood in the shower and let the warm water work its magic on my body, it felt heavenly. I wish I could wash away all that happened today except one thing or I should say, one person ....The perfect man Dr. King.

His face, his eyes, his voice... wow, everything that i liked about him began to pop in my mind and i felt the tingling in my stomach that made me touch myself, even the thought of him affected me in ways I couldn't understand. As I pleasured myself I imagined that it was his hands touching me in my most intimate areas and in less than 5 minutes I exploded on my own fingers.

"Wow, that was quick, looks like I have a new record" I said to myself.

After my 'quick fix' I washed my hair, Iathered my body in my favorite cherry blossom body wash, brushed my teeth and got out the shower.

I quickly fixed my hair and put on my favorite sleep shirt, It was a Manchester United Jersey that I had received as a gift while in college, it was old and had a few tears and holes here and there but I loved it nonetheless. I didnt feel sleepy so I decided I would read something until I was ready for bed. 'What should I pick'? I thought to myself as I went over to my book collection. I was about to choose a book when i heard the doorbell. I paused, "now who could that be at this time of the night" and my thoughts were instantly on my mother

'Ding Dong' the doorbell rang again

'I'm coming' I said as I ran towards the door a little too quickly and stubbed my foot on a chair...

"Oh damn it" I yelped in pain.

"Ding Dong" the doorbell rang again

"Hold on.... I'm right here...... heyyyy Mom what are you..........." i froze, it wasn't my mom it was Dr.King

"Holy shit!!"

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