Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 70. Awake.

The drive to the hospital was long, too long as far as I was concerned. I checked the time on my phone religiously, and although it took us eight minutes to get the hospital to me it felt like forever. The EMT who drove with me, tried his best to keep me calm for the journey by telling me his name was Marlon, he was married with six children (three sets of twins) and that he was a former comedian. I clung to his every word as I needed something to distract me and keep my mind off what was waiting ahead. Ofcourse it didn't work in entirety but I tried my best to be calm and focus on what he was saying.

When I felt the ambulance come to a stop and I looked out and saw that we were finally at the hospital I hastily got up and tried to open the door.

"Wait..... wait.... you cant get out just yet you have to let me unplug the monitor cords first" he called out after me.

It was then that I remembered that I was hooked up to the machine because he was adamant on keeping a check on my vitals enroute to the hospital. He disconnected me, I told him a huge thank you and bolted inside the hospital.

As I entered, I began praying and I was relentless with my words...

"I speak life into him, I speak life into his body and I speak life into this situation. Alando King you will not be taken from me" I repeated over and over again. I didn't even bother stopping at the nurses station I just slowly walked to his room.

Before I opened the door, I repeated the words again.....

"I speak life into him, I speak life into his body and I speak life into this situation. Alando King you will not be taken from me"

but when I finally gathered the strength to open the door, my heart stopped....

The bed was empty

When I woke up from what felt like a very long sleep and I heard the beeping sounds, I knew exactly where I was. The hospital and connected to a monitor.
"Oh fuck, not again" I thought to myself. I pinched my hand just to be sure that I wasn't dreaming or having a foresight. Then the unthinkable happened, I touched my stomach and it was flat, my babies were gone. Then out of no where , I was hit with a world of pain, pain in my belly, my back .. hell I was aching all over. I wanted to scream but somehow I was too weak to even speak, what the hell was happening to me?
The beeps on the monitor got faster and out of nowhere a nurse appeared in my room.
"Miss Lyons, what's wrong?" She asked as she tried to calm me down
"My babies, where are my babies..... I want my babies " I screamed
"Miss Lyons, Miss Lyons please you need to calm down. Your vitals are going through the roof at this rate you might get a stroke"
I don't know if she thought that saying those things would calm me down but it made things worse. I was hysterical!
The thought that I didnt have my babies just make me super upset. The poot nurse was clearly out of options as the next thing I knew, I was being injected with something and after about five minutes, I could my body being forced to calm down and there was nothing I could do and then darkness.

Different voices invaded my sleep, it was all groggy at first but as I layed there listening, everything became clearer and the grogginess from my mind faded away.
There was my mother's distinctive voice, she was so calm and that was her most spectacular trait, she had the ability to be calm in every situation no matter how bad it was.
Then there was the well spoken voice that belonged to Mrs King, the way how she formed her letters when she spoke was unmistakable and then there was that luscious scent of her fragrance that was able to do wonders, even now when I was no longer pregnant it still was able to give me a calming vibe.
The other voice belonged to Kyle, I knew because of the coarseness that was unmatched and last but not least, was the voice of my best friend. She was not saying much only a few yeah's and no's every now and again.
I opened my eyes, turned my head and when I did everybody in the room was suddenly at my side.
"I'll go get the doctor" Mrs King said and immediately left the room.
Everybody was talking to me at once and I was hella confused, I tried to speak but my throat was so dry, I had me feeling like I needed a gallon of water. I held my hand up in an effort to get their attention and luckily for me that did the trick, they went silent.
"One at a time please" I found myself saying and my mother was the first to speak.
"Honey how are you feeling?" She asked
"Tired and thirsty" I replied.... "Where are my babies?" I asked as I wasn't interested in anything else.

But just as Kimone was about to answer the door opened. There was a difference in everyone's demeanor as the person walked in but I didn't bother to look because I wasn't interested in seeing a doctor right now all I wanted were my babies.
But then the person spoke and my mind went blank.
I wiggled my toes and fiddled my fingers trying to prove to myself that I wasn't sleeping or having a foresight. Then he spoke again, this time he called me by my name but I still couldn't will myself to look in the direction that the voice was coming from.
"Nicole ... look at me baby" he said but still I refused.
"Why won't you look, don't you want to see me" the voice asked
"This is a dream, I just know it, I am dreaming. But I dont want to wake up because if I do you'll be gone"
"No baby, I'll still be here" he said, he then touched my feet and instantly the electricity that I felt the first time he touched me burst through my body and I froze. It was then that I knew he was for real and that this wasn't a vision. I turned my head in his direction and slowly opened my eyes and there he was.
My love, my heart, my everything was out of the hospital bed and standing infront of me. I was at a loss for words, how was this possible? When and how did he get better, how long was I out for and most importantly, where were my babies? I had so many questions that needed answers but for now I would take comfort in the fact that he was alive and here with me.
"Why are you not talking to me?" He asked as I tried to swallow but there was nothing in my mouth.
"How are you alive?" I asked and as soon as
the question left my mouth everyone looked at me like I was crazy.
"What do you mean by that, was I supposed to die?"
"But.....I saw you..... I saw you die" I said
"What is she talking about?" I heard Kyle asking but no one answered. By this Alando walked up to me, looked my hand and kissed it.
"Baby, I dont know what you saw in your vision but I am here, I am alive.... feel my heart baby" he said and placed my hand on his chest.
"Buboom, buboom, buboom" was the rhythm that his heart beated against his chest and my fingers. I could also feel the wound under his shirt and that was enough to send me into a bawling escapade when my mind flashed back on everything, especially the fact that I lost the babies.
"I'm sorry Alando I know how much you needed the babies but I dont know what happened" I told him as I wiped the tears away from my eyes. They were still looking at me like I was crazy, this time was worse than before because now his mother was also in the room.
"How long has she been unconscious?" Mrs king asked and I almost choked when I heard Kimone say one week.
"What?! my babies have been dead for a week and I didn't even get to see them!"
"Wait.....what, I'm confused.....why would you think the babies are dead?" Alando asked as he now sat on the bed with me.
I stared at him, now I was confused more than before.
"Nicole, the babies are fine, a bit premature but they're doing good. We made a decision to take them via emergency c section because you were unconscious"
I allowed his words to soak into my spirit and I could feel the weight being lifted off me.
''My babies are okay and Alando is okay''. I lifted my eyes to the heavens and whispered a prayer of thanksgiving in my mind
His mother came and hugged me,
"Its good to have you back my love" she said
"Its good to be back" I replied "even though I'm so messy right now, I need to get cleaned up so I can go see my babies" I said to her and both her and my mother nodded.
"Well, that's my cue to leave" Kyle said as he reached over and kissed my cheek. "Thank you for coming back to us" he said and I smiled then Kimone came over and did the same thing, then told me she was gonna get something to eat because she haven't had a decent meal since I've been admitted and I thanked her for being by my side through everything.
My mom, Alando and Mrs King all stayed and got me cleaned up. Ofcourse Mrs King brought my very own personal care cosmetics and had me smelling and feeling like a million bucks in no time.
After the doctor came checked and cleared me I prepared myself to go see my babies. Physically, I was clean and ready but mentally I was a mess. I just found out that I was in a coma for a week, Alando and my babies were alive. I had to now process so many things and it was a bit exhausting but I willed myself to be strong enough to this, I needed to see them.
Upon entering the nursery, we had to wash our hands and put on the proper gears, my mother more than us. I was so nervous I had to hold on to my mom's hand as I walked by the incubators. Alando led the way and it warmed my heart as I watched him as he walked with so much pride. There was excitement in his every step.
And then he stopped at the last incubator on the left, it was the biggest and prettiest one too. It was decorated with pink and blue balloons and there were lots of presents placed on a table next to it.
"Who sent the presents?" I asked my mom
"Lots of people, your friends, Alando's friends, his coworkers a whole bunch a people that we dont know"
"Wow" I said as I admired the table.
Then I finally came to the incubator that housed my babies

And what I saw literally took my breath away......

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