Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 71 The risk.

Their tiny little green eyes were the first things that greeted me as I walked up to the incubator. I stared at then in awe, refusing to believe that these precious beings were made inside me. Then my mind rushed back to day I found out that I was pregnant and from there the memories flowed. The times I vomited, the time I first heard their heartbeats on the ultrasound, to every time they would decide to play football inside me and last but not least, everytime I got stressed and placed them in danger. Every pain I ever felt, everything I had been through was needed to bring me to this point. It have to admit it was rough going through them but now I realised that I needed to go through those things so I could appreciate this moment more. Standing here, looking at them with their father and grandmother next to me proved that it was all worth it.

The babies were the exact replica of Alando, I saw nothing that bore any resemblance of me which I didnt mind. From the shape of their mouths, their noses and their green eyes all belonged to their father, it was as if he was their only parent.

I placed my hands in the huge hole that was in the incubator so I could hold my daughter, I knew it was her because she had on a cute little pink top with the words "Mommy's BFFF" written on it. I remembered when Mrs King and I was out shopping for baby stuff and I bought this little number. As I held her in my arms, I wished I could hold her without the gloves because I wanted to hold her up close to my heart, kiss her and tell her how much I loved her. But I knew that it would be done all in due time. She stared at me while I played with her tiny fingers and I knew I wasn't imagining things when I saw her gave me the cutest little smile ever and I smiled right back at her.

"Did you see that?" I asked my mom and Alando and they both said yes. The nursery was abuzz with so much love, you could almost touch it.

I carefully placed her down and then took up my son.

"My son" I whispered as I held him, he was almost falling asleep but when he felt my touch he opened his eyes and he too stared at me.

"My heart is bursting with so much joy right now" I said as I admired the most handsome little boy I have ever seen in the whole world. I placed him down and turned around to face Alando who was admiring how I was with them.

"Thank you so much for these beautiful babies" I said as I held his face between my hands and gave him an intimate kiss. As our lips touched, it was hard to ignore the ever present electricity that we had and everything within me felt renewed.

I was a new woman, I had a new purpose, I was mother to two beautiful babies and soon to be wife to the man of my dreams.

"Thank you God for this wonderful life" I whispered as I hugged Alando close to me. I was about to kiss him again when I heard Kathryn's voice calling out my name.

"Oh my God, you're finally awake" she said as she came and embraced me.

"Hey hon, it's so good to see you" I said as I was truly grateful to see her and I hadn't forgotten all the things that she had done for me.

We spoke for a little while then something told me to ask her if she had seen or heard from Vanessa since we confronted her.

She wrinkled her face and gave me a weird look...

"What?" I asked out of curiosity

"Haven't you heard?" She asked me...

"Heard what?" I asked

"Didnt you tell her?" She asked again this time she was looking at Alando

"No... she just woke up, furthermore that is of no importance" he said angrily.

I looked at the both of them, then to my mother who was standing at the side not willing to be apart of the conversation.

"Tell me what?..... what happened?" I asked

"It's Eyan, the accident that cause the traffic build up when you were racing to get to the hospital.....he was the victim" she said softly....

"What?!!..... but that's not possible.... how could he be in that accident when we left him at the house fighting with Vanessa" I said in disbelief.

"Apparently he rushed out the house shortly after we left, he was chasing after us to beg you forgiveness. He took the other route, was going too fast and his back tyres blew out, sending him crashing into a wall."

"Oh my God, oh my God, I said as I covered my mouth to stop myself from crying out

"I'm sorry, I thought you knew" she said softly.

"That son of a bitch deserved that and so much more, and if I had my way he would never be in this hospital on the life support machine that I bought because he would be left to die just like he did me" Alando growled from behind me.

I spun around and stared at him.....

"So he's not dead?" I asked

"No, the bastard's not dead yet" Alando replied

"How can you say that, he's still a human being" I shouted at him

Alando stared at me like wanted to pop my head from my body.

"What the fuck did you just say to me?" He asked

"He's still human stop being so heartless" and instantly his mouth dropped open.

"You know what Nicole... Fuck you and him! That son of a bitch shot me. I almost lost my damn life because of his cruelties or have you forgotten?" He said

"I'm not arguing with you over this Alando, Kathryn do you know what room he's in?" I asked and I saw Alando's green eyes got pitch dark with anger.

"I swear on my life that if you walk out this door to go see that man, it's over between us. Over! Plus I will take my children and move to another country so you will never see them again!" He said loudly awaking a couple of babies

The nurse came and stopped dead in her tracks as she apparently felt the high tension that was in the room. My mother said nothing but I saw the disapproval in her eyes.

"Umm Dr. King, could you and yours please tone it down? You are disturbing the babies" the nurse said to him with her voice trembling and filled with fear.

"Okay Veronica, we will keep it down" he replied without taking his eyes off me.

Kathryn held my hand and dragged it to get my attention.

"I wouldn't advise you to go see him either, he's messed up real bad and remember everything he put you and your family through, he almost killed your fiance, the father of your beautiful children. Think about it, he doesn't deserve a visit from you" she said.

I walked back to my children's incubator, they were both now asleep but I stood there and stared at them as I processed everything that had just happened. I understood everything that Alando and Kathryn said, and honestly I didn't even blame Alando for giving me his harsh ultimatum but in my mind, I needed to see Eyan. I couldn't explain it but it was something that I felt I needed to do. But the question was how was I going to do it?

Was I willing to risk my relationship, my family and my children for a man who has been nothing but a pain in my heart since the day I met him?

Was I willing to risk it all?

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