Changing Lanes

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Chapter 1

The trunk of the small worn out car slams shut and the rain slides down it’s body in seconds, her hands shaking and wet she turns to the woman next to her. “Everything has been arranged, I made sure of it” the melodic voice rings, a voice she knows she won’t be hearing for a while. The woman grabs her in a tight embrace and she can feel her heart breaking.

“Go and live my Darling, never look back.”

A loud knock has Avery awake in seconds, before she could dwell on the dream she had just had she looks out of her window groggily and almost jumps out of her seat when she sees the many cars in the once empty parking lot when she got here.

“You have to do this.” She’s been telling herself that since she got here, with a sigh she checks herself in the mirror and discard the jacket that had turned into a make shift blanket for the night to the side. She gets out of the car to make her way to the admissions office of the university, hopefully she’ll be able to sleep in her dorm room tonight.

The office is eerily quiet when she steps in and a small woman with grey hair and big black glasses look at her when she closes the glass door “May I help you Miss?”

“Hi, I’m a transfer student and I just need to get all my paperwork sorted so-“ Avery starts to explain but the small woman interrupts her with a smile.

“Yes off course you’re the young lady Chancellor Collins has advised me about, Miss Lane I presume? Come closer dear I won’t bite” Avery gives her a small smile and gestures for her to come closer while she rummages through a stack of papers.

“A here you are, directions to your dorm is on the first page, make sure to just give it to reception when you get there and they’ll give you your key. Your classes are in these files and I included a small study pack with things like directions and numbers for you too, that way you’ll settle in quicker. Chancellor Collins wants to meet with you during the week so be sure to drop by here again during the week so I can pen you in, if you need anything just let me know, alright honey?”

The little woman is fierce at her job that’s for sure, but in a way she reminds her of Bessie back home, both small woman with iron hands and warm hearts. Avery gives her a small smile “Thank you, I’ll see you later in the week then.”

Avery makes her way back to her car and scan the directions to the dorms quickly before pulling out of the parking and making her way there. Without much trouble she finds the dorms and follow the signs to reception where a girl is writing on a large whiteboard behind a desk.

“Hi, I’m a transfer student and was told to get my keys to my dorm room here?” Avery speaks softly, trying not to give the girl a heart attack. The blonde turns around with a smile and sits down at the desk with a nod.

“No problem! Welcome to your new home! You can just give me that slip of yours so I can check which room you’re in.”

Avery hands her the paper with a smile and wait as the girl opens a file, trails her finger down a paper inside and taps it before taking out a key “Right Avery, you are in room 204, follow me and I’ll show you.”

She follows silently behind the girl as she talks about important dates and rules of the dorm, Avery tries to listen but the nerves are getting the best of her and she’s not sure how she follows her yet alone listens to her-

“And most importantly no boys are allowed in the rooms. Okay, this is you.” The girl pulls her out of her reverie and knocks on a door, a small ‘come in’ could be heard to which the girl opens the door and gestures for Avery to go inside.

“Blake this is your new roommate, Avery. Okay girls have fun and Avery, if you have any trouble just come down to me okay?” the girl gives her a smile and walks out the door.

Avery feels relief flood her when a normal looking girl lying on a bright pink bed smiles at her, okay she looks normal enough, she thinks to herself. “Hi! It’s nice to meet you Avery, as you heard my names Blake, I know I’m talkative but the perk to our room is a bathroom! Remember that when you want to transfer.” The blond girl jumps up from her bed with a huge grin on her face and grabs Avery’s hand in a shake “I’m just joking with you, I’m not that talkative but we do have our own bathroom”

The girl’s sense of humour is refreshing to Avery and she gives a small chuckle as she shakes her hand “I’m quiet so you can make up for both of us, as you heard I’m Avery nice to meet you.”

“Can I help you go get your stuff from your car?” Blake smiles and Avery feels the nerves returning at a fast pace.

“Actually this all I brought with me.” Avery says as she looks down at her duffel bag and backpack.

“Woah light packer then!” Blake grins as she takes her seat on her pink bed again, Avery smiles at her while quickly taking out a few books and clothes that was in her said duffel bag.

“Not really, I actually… Well this is a clean slate for me so I need to get everything still.” Avery smiles at her, eyeing the shower “I think I’ll take a shower and head to the shops to get what I need. You’re more than welcome if you want to join me as my tour guide…”

Blake grins at the idea and nods “That sounds fun! Yeah sure but I must warn you I come at a lunch fee.”

Avery chuckles “Deal, I happen to like lunch too.” She’s not sure why but she feels comfortable with Blake, thankfully. Without much talking she gets some clothes and makes her way to the bathroom. When the hot water touches her body in the showers she gives a deep sigh and hear the words again

“Go and live my Darling, never look back.”

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