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Zachary Williams, had everything popularity, girls hanging around all the time, lots of money and friendly parents, until they died in an accident and he lost it all. Only things that remained were his siblings and the billions his parents made. After an year he was the cold hearted guy with nothing but stone cold glare. Zeal sparks was the complete opposite if you put it that way, she was smart, beautiful, witty, sassy, sarcastic, funny and a badass who literally had the ability to kick any guy's ass. When zeal shifts from her old school and country to the Hill Academy, she decides turns the world of Zac and his siblings upside down. With Zac's persistent glares and introvert nature, zeal knew it won't be easy, but she wasn't named Zeal for giving up.

Romance / Mystery
asmita abuwani
Age Rating:



“Guys let’s take a break. I really need to catch my breath” I yelled to my other friends who go kindergarten with me. It was summer break and I was planning on making the best of it by eating my favorite cookies and drinking lots of amazing milkshake my mom makes.

“Hey Zac! Can I have one of those cookies please” my best friend Warner begged. Though we were in kindergarten we are taught to behave like we are older than we look like in front of our elders. But we were the normal kids after all, and we behaved like one when the elders are not around.

“You already know Warner, I don’t share” I said hiding my pack of happiness from him and holding it for dear life.

“Fine! We are not best friends anymore!’ he said and stomped away like he always do when I deny sharing. I didn’t bother running after him, at least not when I know he will be there at the tree after he eats something, and we become friends again with everything long forgotten.

‘The Tree’ I said and started going towards my heaven. It was the only place where I was alone with no annoying kids around.

I was about to sit when I heard a hiss coming from the other side of the tree, I walked around the tree to find this cute, short girl with fiery red hair sitting with her head bowed down. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her, she looked so fragile and was crying.

Wait crying!

After I realized she was crying, I was angry beyond compare. I looked around but found no one who could potentially hurt this angel. Angel! Yea she was definitely angel. Now I know what my mommy used to say about me meeting my angel some day.

I’m so happy I met my angel so early, ill protect her and keep her with me all the time. I will never let her go.

I was brought out of my angel dreams when I heard her hiss again “hey! Are you alright? What’s wrong? Why are you cryin..’ I stopped when I saw her brown eyes turn to me. She eyes the same color of my favorite cookies, she is my cookie.

‘I was running around when I scratched my knee’ she said looking at me with her teary eyes. I really wanted to say just one word ‘aww’ and pinch her huge chubby cheeks, and kiss it too.

‘Don’t cry, it will be alright. I broke my ankle once when I was climbing this tree, but she I’m alright now’ I said giving her my megawatt smile. She watched me for few seconds and started laughing. She really was angel, her laughter was sweeter than the cookies.

‘Ha-ha, you look funny with your front tooth missing’ she said still giggling, which brought me out of my thoughts and I stopped smiling. Her cookie eyes had no tears in them, and I was more than happy to know.

‘Do you like cookie? I have few with me, they are my favorite though. I also have my favorite milkshake’ I said. I never shared before but with her it was different.

‘Sure, I love cookies’ she said, I can actually see hearts in her eyes when she said that.

We ate cookies and drank complete milkshake, I even gave her my napkin to wipe her face. I felt this very giddy feeling when she looked at me. My time with her was awesome. We talked about our favorite games, school and best friends.

She had no best friend and I immediately signed up to become one when she said. I was about to ask her to join me and my parents at home today, I know they will be delighted to know that I shared my snacks with someone, that’s when Warner came called me from the ground ‘ Zac! Come lets go, your parents are searching for you’ he said almost reaching the tree.

I didn’t want to share my angel with anyone, so I asked him to go and assuring him that i'll join him soon, I turned to my angel.

But she was not there, only thing that was left was a small piece of cloth that had torn away when she scratched her leg. I turned to our tree…yea Our Tree, this tree will always remind me of her. With this huge smile on my face, I moved towards my house, I really wanted to share everything with my mom and ask her to meet my angel soon.

When I reached my house the full smile on my face was gone instantly when a thought occurred to me that….

I don’t know my angel’s name!

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