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Romance / Scifi
Lei André
Work in progress
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{ The Crow & The Girl }

Tired of the relentless scrutiny from his old town, Ciaràn Byrne thought being sent across the world and into a small town like “Mundane” (Mont Dane) Falls, USA would mark a new start for him and his sister. To be normal for a change.

However, little by little he finds that the sleepy little town was just a facade to hide secrets almost a century old. Secrets that were tied to his birth. Secrets that could change everything he knew and believed in.


The more he tries to run away from her, the more he finds himself deeper into uncovering the truth and freeing her. But to save her means facing the enemy and find others like him. To find them means facing his own fears and embracing who he truly is.

What you’re about to read is a story I had played around with during my third year in college. It’s started as a story line for a graphic novel I planned to make for my thesis until I decided to postpone it in favor for another project.

I know it’s not much but I hope you give this novel a try. I’m still debating whether I should continue or not so...

Anyways, I would love to hear what you say. Comment, like, share (the possibilities are endless!)

If you haven’t read my other novel, “DITCH” I invite you to do so! :)

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