Romance Themes Challenge: Taylor and Eric

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Eric from time force and Taylor from wild force get together and start a relationship that has its ups and downs but they get through it because of their love

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Joselin Hernandez
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Chapter 1: Friends

Taylor's POV

Friends, now there is something I am not good at. They just seem to annoy me. I don't need people to look out for me I can handle any situation by myself; I was in the Air Force! Well at least that's how I used to feel; now it's all changing. I know that I don't have to be string all of the time and when I do need someone I know that my team will be there. I still don't trust people all of the time but my friends, my teammates, my adopted very interesting family will all be there to help me. I know that they can sense a change in my personality but it is not a bad thing.

I was really starting to not be such a hard ass but then in waltzes Eric 'Quantum Ranger' Myers. That man just knows how to push my buttons. There is just something about him that makes me want to punch something. After he gave me that speeding ticket I never thought that I would see him again but then there he is fighting the what we now know were 'Mutorgs' and that insufferable know it all had the never to tell me to "Leave the fighting to the 'big boys'" after we saved him and everything. He made me so mad but to me it was also oddly attractive. Most guys that I have been with don't last long because I am to brash and bold for them to handle; so when later that day when Max teased me about likening the Quantum Ranger he was not far off. As the day went on he showed many different sides of himself to me and I discovered that we had more in common than I thought. He and I both had issues with friendships and trusting people because of our crappy home lives growing up and we both have a background in the military/police fields.

After we defeated the Mutorgs while the team was having a picnic I was trying to read but my mind kept drifting to a certain very attractive time force ranger that gave me a ticket a few days ago. Then he comes up behind me and takes my book in a display of his childish fun side that I am glad I got to see. And while I am chasing him I can't help but wonder if we are friends. Friends yeah that sounds good even if I want more from him I can handle being friends, for now.

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