Music of the Heart

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"W-what are you doing?" I couldn't help the stammer in my voice or the blush that crept to my face. "What does it look like I'm doing?" What's a guy to do when the very singer he's been crushing on starts attending his school? Try to hide, of course. But what happens when said singer starts after him and has plans of his own? Pray that it isn't a dream.

Romance / Humor
S.M. Allen
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Chapter 1

The music coming from my phone was somewhat soothing but the boy singing the song held all my attention. Light blonde hair streaked with black was short minus the bangs that fell over his eyes, eyes as blue as the sea that never ended. His was captivating, a vessel that could hypnotize you just like a siren’s voice. Derek Trace was the one person, even famous, that most of the time held my attention. A lot of the time I always just watched his videos and followed him on instagram. He was one popular guy and even out ranked that Justin guy. If you were to ask every girl in my school they would swoon and giggle as they talked about Derek. Watching him rip off his shirt in the music video was hot. His abs were clearly real and he seemed nicely toned, not buffed out like most guys. It was something you just couldn't-

“Nii chan you're face is flushed.” I jumped at the sound of my sister's voice from next to me and almost dropped my phone.

“Jesus Rider, you could've spoken up a little sooner.” She shrugged and looked at my phone before smiling.

“I haven't seen you this flushed over something since you discovered volleyball.” I sighed and put my phone away.

“What can I say, he looks good.” Rider chuckled which made me smile. We were only a year apart but she understood me. We both have same green eyes and dishwater blonde hair but because she was tired of people making fun of her for being a ‘killers look alike’ she dyed it a fiery red. That definitely made them shut up. I couldn't help but laugh.

We grabbed our books from our lockers just as girls were screaming in excitement. We looked at each other in confusion before looking down the hall to our right, seeing a bunch of girls and guys surrounding someone. My eyes widened when I seen the blonde hair with a black streak.

“Holy shit.” my mouth dropped open as Derek fucking Trace stood in the middle of a group mob right down the hall from us. I didn't know what to think except, what the hell was the hot singer doing here at our school.

“Dude, you're drooling.” I wiped my mouth but frowned when I noticed my face was dry. I glared at Carl as he laughed and punched him in the arm. Rider shook her head and sighed.

“I think we should set off before the bell rings and people panic as they rush to first class.” I nodded and gave one last glance at Derek before blushing as we locked eyes. I felt like a deer in headlights and I knew by the intense look he was giving me there was something he either liked or hated but I couldn't tell which. I turned away and set off to first period with my sister and best friend.

I sat there looking out the window as the class waited for Mr. Ashton, our math teacher. I think he hated teaching because the moment he came in we did a little bit of work then he basically stayed on his phone the rest of the class. No one really understood why he even taught but hey, if you were getting paid good money you'd stay at a job you probably hated too.

My mind was reeling from seeing Derek earlier. Why was someone like him here? I just didn't get it. And why the hell did he look so intense? He probably seen Rider and wanted her. It wouldn't have surprised me since most guys think she's straight. Growing up as gay siblings we always seemed to stick to each other so when we have a relationship problem, we always went to the other for help. The only problem about my thinking was, he had been staring at me with those ocean blue eyes and not at her, and I couldn't really find a reason for my excuse.

A tapping on my desk had me looking up and the moment I did I felt frozen on the spot. Derek was looking at me with a smirk on his face as he pointed to the empty seat next to me.

“Can I sit here?” I nodded not being able to say anything which made him chuckle as he sat down. I felt my face heat up so I looked back out the window and wished for a damn distraction. His presence didn't go unnoticed by me and just looking out of the corner of my eye I could see everyone whispering and watching us. The whole school knew I was gay and yet the fact that I was turning away from some pop star instead on fangirling over him was making them think I was either not feeling well or just wasn't interested in him. Hell, for all I knew they probably thought I hated him. I seen a hand out stretched towards me and I looked at it before looking at the person it belonged to.

“I'm Derek.” He smiled that heart stopping smile and it took all my will power not to drop dead. I swallowed hard and shook his hand.

“I'm Genesis.” I went to take my hand back but he held onto it.

“Its nice to meet you.” I nodded and stared at our hands. He finally let go and the door opened revealing Mr. Ashton himself. He looked like hell ran him over a few times before driving off. His hair was a mess and he looked pale as fuck.

He was definitely drunk. Mr. Ashton stumbled to his desk and started grumbling. I looked down at Rider with a raised brow but she just shrugged and looked back at the teacher.

“Is he always like that?” Derek asked in a whisper. I shook my head. This was definitely not a good start to the new kid's first day. Rider got up and I watched as she slowly approached Mr. Ashton as he fell on the floor when he missed the chair. A couple of kids laughed but one glare from me had them shutting up. That was the perk of being respected and co captain of the volleyball team. I turned my attention back to my sister as she quietly talked to the teacher. I seen him nod his head and shake it. Rider motioned me over and I got up. I felt his eyes on me as I made my way over to Rider and the teacher.

“What's wrong?” I asked Rider. She sighed and looked at the teacher, who seemed paler up close and he could barely keep his eyes open. His breathing seemed to be slowly down as well which I knew wasn't a good thing.

“I need you to go and tell the principal that Mr. Ashton is badly sick, more than likely he has something major going on. I'm going to call the ambulance.” I nodded and went to turn around only to bump into a hard chest. I rubbed my face and looked up to see Mr. Six foot standing there looking concerned.

“Everything okay?” Rider shook her head as she kept her fingers on Mr. Ashton's wrists and pulled out her cell phone.

“Look I'm calling now. It's just getting worse. You two get going.” I nodded and pulled on Derek's wrist, pulling him out the door and down the hall towards the principal's office while explaining the situation. Today has so far been fucked up.

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