The Edge of Eighteen

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Romance / Drama
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1| Never Going Back


The glass cracked as the windshield imploded. Flecks of hot glass shot through the air and showered over me as we ploughed straight through the guard rail. The car engine roared as it left the wet tarmac behind.

Without warning, the sky was not just above me, but all around and then the world went still, with a silence I couldn't measure in minutes or seconds as it seemed to last forever. My body was suddenly jolted with such a force that the air was instantly crushed out of my lungs as the seat-belt locked into place.

The last thing I heard was the snap of bone and the sickening thud of your head as it hit the steering wheel. The last thing I saw was you. I counted your freckles, it was the only thing I could do.

I already knew exactly how many you had, just one. The same as the number of red lights you had just run through.

I knew in an instant you were probably dead.

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