The Edge of Eighteen

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Anna has a secret and a set of rules that keep her safe. Asher is the perfect mix of handsome, fun and flirty. But one confession later and Asher challenges Anna's most important rule and the trajectory of all of their lives is permanently changed ... and her rules ... what rules? Now there can only ever be consequences. Full description: Things have been different for Anna and her younger brother Jeremy ever since their father returned home a war veteran. The father they knew is gone and the man that came home; doesn't seem to like them much anymore. When their family unit falls apart, the siblings are forced to separate and Anna moves with her father to a new town, where she learns the hard way that, whilst war can make heroes, it can also create monsters. Anna meets twins Asher and Alyssa during summer break, before the start of their senior year. Asher is a perfectionist but Anna's life is far from perfect. She's developed rules, rules that keep her safe, rules the twins would never understand. But one confession later and Asher challenges Anna's most important rule and the trajectory of all of their lives is permanently changed ... and her rules ... what rules? Now there can only ever be consequences. Mature family themes/Mildly offensive language. Copyright 2019 Sarah3534

Romance / Drama
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1| Descents Into Hell


The glass cracked as the windshield imploded. Blistering shards of glass showered over me as we ploughed straight through the guard rail.

Without warning, the sky was not just above me, but all around. Then the world went still, with a silence I couldn’t measure in minutes or seconds as it seemed to last forever. My body jolted as the seat-belt locked into place, crushing the air from my lungs.

The last sound was the snap of bone and the sickening thud of your head hitting the steering wheel. The last thing I saw was you. I counted your freckles. You had one, the same as the number of red lights you’d just ran through.

I knew in an instant you were probably dead.

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