Swept Me Off My Feet

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I can't imagine that I ended up here. I fell into a 12ft deep pit in the middle of a forest. I don't know whether I'm gonna survive this. Damn! Gwyneth Froster is a famous filmmaker in Hollywood. The past four years have not been so good to her. She lost her father, friendship and her first love. The only thing she had is her career and her friend Darwin. Her life had gotten more and more terrible but atleast she had met him. A handsome mean guy who swept her off of her feet.

Romance / Thriller
Hema Rajthilak
Age Rating:

1. Welcome to Sea-Tac Airport

Gwyneth POV

I can't imagine that I ended up here. I fell into a 12ft deep pit in the middle of a forest. I don't know whether I'm gonna survive this. I shouldn't have skipped the survivor show that was playing on my TV last night. Damn!

"Help....Help! Can anybody hear me?" I screamed.

*Growling sound from the nearby bush*

"Oh shit, don't be a scary animal" I muttered.

Few weeks ago,

"Do I really need bodyguards right now? I mean I'm just going for a family dinner in Seattle. I don't think anything is going to happen to me there" said I.

Darwin, my manager/best friend said "I can't believe what you are telling me now after having an encounter with the creepy stalker earlier this week and you're still cool with that? He almost shot you".

I rolled my eyes, "Well he missed. I'm still here... Alive... And those bodyguards you're suggesting me are kind of creeping me out".

He shook his head and opened the door of my SUV.

I sighed, "See that thing happened here in Los Angeles but now I'm going to Seattle. It's just a two and a half hour journey. I'll be back soon after attending the Art Gala. Don't say you've developed a soft corner for me before your wedding".

I chuckled. We both did. "Very funny Gwyn. I'm scared because you are going there by yourself. I'm sorry I was held up with the wedding arrangements. Be safe. Take care of yourself" he said.

Darwin is actually my best friend's boyfriend. Not really, my ex best friend's ex boyfriend. It's a mess I know. Let's not think about that. He gave me warm hug and whispered in my ears, "Don't forget, you promised me to bring a date to my wedding". I nodded.

I got in the first class coach and made myself comfortable. I started reading the scripts that Darwin handed me this evening. Those scripts got really interesting. I rarely took my sight out of the papers. I think Marvin has plenty of chances to be my screenplay writer for my movies in the future. It was about a boy who did something terrible and ends up in jail. The story was really boring in the beginning, with the boy having a huge crush in his high school, trying to impress her but he stayed invisible to her as always. Teenage stuff blah blah... But the story presented a little twist after he killed someone. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sea-Tac Airport. Local time is 11 pm and the temperature is 9°c...Have a nice night" said the announcement.


Hi everyone. I hope you like it. I promise you I'll update one chapter twice a day. I want you to imagine yourself as Gwyneth Froster or you can imagine any celebrity you like for any characters.

Taylor swift as Gwyneth Froster

Robert Amell as Darwin Hudson

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