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Loving The Weinburg's Princess| snipers series:2

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She watched him as he danced with the cheerleading girl, they were laughing while she controlled her tears. He calls her princess but he is dancing with someone else. She sat in the corner in her torn jeans, white T-shirt and braces. It was his and her brother's high school graduation party. She couldn't take her eyes away from him, he was and is her first crush and feelings on him grew day by day but he treats her as a kid. "Aren't you going to join us butki?" She heard Nikolai's voice. "Nah, I'm not intrested in your party." she replied as she felt a huge pain building inside her. "You okay butki?" Kreo walked in to check on his sister. "I will go and see mum, I have a headache." She replied to them. "I will take you home," Nikolai said taking her hand in his. She nodded her head allowing him. She gazed at the man whom she loves just to see him kissing the girl from before, she couldn't control her tears as they fell. "Oh god! why are you crying? is it severe?" Kreo asked holding her. "I wanna go home." she whispered. "Come on." Nikolai lifted her off the ground in his arms and left the party with Kreo. She swore to herself that day that from now on she will maintain distance from him and never let him know about her feelings... She is a Weinburg and she knows how to hide feelings.

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Chapter 1

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“Honey, did you make my coffee?” Isabelle yelled as she rushed to her daughter’s room to wake her up.

“Yes!” she heard Cyrus’s voice. Her hand wrapped around the doorknob to open but Aubree locked it from inside.

“Butki! Open the door!”

“You are going to be late again! Wake up Butki!!”

The clock is ticking indicating how late Aubree is, she doesn’t understand why her daughter can’t wake up early in the morning. She always ends up fifteen minutes late to class.

“Aubree, I’m going to take your money card away if you don’t wake up!” she heard a response from inside.

“You got twenty minutes to get ready young lady!” she said before walking to where her husband is.

“Didn’t she wake up?” Cyrus asked.

“No, she is going to miss her first period Cyrus.” she complained.

“Good morning maa and paa.” Cyrus and Isabelle turned their heads to see kreo their second son.

“Good morning.” they both greeted him while he put his breakfast on his plate.

“Where is Butki?” kreo asked as he didn’t see his little sister and they are late.

“She woke up late.” Cyrus answered his son.

“I will be leaving then. She makes all of us late.” kreo said eating his breakfast.

“Wait for five minutes, she will be there and take her with you.” Isabelle said.

“Maa she have a car and why I have to take her to college? Because of her I end up late to my classes.” kreo complained and Cyrus chuckled.

“Because you both go to the same college. Why waste fuel when your destination is the same?” Isabelle said.

“I’m ready!” all the three heads turned towards the steps to see their Butki running down.

“I packed your breakfast. Eat it while kreo drives.” Isabelle said handing her a wrapped sandwich and juice bottle.

“Thanks maa, you are the best.” Aubree said kissing her mom’s cheek. They call Aubree as Butki. It’s her nickname given by her favourite uncle Xavier.

“Come home early to pack your bags. Don’t repeat like last time.” Isabelle said as Aubree hugged her father.

“Dad, I feel so sick waking up so early. Why don’t you tell Elora aunty to change the timetable.” Aubree told her father.

“Why don’t you tell her by yourself?” Cyrus asked.

“I already told her to change but she and mum don’t listen to us. That’s why I’m asking you and Xavier uncle.”

“Are you coming? We are late!” kreo said breaking the conversation.

“Bye maa and paa!” Aubree shouted waving her hand.

They got in the car as kreo started driving while Aubree ate her breakfast.

“What happened yesterday?” kreo questioned Aubree.

“What happened?” Aubree questioned dumbly.

“Don’t act dumb Aubree, I know about the fight yesterday. I didn’t ask because I don’t want mumma or dad to know about it.”

“It wasn’t a fight kreo.”

“Then who broke violet’s nose?”

“Don’t involve in my matters kreo, I hate it when you ask about everything.” kreo glared at his sister.

“Shut up Aubree. You aren’t in high school anymore. Act mature, why the fuck did you even fought with violet?

“None of your business.” Aubree snapped at kreo. She is a short-tempered lady and she doesn’t like it when others scold her.

“It’s my business because you are my sister Butki. If it is regarding a guy then leave... Forget about him. You know what happened with Ryder. Don’t fight with other women for a guy.” kreo scolded.

Aubree tightens her grip on her bag while kreo said. It’s true she fought with violet because of a guy. But kreo doesn’t know who the guy is.

They reached the campus grounds. Aubree and Xahria are in first-year degree while kreo is in his final year.

“I don’t wanna hear about your catfights and arguments Aubree. If I get any information of your fight again. I will take these matters to mum and dad.” kreo said sternly looking at Aubree.

Kreo doesn’t want his sister to get hurt because of a guy. He don’t know about whom she fought with violet but it was confirmed that it was regarding a guy. He saw how love broke his elder brother Ryder and how distant he became because of love. He don’t want his sister crying over a guy, that’s the reason he is always strict when it comes to his gang.

He knows if he is soft towards his sister she won’t be listening to him. She is a hothead and rowdy, that’s why he says things soberly so that she knows how serious he is.

“Fine! And for your information, it wasn’t about a guy! I don’t like guys!” Aubree snapped back removing her seatbelt to get out of the car.

“You didn’t eat your breakfast, complete it.” kreo said taking his back bag.

He watched Aubree walking away towards Xahria. Shaking his head seeing his sister’s anger he went away to his class. He is late, all thanks to Aubree.

Xahria watched Aubree walking towards her with an angry pout. Xahria raises her brow in question as Aubree stood in front of her.

“We are late, not in a mood to attend the class.” Aubree said.

“Managerial economics and I ain’t planning on attending that class.” Xahria said.

“Did you drive today?”


“Let’s sit in the car.” Aubree said wandering towards the Lamborghini.

Xahria followed behind watching her bestie frowning about something which she have an idea about.

“So what happened?” xahria asked. Aubree explained the scene which happened earlier.

“Woah! You should’ve told kreo about the guy.” Xahria joked. Aubree gave a blank look in return.

“Chill... Today is our last working day for this semester. We are going to see Rowen and others tomorrow. How you are going face him then?” xahria said.

Aubree let out a deep sign leaning against the car seat. She doesn’t have any idea of how she is going to face Rowen.

Rowen... Her first crush, first love...

If you want to understand who Rowen is then you have to know about their group.

Aubree’s father Cyrus or Zachariah Weinburg is best friends with three other people Xavier knights, Lorenzo McKenzie and Devin Lewis. They were best friends and business partners from years.

Years passed but their connection stayed loyal and became strong. They all stay in one neighbourhood and go to every annual trip together.

Xavier knights was married to Elora knights who is an Indian. Their marriage is a love marriage, they gave birth to Nikolai knights who is the elder one among everyone. Xaiden knights and xahria knights.

Her father Zachariah Weinburg but called by them as Cyrus was married to Isabelle. Aubree’s parents love story is an epic story. Cyrus and Isabelle gave birth to Demetrio Weinburg, Kreo Weinburg and Aubree Weinburg. Demetrio’s middle name is Ryder and everyone close to him call him as Ryder like his dad.

Lorenzo McKenzie was married to Zara McKenzie. They gave birth to Rowen Mckenzie, Elwen McKenzie, Camryan McKenzie and Angelique McKenzie. Camryan and angelique are twins. Rowen was born when Zara graduated her high school.

And finally, Devin Lewis was married to Dahlia Lewis. They gave birth to Kai Lewis, Kenric Lewis and Ezarah Lewis. Devin is the former world racing champion while dahlia is an advocate.

They all are a group and they named their group as snipers because they were trained like snipers to protect themselves from any harm.

Rowen, Ryder and Nikolai live in London away from them because of their studies and business. The main reason for those three to shift is because of Ryder’s breakup. Those three are of the same age.

Kreo, Elwen, Xaiden and Kai are of the same age. Xaiden goes to a sports college as he is selected for the nationals team. He is a football player. Kreo and Elwen go to the same college but different streams. Kreo is into the business studies while Elwen is in culinary school. Kai is in Spain getting ready for his motorbike race, he is a professional racer like his dad.

Aubree, Xahria, Camryan, Angel and Kenric are of the same age. Aubree and xahria are doing the same course while Camryan is away from home as he joined the military forces. Angel goes to the art block on the same campus. Kenric is doing law studies like his mother.

The last one and little one of the four families Ezarah is in her junior high.

Rowen was her knight in shining armour right from her childhood. She loved him from long back but the sad part is he doesn’t love her. Heck, she don’t even know if he sees her as a woman or as a sister.

Rowen is the only guy and man she needs, she never dated anyone as she got these strong ass feelings on Rowen.

But Rowen being Rowen dated every single girl she knows. She hates the fact that he dated her own class girls and took them on dates. That’s the reason she fought with Violet because that bitch claimed Rowen as hers and they both are in love. Aubree knows him better than anyone Rowen never be in relation, he only dates. In his dictionary, there is a huge difference between dating and being in relation. According to him if he is dating and taking her on dates it means he is having his pass time with her. And he is very selective and picky when it comes to whom he is dating. Aubree never saw a girl crying over Rowen when he broke up with them. She faced some fake criers and baboos but never met a girl who actually loved him.

She used to watch how close he used to be with his class girls. Whenever there was a party or celebrations held by them. Every girl from their school used to attend minus the good girls who used to stay home.

Eventually, she stopped showing the signs because it’s of no use. As she grew up she distanced herself from him even though it hurts her. When they moved to London the distance between them increased and Aubree felt a little bit relieved about it.

Aubree knows she isn’t going to have Rowen. He always treated her as his sister or maybe she believes he treated her as a sister.

“Hello, madam? Are you even listening to me?” Xahria snapped her fingers making Aubree come back from her drift.


“Our next class starts in five minutes.”

“Let’s go.” Aubree said opening her side door.

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