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Loving The Weinburg's Princess| snipers series:2

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I was looking out of my window watching my brother kreo and Elwen playing around. Everyone is excited as we all were busy with our work and exams.

Even our parents couldn’t get any time to spend with us. Now we are going away for a week on a vacation.

There was a knock which made me face the door. My mum entered the room with a smile on her face. I smiled seeing her, I love my parents so much.

“Did you pack your bags?” she asked sitting beside me.

“Yes, mom.”

“Is everything okay Butki?”


“If something is bugging you then tell me, darling. Elora informed me that you were in a fight with a girl named violet.”

I exhaled before wrapping my arm around my mom’s and putting my head on her shoulder while she traced my hands motherly.

I know everyone thinks I’m the bad one among all. They even wonder how I got anger issues when both my parents are so cool and calm type.

They don’t know the reason behind why I broke violet’s nose and they made up their own stories. I don’t involve in things and mainly I don’t go after the girls who Rowen dated.

The only reason I fought with her is because she involved Angelique in this. I overheard her conversation with her brother which flamed the anger inside me.

“Mumma Rowen dated violet.” I said.

“You like Rowen? That’s the reason you broke her nose?” she asked in a shocking tone.

“Mama! No! Rowen dated that girls and he ended things between them. Her brother is the classmates of Angel. She planned to intoxicate angel and harm her so that she can play a card to get Rowen. I don’t care about Rowen and her but she wanted to harm Angel maa.” I explained to her. Usually, I don’t care to explain anyone but when it comes to my mom and dad I don’t want to hurt them. I want them to know about everything.

She caressed my hair with her hand before kissing giving me side kiss.

“You are very protective when it comes to your girls.” she said.

“Yup! will brake en number of noses if they try anything with my girls.” I said which made her laugh.

“Just like your dad.”

“Like dad? Everyone says I got different traits.” I said.

“You should ask Xavier about your dad when he was of your age. He was a gangster and involved in many fights along with your uncle. He changed when he grew up but he was a hothead. Your nonno and Nonna will tell you all the stories of your dad when you visit them.”

“Really? I thought dad is super cool and calm.” I said in surprise.

“No, every person will become calm and leave all the anger when they hit the right age. It just takes some time and you are in youth, it’s very common to get angry.”


“Are you guys coming?” we heard dad’s voice.

“Yes!” I yelled in excitement. Now that I shared the truth with mum I feel better. Sometimes what others think about me takes a toll on me making me feel down.

Dad helped me with my bags while mum and I walked out hand in hand. I’m in my sweats as we going are to travel.

“Everyone is waiting for us. We will walk to Knights mansion.” dad said and I nodded my head. Knights mansion is just two minutes walk from our mansion. I took one bag from dad while kreo have three. Ryder, Nikolai and rowen are going to meet us there.

Dad and mum walked in front of us while I and kreo followed them behind like puppies.

“Where is Elwen? I saw him playing with you.” I asked kreo.

“Zara aunty called him.”

I didn’t say anything as we walked towards the Knights mansion. Lewis’s and McKenzie’s were coming, I grinned looking Angel and Ezarah. Angel is the innocent one in our group. Everyone said she is like her mother.

“Finally vacation!” Ezarah exclaimed.

“Did you bring your books little one?” Kreo teased Ezarah while she rolled her eyes at him.

“Shut up.”

“Hey Kai and Xaiden!” I said looking at Kai and xaiden.

“Did you put on weight? Or did your angry made you fat?” Xaiden joked while I slapped his back playfully for commenting.

“Yes wanna share my angry because you look thin?”

“Ah! Didn’t you see these muscles lady? See... They are called muscles.” he showed me his biceps and toned stomach in fake shock.

I observed that Kai and Angel aren’t talking. I turned to Ezarah and Xahria pointing at Kai and angel. Xahria mouthed me that they both fought. Again?

We all got on the bus, I sat between Xaiden and Ezarah. Kenric, Xahria and Angel sat together. Kai, kreo and Elwen sat together. The elders took the couple seats while we took the trio.

“So Kai when are you returning back to live with us?” I asked him.

“Why miss my handsome face?” he asked with his playful smirk.

“Ewww... Angel is the only one who misses your face idiot.” I said and he made a sour face.

“Burn.” Kenric muttered watching his brother’s face. We all laughed as both the brother’s fought.

Time passes quickly and we reached the airport. Our flight tickets were booked, Xaiden is my seatmate.

“Seems like you are my seatmate little one.” Kreo said to Ezarah who made a face.

“I will exchange seats with someone.” she said.

“Then I will make sure that they won’t exchange seats with you.” he teased her.

“Leave her alone Kreo, why you tease her always” I said as we all rounded in the waiting section.

“I love to tease her and she enjoys it. Don’t you?” he turned to her.

“Not a little bit.”

I leaned against xaiden as we waited for departure. Xahria and Elwen are murmuring.

“They both are planning something. We need to be careful.” xaiden whispered.

“Yeah, I’m sure they are up to something.” I said watching those two. They are the pranksters of our group. Elwen is the king in parking while Xahria is the Queen.

“Bachcho!” we heard Xavier uncle calling us. (kids)

We started wandering towards our parents. Kai and angel are ignoring each other while I thought of the ways to ignore Rowen.

“What ya thinking?” Xaiden asked.

“Nothing, so met any girl?” I asked diverting the topic.

“Nope! Ain’t interested in love.” I rolled my eyes.

“What about you? When you are going to give your old man a chance to interrogate your boyfriend.”

“Hahaha... Not interested in love.” I repeated his words.

The flight attender helped us find our seats. We all got settled down, Xaiden took the window seat. I don’t have any problem because I’m going to sleep.

“Don’t fight guys, there are other people on board.” I said. I turned to Xaiden to see him yawning. He must be busy all these days training.


I stretched my arms moaning when the knots in my body released.

“Finally!” Xahria shouted in happiness. After our eleven hours of flight, we reached our favourite destination.

“Welcome you all!” we heard another well-known voice. I turned to where the voice came to see Nikolai with his stretched out arms. I saw my parents hugging my elder brother Ryder. I sped to him.

“Bhaiyya!” (brother)

When mumma stepped back from hugging him, I hugged him. I miss my elder brother the most.

“How is my little sister?” he asked.

“I’m good, tell about you?”

“I’m good.” he said ruffling my hair.

“Hay!” I glared at him. I turned to where Nikolai is seeing him hug Kai. When he saw me looking him he grinned before walking to me.

“How is our fighter doing?” he asked pulling me into his arms for a tight hug.

I grinned widely hugging him back tightly. “I’m awesome and you Nico?”

“I’m doing great Butki!” he said releasing me from the hug.

My eyes went towards Xaiden who is hugging Rowen. Goosebumps rose on my skin watching him smile at Xaiden in the bright light. His blue eyes filled with happiness and the beautiful smile is enough to make my heart beat so fast.

Nikolai left me to greet my parents while I stood there like an idiot watching rowen.

He is the twin version of his dad, they look alike and those beautiful blue eyes of his...

His hair grew falling on his face as he brushed them back with his fingers, my heart thumped against my rib cage. While I felt the butterflies in my stomach when his eyes met mine. He grinned looking at me as he started pacing. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. His messy hair which suits him the most flew as the wind hit us.

“Busy princess!” he said bending down to look into my eyes. I blinked before taking a step back as his hot breath hit my face.

“Hey.” my voice came out soft and low as he chuckled looking my warm face. He pulled me into his arms and put his chin on my head. Well, rowen is tall along with others. The only tall girl in our group is Xahria. She isn’t that tall but compared to our five feet five inches height. She is five feet seven inches. We stayed like that for few minutes before we heard others voices.

“Are you guys going to come or stay there hugging?!” Elwen yelled. I pushed Rowen away and walked to where the girls are. The three of them have a playful smile.

“I’m not going to say anything.” I said getting into the bus. The boys already settled down and I sat beside Nikolai. My favourite...

He ruffled my hair and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“Main kya sun raha hoon fighter?” he asked while I groaned. (what I’m hearing fighter?)

“Unhonne pahale hee bata diya thumhe?” (They already told you?)

He laughed while I pouted, Rowen got in, his eyes scanned the seats before they stopped on me. The skin between his eyebrows frowned before he took the empty seat beside Kai.

We reached our beach house after an hour of the bus journey. Mum drifted off to sleep on dad’s shoulder.

"You guys know the rules right. Share the room and keep your room neat." Lorenzo uncle said to us and we as usual ignored because we are going to keep our rooms neat.

The girls and I walked into our room on the ground floor. Rowen, Ryder and Nico will share one room and Kai, Kenric, Kreo and Elwen will be sharing one room. The elders have their personal rooms on the first floor and they are soundproofed.

"I'm so tired!" I said falling on the bed I share with Ezarah.

"Turn on the AC." I heard Xahria's voice as I started drifting off.

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