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Dear Diary, I live in a time where Kings and Queens rule again. A time where people must have status to be noticed or else your nothing. The rules of life has been twisted and If you don't obey blood will be shed. This is a time when your only will to live is your soulmate. The love of your life. I have nothing to look forward to but the love of my unknown soulmate. But what happens he turns out to be the King? What happens when he finds out I'm his second soulmate? Read my story as I try to fight against the bond that has been placed in my blood stream. Join me as I go through a life changing process.Let me tell you it isn't a happy story. Remember there can't be two Queens on one throne. Yours turly Nala S,

Romance / Fantasy
K.S Wolfe
Age Rating:


Mr. President the seafronts have been compromised. Wh-what should we do?"the young man asked with panic lacing his voice.

The tired leader of the country ran his hands down his face. The look of dred has become a permanent facial expression over the course of the last six months for him. Not even the giggles of his children could change it. He knew this day would come. He wished it wasn't here. His team and him have worked endlessly with the enemy. Settled to their demands. Gave them endless amounts of money but nothing seems to satisfy them.

His fingers trailed the desk of his office. The smooth cherrywood felt cool against his skin. That seemed to change as his fingers inched towards the blood red button on the left side of his desk. Like a sore thumb it stood out from the stacks of paperwork and folders the littered the desk.

Palms sweating he applied pressure as his hand landed on the button. "We declare a nationwide state of emergency. We are at war."

In the year of 2099, the world was put in to an unforgettable war. A war that changed everything that we thought was right. This was because that's​ the year the Diton Dynasty decided to overrule the United Legions. Even though the United Legions did their best and ​ put up a good fight. In the end they were no match for the Diton Dynasty.

Thousands upon thousands of lives were lost including women and children. The war went on for what felt like centuries but was really just two years. The United Legions ended up surrendering to the Diton Dynasty. Waving the white flag the United Legions​ handed the country over as if it was nothing.

Falling to his knees a lone tear rolled down his left cheek. A few hundred people were crowded around the area that he would take his last breath. In his heart he felt as if he fought with all he could. If he kept on with this war many more people would die. Looking over the crowd he saw the people who proudly called him. President of the United Legions.

"I come here to you all not as your soon to be King. But as a human being who wants what's best for the people."he said as he looked over crowd. People of different shades, ages and sizes looked up at him with hatred in their eyes. He wasn't scared but amused. Amused by how strong of a bond these people had with a man that just sat in a chair and signed papers. He wanted that.

He loomed over the thought a little longer and as if a light switch went off in his head. His mood switched. The need for respect poured out of his pores. They can hate him but they will understand that he rules over them.

Pulling out the nine millimeter gun stashed in his back pocket a smile eased up on his face.

"You may hate me. Better yet loathe me but you will respect me."with those words he pulled the trigger.

Sending the heated gold bullet through the late president skull. Screams were heard throughout the crowd. People on the front row were in shock. Blood and brain matter covered the floor. His body was later left in the town square on display as a reminder to never go against the great King.This day would later be known as the red beginning.

A world that was once led by a president was now ruled by King Alan-Ander Diton the first. He ruled with an iron fist and a stone heart with his queen beside ​him. For ten years they ruled together and anyone who dared to go against their rule would face death. During those first ten years the king and queen had a son. A bouncing baby boy who would become the second king to rule. They also had a baby girl but she only lived to see the age of 18. She died suddenly of a broken heart. Which some say led the King to have his top scientist produce a serum.

"You majesty we've done it. Its completed."with shaky hands he handed it over to the relieved King. Examining the bottle his lips pressed in to a line.

"Is this all?"his voice held the power of a stampede. Causing the troubled man to nearly fall to the floor. He knew the answer to his own question. Anger boiled in the kings veins as he watched the older man.

"We need more. More for the entire population and we need it now!"

This serum would bind you to the love of your life. A soulmate some say. This serum mutated and became apart of the human gene pool. It somehow placed itself in our DNA and no one knows how.So you can say it's in our blood stream now.

Once the serum was completely developed the kings army was sent out across the world to inject it into the entire population. It was utter chaos. People were dragged out of their homes. Stopped on the road. Attacked in the streets just to have the serum injected into them.

I looked up to my mom as she removed the book from my line of vision and closed it. Her hair covered the smile I knew she always had on her face when she was around me. This one however didn't make her eyes shine. Her grey eyes were dull and sad.

"Mom are you okay?"I said laying my head on her thighs as she sat down. Her finger instantly went to my curly wild hair. Massaging my scalp she gave me a hum in response. Her finger were light as feathers. If she kept at this rate I would fall asleep right here. On her lap like the big baby that I am.

"Your wearing the nightgown I got you for your birthday."pulling the hem of her gown I smiled. I saved up my allowance for it. It was her favorite color midnight purple. It went great against her beautiful brown skin.

"I am. It reminds me that I am loved by you the most."she whispered as she bent down and kissed my temple. A gentle peck. A peck that warmed my heart and caused my smile to widen.

"Of course I love you mom. Your my world."turning around I hugged her body. She's the only biological family I have. I love her to the moon and back.

"Your my sweet wonderland. My dear Nala."rocking me in her arms she chanted. Over and over she repeated those words to me until I fell asleep.

I didn't feel her leave but I sure did hear the screams of the night staff. Wiping my eyes I peaked out of my room and looked down the lovely hallway. Red and white wallpaper covered the walls. Small tables and furniture decorated the area. Turning my head to the sound of the screams my heart rate picked up. The staff crowded around the big cherrywood doors of Master Devon’s room.

Swallowing hard. I pushed myself through the crowd and into the room. The room I spent most of my time in.. The room that I helped mom decorate for Master Devon. Which was my very first assignment . That room was now tainted with red instead of deep blues and gold. Red on the sheets. Red on the floor. Red covering the body of my once happy and bright mother.

"M-mmom"my eyes frantically looked around as I tried to understand what has happened. Why was there so much blood? Why did this happen? Who did this? I know my mother wouldn't kill herself. Or would she?

I shook my head of those thoughts. Kneeling next to her body, I pulled her close. Her chest lifted just a little as a moan of pain came from her lips. Her beautiful brown skin was beginning to get paler by the second

"My sw-swww-sweet wonderland. Y-you will be everything you dream you would be. You'll find your l-l-ove. Always kind and always have a heart."holding her tighter to me I cried harder. Even in pain she says the sweetest things. Not even pain but on her deathbed.

"Sing for me love"her voice just a whisper. Swallowing the lump that was forming in my throat I nodded. Starting with a hum of the beat I sank deeper into the floor if it was possible. Pulling her body down with me i began to sing the song that my mom claims was made for me. The anthem of our love as she says.

"Baby, you'll always be easy to find.

In this wonderful wonderland of dreams

Give me your pain. Give me your sorrow.

Cause Im the only one who can see

In this wonderful wonderland of dreams.

So close your eyes and say good night.

Take a breath and float away.

Cause my love will never die just look into the night sky" Looking down at her I wiped the tears that were rolling freely. She's gone. She's somewhere special.

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