Head Over Heels

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As far as Chris is concerned, his life couldn’t be more mundane. Well, before he stumbles across his soulmate in an odd stroke of luck, that is. Hour after hour, day after day, his life was just a continuous, tiresome process. Eat, sleep, go to work, and the cycle only went on. That was, until he stumbles upon his brazen soulmate during an odd stroke of luck and his life takes a complete one-eighty.

Romance / Drama
Alice M K
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1. Nice To Meet You Too

Sitting up with an exhausted groan, he leaned over to roughly shut off his alarm. He stretched a bit, sighing as he felt a muscle pop, and fell back against his pillows. He attempted to rub the blurriness out of his eyes and stared up at the plain, white ceiling above him blankly. It was finally Saturday meaning he wouldn’t have to show up to his boring job. While he supposed that was a good thing, it also sucked because he had made plans prior that he had thought would be fun but now seemed more like a chore.

His day was already somewhat planned out. He was supposed to be meeting up with one of his friends to go to the movies to watch some stupid thriller they had been interested in. While he called them a friend, they were more like a work acquaintance who had nothing better to do. The more he thought about it, the more unappealing it sounded. Nonetheless, he got up to take a quick, cold shower if only to wake him up more. Once finished with that task, Chris grabbed a plain, black, v-neck shirt and some gray jeans to match it.

After looking through his cabinets and his refrigerator for something to eat for breakfast, he came to the conclusion that he would need to go shopping. He ended up leaving out earlier due to that exact reason.

The ride to the store was the normal; Chris contemplating running over a few jaywalking pedestrians, trying to race red lights but failing every time and waiting for minutes on end in frustration for the lights to turn green again.

Chris turned into the parking lot of the store. It was packed, but that was to be expected. It was the weekend after all. He cursed under his breath and flipped a guy off when he stole his parking space. He knew he was only being cranky and a small part in the back of his mind hoped he wouldn't come across the same guy while shopping.

Upon entering the store, he grabbed a shopping cart and searched through the store for the countless items he knew he would need. He paused, digging in his pocket for his phone when he felt it vibrate against his thigh.

[From Drake]: I don't think I’ll be able to catch the movie. Made new plans, sorry.

Chris stared down at his phone for a few moments, rereading it a few times as if expecting the words in the text to suddenly change. His put his phone back in his pocket, choosing to not reply because if he did, he was sure it wouldn’t exactly be kind. He felt like punching something, smiling at the thought of that something being the guy’s face. He may have not been completely thrilled about the thought of going to the movie theaters, but that didn’t mean he was okay with his coworker blowing it off. Seriously, what a jerk move.

After paying for the bags of groceries and placing them in the trunk of his car, he drove home. Once he arrived, he started to put everything in it's respectful place. He thought about the other things he could do to pass the time. Chris didn't want to just sit around at home all day alone. If that were the case, he might as well go to work. At least then he'd be doing something productive and earning money while at it.

Chris decided to pay a visit to the park. Sure, he wasn’t a child anymore, but that small detail didn't make a bit of a difference to him. The park had always been a soothing place for Chris; a place where he could think. His plan for when he arrived was to find a clean park bench to relax against and maybe listen to some music to calm his frayed nerves.

The walk there was relatively short. He ran a hand through his messy black hair, sighing as he felt the sun’s hot rays beaming down on him. It was scorching hot in the small town in which he lived and summer time was terrible. He preferred the cold, hence winter being his favorite season, and he was counting down the days in his head until it ended because the heat was practically unbearable.

He glanced up at the sky, wondering with how cloudy and windy it was how the temperature could possibly be so high. He gave a startled yelp when he suddenly bumped into something. He turned his attention away from the clouds and to the something that happened to be a person in front of him. He felt his heart flutter in his chest.

What the hell…?

The male looked to be about the same age as him except maybe a tad bit younger. He had fair skin that appeared unbelievably soft and smooth and long blonde hair that was pulled back in a low ponytail. When the stranger glanced up, a beautiful pair of hazel eyes were revealed.

The figure stared up at him in surprise, presumably for the same reason Chris stared down at him. Glancing down at his glowing veins, he suddenly felt as if he couldn’t breathe. This was his soulmate… but why was his soulmate male?

Mother nature has screwed up big time.

In Chris’s own confusion, he voiced his thoughts out loud. “You may look feminine, but you aren't female if I’m not mistaken… There's a huge problem here.”

The male’s eyes narrowed and he spoke in a biting tone that had Chris feeling less threatened and more amused. “Well fuck you, too, then. That's one way of greeting someone; how about a ‘hello’ or a name first next time?”

Chris rolled his eyes. Well isn't he a feisty little thing? Nonetheless, he took the advice. “My name’s Christopher but people call me Chris. And you...?”

“It's Skylar but you can call me Sky.”

Chris smiled to himself.

Such a pretty name.

He didn't tell the stranger this much though. “Even your name is feminine. Are you sure you aren't female? Even just a little bit?” Chris teased, smirking in amusement.

Sky flushed, pushing past Chris to continue his way down the sidewalk. “Whatever, asshole.”

Chris’s eyes widened, watching as Sky hastily walked away. He shook his head, more to himself than anything, and quickly chased after him. “Wait!”

“I have places to be right now,” Sky murmured bitterly.

Chris grabbed Sky’s shoulder to halt his quick steps. “I just want your number.”

Sky stared at him in suspicion for a moment. After a few seconds of tense silence, he reached into his back pocket and grabbed his phone. He unlocked it and clicked on his contacts before handing it to Chris. “Put your number in.”

Chris quickly did as he was told. “So I'm guessing you aren't just going to give me your number, then?” he asked, handing the phone back to sky.

“Nope,” Sky answered before turning on his heel and beginning to take his leave once again.

Chris watched as he left, unable to deny how much he felt like he suddenly needed him in his presence. But he wasn't gay, right? He had never been attracted to a male before and he has had plenty of girlfriends and one night stands to know he was sexually attracted to women. Then what was he feeling right now? He supposed the better question was why the universe had decided to set him up with a male.

Sky smiled to himself as he made his way back home. He had finally found his soulmate and the guy was fucking gorgeous. Sure, he was a bit of a douchebag but Sky could deal with that.

His soulmate, Chris, had slanted dark brown eyes which appeared elegant and unlike himself, he was built with lean muscle. He managed to even pull off his messy raven black hair that almost looked completely untamable.

Self consciously, Sky rose a hand to his long, silky, blonde locks.

What if he doesn't find me as attractive as I find him? He didn't seem all that pleased with my appearance, let alone the fact that I'm a guy. I guess I can always cut my hair if that's what it comes down to…

He shook his head in an attempt to clear his troubled mind. His thoughts were filled with complete nonsense. Chris had asked him for his phone number when Sky was too embarrassed to stick around any longer. Green flag? He could only hope.

He opened his text messages on his phone.

[Sky]: Guess what?

He received a reply almost immediately and he couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes if he had deliberately tried.

[Cassandra]: Has the zombie apocalypse finally started?

[Sky]: You make me question why I even talk to you sometimes.

[Cassandra]: Aw...I thought you loved me! But on a serious note, what?

[Sky]: Just found my soulmate.

[Cassandra]: … What the hell? Are you serious? How can you say that like it's nothing? What's his name? Is he hot? Please tell me he's hot…

[Sky]: According to my standards, yes, he's hot but that shouldn’t matter to you considering you aren’t going anywhere near him. If he knew I was associated with you, he’d probably delete my number immediately whether he’s my soulmate or not. You have that effect on people. His name is Chris.

[Cassandra]: Now I don’t know whether I should be excited for you or planning to attack you the next time I see you.

[Sky]: Either way I’m sure I’ll be fine.

[Cassandra]: Whatever! Sadly, I gotta let you go. I better be meeting up with this Chris guy soon though! Bye love!

[Sky]: Ttyl

After the mildly amusing conversation, Sky placed his phone back in his pocket so he could pay better attention to his surroundings. His thoughts were trained on one person the whole way home; his soulmate.

It had been about a week since Chris’s encounter with his soulmate. Chris was in a terrible mood and as the days and hours passed, he wanted nothing more than to be close to his soulmate. He couldn’t understand these feelings of frustration no matter how much he tried. Why did he care about someone more than life itself after only seeing them once?

He pulled out his computer to search for information about how the whole soulmate thing worked. Before now, he had never been interested enough to find out. He honestly never believed he would even come across his soulmate.

He clicked on a page and read the information that was provided on the website.

When someone comes across their soulmate, a chemical is released in their brain that develops an almost immediate connection between the pair. They will feel somewhat of a burning sensation through their veins and said veins will began to glow and beat the same beat as their partner’s creating a unified pulse. The chemical that is released is much like pheromones, except exponentially stronger. This will create a bond between the pair, making them near inseparable.

Chris scoffed. Well that explained his sudden attraction to Sky. He wondered if they weren’t soulmates, if he would still think of Sky the way he did currently. Sky seemed perfect in his eyes, like a beautiful angel sent from above. He shook his head to clear these sappy thoughts, focusing on reading the next paragraph.

There are some flaws in the process. Due to the established link between soulmates, if you meet your soulmate and they pass away or are no longer in your presence for a long period of time, this will cause a part of you to essentially die or disappear as well which may cause heavy depression. Most people are never able to overcome this depression and end up taking their own life to be with their fated one.

Chris shuddered. That didn’t sound so pleasant and he grimaced as worry washed over him. If Sky decided to never contact him and they never ended up crossing paths again, would Chris be in a similar state? He could only hope not.

In the rare case that someone never meets their soulmate, their life will continue as normal. People have reported feeling as if a part of themself is missing, like a part of themself was never there, but according to research, this is a minor feeling and they will be able to move on easily enough.

After Chris finished reading the article, he shut his laptop and fell back against his couch with a groan. His attention snapped to his phone for the one hundredth time that day when his phone suddenly lit up with a small vibrate. He clicked on the message, crossing his fingers.

[From Unknown Sender]: Hey, it’s Sky.

Chris grinned, pumping his fist in the air with a shout of triumph. He quickly added the number to his contacts and dedicated the number to memory.

[Chris]: Took you long enough to message me.

[Sky]: My bad. Do you want to hangout sometime soon?

[Chris]: Sure, anytime this weekend or the next will be fine. I have work Monday-Friday.

[Sky]: That works, how about tomorrow? We can meet up at the park.

[Chris]: That sounds fine. I’ll meet you there tomorrow at around twelve in the afternoon?

[Sky]: Great, see you then.

Chris smiled to himself. He would finally be able to see his soulmate again and tomorrow nonetheless. Maybe mother nature hadn’t screwed up as bad as he had originally thought?

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