Wildly loving

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He gently brushed away a single strand of my hair and placed it behind my ear.He lowered his head and placed a kiss on my neck. "You will fall for me" "What is your passion,your drug,your biggest desire?" asked my weirdly hot new English teacher. Without thinking,my hand shot right up. "Yes,miss Hastings?"he looked at me,his eyes twinkling with curiosity. "Motorcycles" I smirked.I knew he expected a diffrent answer,but he smiled.My smirk faded as I kept his stare a few seconds.His blue stare was so captivating,that I had to look away. Well,he's hot. •Camila Hastings was what you could call a typical bad girl.Significant leather jacket,skinny jeans and her loving motorcycle.She had flings and many boy-toys,but never a real boyfriend.Nobody could capture her heart,as hard they tried.Untill a certain person unexpectedly came into her life and changed it forever.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

I'm driving my motorcycle down an almost empty road.Going as fast as I can,adrenaline pumping trought my veins.Suddenly a chopper catches up with me in the next lane,and I assume a guy is riding it.We both accelarate and I begin to wonder who is this mysteries guy.I pull over and so does he.I get up and take my helmet of,my long dirty blond hair falling down my back.

"And you are?" I smirked at him.He got closer to me,never taking of his helmet,and whispered to my ear

"Wake up."

"What?" I asked in confusion

"Wake up,sleepyhead!" the voice was more persistant now.

"Camila!"I opened my eyes and first thing I saw was not a hottie on a motorcycle,it was my mother.SERIOUSLY?

"Mooooom" I cried "why did you woke me up,I was having such a nice dream."

"I woke you up because you're late."

"Late to what?"I asked surprised

"To school" my mom said it slowly,like I was dumb."It's 7:43."

"WHAT?!!"I yelled and she got up,leaving the room "Your breakfast's ready" with that she closed the door.

"Shit shit shit" I got up suddenly and my head felt dizzy.I went to my closet and picked out the first thing that I saw,in this case it was black shirt with 'bad bitch' written in white letters and blue skinny jeans.I put on my usual white converse and went to bathroom.I washed my face,brushed my teeth and put on some makeup;mascara,foundation and classic red lip gloss.I brushed my hair and went downstairs.Taking my black leather jacket,bag and keys from the table I said 'bye' to my mom.

"But what about pancakes?"she told me when I was about to leave the house.

"PANCAKES!"I screamed and got into the kitchen.Full plate of soft goodness welcomed me.But then I looked at the clock and it said 7:53.

"Fuck"I swore and took two of those,running off so I wouldn't be late to the hell hole.

"Don't swear"my mom yelled.

"BYEEE" I got out of the house,filling my mouth with pancakes.I took the keys and swiftly turned my motorcycle on.He nicely purred to life.I put my helmet on and speeded off.Well,that was my usual morning routine,besides that I forgot today was the first day of school and my junior year.

"Well,here we go"I said to myself as I parked in school parking lot.

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