My Ex Best Friend Is Faking It

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Chapter 1

O N E : Cookies & Cream

March 23, 2005

“Happy B day baby!” I giggled while jumping on top of the boy in front of me.

“I am not a baby,” he pouted. I giggled again.

“I turned five today and you are still four! You baby are,” he laughed at me.

“I will tell aunt Ari!” I threatened while pointing my chubby finger at him, but he just continued laughing.

I pushed him of the bed and he landed on the floor with a thud. Now I was the one giggling uncontrollably.

“Heaven!” he screamed while jumping off the floor trying to get me, but I saw it coming and scrambled off the bed and in the direction of the kitchen where our moms were.

Aunt Ari, Elian and his bigger brother, who was 9, had just moved to LA. Aunt Ari was my mums old friend.


And they were going to live only a few blocks away from us!

I was excited. I didn’t have too many friends around and I didn’t have a brother or a sister!

“Aunt Ari! Aunt Ari! Elia is calling me baby!” I whined, while climbing up in her lap.

“Mom don’t listen to her!” Eli screamed, while rushing into the kitchen. Aunt Ari turned her head towards Eli. I took her face in my small hands, turning her face toward me, while staring into her eyes with my own big ones. “He started it!” I murmured.

“Oh really?” she laughed. I nodded my head furiously.

“I asked him to be my friend and he said that girls had cooties!” I whined.

“Elian!” his mom scolded him.

“Alex told me that girls had cooties, Heaven is a girl. That means that she has cooties.” My mum started laughing.

“I don’t have cooties!” I yelled before jumping of his mums’ lap, only to tackle him down on the floor.

“Tell me you will be my friend!” I pouted while pinning him down.

“No!” he yelled. I tickled his sides.

“Ok, ok but only if you stop calling me Elia and dress me up as a girl with your clothes,” he said. I huffed.

“I am a man!” he announced proudly. Both our mums started chuckling.

“Hmm,” I smiled and gave him a big fat smooch on the cheek.

“Iuu,” he whined while rubbing his cheek furiously. I kissed his cheek again.

“Stopp it muffin monster,” he yelped while pushing me off.

“Muffin monster?” I asked. He pointed towards the C & C muffin I was holding in my right hand. I hadn’t even realised that I had grabbed one.

I loved mums famous Cookies & Cream muffin. I couldnt resist them.

“You eat all the time and you are a monster who likes to give me smooches,” he grunted and I smiled after giving him another kiss on the cheek before sprinting off.


Oh oh!

[ H E A V A N ′ S P O V]

“Beep, beep, beep!” I cursed before throwing my beeping alarm from the night table, on my right, to the floor.

It landed with a thud but continued beeping anyways.

I cursed again before throwing my bed sheets aside and climbing out of bed.

That one day, where I actually had the chance to rest, my alarm goes off. But when I need it the most it betrays me!

I needed a new one!

I sighed before stumbling into my attached bathroom to pee.

After flushing I stared into my mirror while washing my hands.

My cheek was bruised badly after the slap I had gotten. I had forgotten to put dinner on the table and he had been waiting for me.

I still had about four months left in this hell hole. I would turn eighteen. Till then I was stuck.

Dad had left for a business meeting for three days. Which meant that I could relax for a bit.

He wasn’t a bad person. After mum left he just became cold and I being the exact replica of mum wasn’t a good thing anymore.

My dad who used to adore me grew hatred for me.

Somewhere inside he was still the loving dad I used to have but I rarely saw him anymore.

I got everything I needed, but I had no freedom. He didn’t want to see my face too often, I had to prepare food and every time he was angry he would slap or beat me.

And after slapping or beating me he would apologize repeatedly as if he regretted ever doing it. He would then ask me about school and how life was.

I wiped away a tear furiously before snorting out loud. To think about that my mum once said that life was beautiful.

Beautiful life my ass...

I hated myself for still loving him as my dad. It was like I hoped that my real dad, the person who once loved and adored me would come back and realize that he was doing something terribly wrong.

But that would never happen, because I knew very well that he was a different person now, he wasn’t the same loving person he was years back.

I wasn’t staying here for senior year. I would be eighteen and my life wasn’t in New York anymore. My life had always been in LA, but I didn’t want to meet mum to be honest.

And definitely not Elian. No way in hell was I seeing that boy again.

So, I was going to live with my granny in Seattle. She knew about my situation and had already suggested some high schools.

I had to stay there till I could afford my own place. That’s why I was working nonstop.

I needed the money.

Dad didn’t know and I wasn’t planning on telling him either nor was gran.

He would make sure to make me stay one way or another.

I squatted down to get out my makeup kit before getting out my foundation. I dabbed some on a random brush and patted it over the bruise harshly.

I was known as the freak at school.

Some jock had managed to get hold of my notebook with pages from my diary in it. I had ripped those pages and hidden them in the notebook because it hurt to read them.

I didn’t want to throw them away nor keep them in the diary. But I regretted it.

And now the whole school knew about my mother. I was officially the perverts’ daughter.

But they knew nothing else, absolutely nothing about what I was going through. Or how it was to watch the three people I loved the most drift away from me.

I had lost my mum, my dad and best friend the same week. Just when I needed them the most.

I wiped the memories away before getting ready for school.

Finally, Friday. I checked my calendar again to make sure I didn’t have work at the shitty Café today before turning around to walk out of my room, but halted abruptly.

I walked backwards toward the calendar and turned around slowly.

Today was the 23rd of March.

That meant that it was Elians’ birthday today. I had totally forgotten.

I wanted to call him, tell him I missed him and that I needed him but I couldn’t and I wouldn’t. Because he hated me.

I sighted too tired to think about the fact that no one seemed to care about me before making my way to school.


I spotted my locker a few meters away from me and speed walked down the hall, with my head hung low.

But just when I let out a puff of air, in happiness, for being alone I tripped over a foot and face planted on to the cold floor.

I groaned heavily before rolling over on my back in pain.

Big mistake.

Some asshole decided to ram their shoe into my cheek.

What the fuck.

I screamed mentally, that was the excact spot where my father had hit me.

I looked up only to look into a pair of familiar hazel eyes.


Yet another day in hell.

Yey life!

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