The Girl that Hades called Persephone

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Chapter Eleven

My date looked like a clone of Debbie’s date. I had asked her if they were twins, and she said no. But their faces were too similar for my liking. Dave was Debbie’s date, and my date was Kevin, his name was nowhere near Chad.

We didn’t say much to each other.

I wondered if he was dragged into this just like me.

He was tall, with bright blonde hair. He was on the football team with Dave, and was a Math Major.

I tried asking him about what type of math he was into, but I don’t think he truly was into math after a while.

“You look. . . . nice,” Kevin told me, forcing the words to come out. Almost like he was a robot.

“Thanks, you too?” I asked.

They both wore shorts and a tank top. They looked more like they just got out of practice then they did for a date.

We drove in Dave’s truck to the movies. Debbie was up front, and they were talking each others ears off.

Kevin and I barely looked at each other.

When we got the movies, it was packed. The guys did pay for us, and I was happy about that.

I didn’t really have the spare money to be wasting on a movie that I knew a head of time that I wasn’t going to enjoy.

We got popcorn, but only one bucket. Debbie sat next to Dave and I did with Kevin.

There was no talking between us. Debbie didn’t seem to notice, or maybe didn’t care, that we weren’t enjoying the date as much as they did.

All I wanted was the popcorn, but they were hogging it.

I wonder why they didn’t just go on a date alone together? Kevin and I felt like we were third wheels (and fourth wheel?).

“So, are you in my public speaking class?” I asked Kevin.


He looked like the other boys. It was hard to tell everyone apart, as bad as it sounded.

He didn’t ask me any questions. I even thought about the fact that he didn’t even know my name. I thought about the first date I have ever been on just a couple days ago.

How H asked me all these questions, and how he had interesting things to say.

I guess not all dates can be like that.

When the movie started, it really wasn’t that scary. It was actually boring. I could hear Debbie, pretending to be scared and hold on to Dave’s arm.

Kevin led into my ear and whispered, “You can hold my hand if you’re scared.”

I didn’t know what else to do, so I just held his hand. I didn’t feel anything when I did. I didn’t have any of those feelings that I had before.

I could only think about H and how he told me to have fun on the date.

Maybe that’s why he wasn’t texting me back.

Maybe he thought I didn’t like him, and that I just went on millions of dates per weekend, and he was just a number.

I should call him when I got home, to make it clear that it wasn’t like that, and that I really wanted to talk to him.

When the movie was done, and the lights came on, Debbie and Dave were making out. Kevin and I just stared at them, and they realized that the movie was over too. “Oh, hey, what did we miss?” Dave asked.

“Um, the movie,” I said.

“Was it good?”

I didn’t even answer him, I just couldn’t. “Lets get some food,” Kevin said, getting up, not really waiting on anyone. Food sounded good, since Debbie threw away the damn popcorn before I could actually get one taste.

He didn’t seem all that interested in this date, and I was hoping that after we ate something,they could just drop me off at the dorm

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