The Girl that Hades called Persephone

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

I started to remember when I was a little girl and working in the garden with my mother. I had so many wonderful memories there.

Honestly growing up, it felt like we were just in her own little universe and that nothing else mattered.

Even when I went to my alternative school it didn’t really affect much at home.

The idea of seeing my mother again maybe so excited after 2 months and not seeing her face. She’s the only family I’ve ever had.

I have asked her about my father once or twice, or any other relatives, but it’s just her. And I suppose if she ever wanted to tell me she would.

We have been driving for nearly two hours. Hades kept going on how lovely that our world was, and how green and Lively everything is.

I had to remind him that he ruled a dead world. He nodded and said, “Maybe one day you will make it a lively world too. Just like this one.”

I smiled at him because it was a very lovely thought. I thought about the garden that I’ve been growing for him.

“What plant do you like the most?”

“The Fruitless Olive Tree,” I answered him.

He just looked over to me and smiled vary widely. “Oh yes, the Fruitless Olive Tree. What a lovely tree.”

“We are coming up on the town, but my mother lives about 10 miles out of city limits.”

“Why don’t you type it into the car?”

I raised an eyebrow but did what I was told. When I finally found out how to calculate the address into the car, I was a little more than impressed.

But I did want to let him know. The thought of this car was utterly ridiculous but Hades insured me that it didn’t run on gas. And that did make me a bit happy.

After we got out of town, we started to take a very familiar road to me. The senses of home were starting to hit me like a wrecking ball. I felt silly for almost forgetting what my home was like. but once I smelt the air, it all came back very fast.

“How do you want me to greet your mother?”

“How about calling her . . . her highness?”

“Is she a queen?”

“Not specifically, so she might think that she is a goddess sometimes she acts like one sometimes,” I said rolling my eyes. “So I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a witch or anything. Not in a mean way, but she does have a way of getting what she wants and controlling people to a point. But in a loving way. I say that with love again.”

Hades laughed at me. “I see... I will try to make her as happy as possible.”

“What is your mom like?”

His smile went away very fast, hiding in a corner like a scared little mouse. He seemed to stare off into space, lost in thoughts.

I thought it was just an innocent question, however, the look in his eyes said otherwise.

“My mother . . . . I suppose that is a story for another time.”

“I’m sorry,” I said starting to remember the myths. About the Titans. If I remembered correctly, his father ate all of their children . . . how I wished I paid attention to history.

But then again, it didn’t feel like Hades was a myth. I know technically he is supposed to be, but he feels so real. He feels so real, I feel his soul inside of me, giving me warmth and protection.

But how much of him did I really know?

Other than books, what did I really know about Hades?

Before I could think about all that, we pulled up into the driveway, and I could see my mother standing on the porch, waving to us. I waved back, and said to Hades, “That’s her.”

When I looked over to him, his face looked like something was very wrong.

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