The Girl that Hades called Persephone

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

I ran out of the kitchen, ran back to the front porch. They weren’t there anymore, and there were no signs that they were anywhere in the house. It’s are a walking around in the front yard looking for them, only to find them on the side of the house. I was about to go up, about to save my boyfriend for my mother, about to have a typical meal. Until I heard their conversation.

“You can’t hide this from Steffi forever, Demeter .”

“I wasn’t going to.”

“Then when are you going to tell her?”

“Soon...I didn’t plan for you to be in the picture though,” my mom yelled at Hades. “How dare you. You’re only after her because her father sent you, isn’t that right?”

“What? No. No one knows we are even dating.”

“NO! You are not dating,” my mom screamed at him. “I forbid it.”

Hades just sighed. “Okay, go tell her that. Go explain why she can’t date me.”

“Because she will never accept that you’re the God of the underworld. She would never believe you.”

“She knows.”

My mother didn’t say anything for a while. “And...And she’s still with you.”


“She believes you?”

“Yes. . . . and she still told me she loves me, so maybe, since you haven’t yet, maybe you should tell her the truth about yourself?”

“She told you she loves you?”


“You made her, didn’t you?” she asked, her voice shaking.

“I did not.”

“Bullshit, Hades. I know how the three of you are.”

“Okay, just because the other two idiots are my brothers, does not mean I have their history of hurting women.”


“Who have I hurt? Demeter, who have I dated before?”

There was a few seconds between them, no words exchanged. “Why her? Why my daughter?”

“Hades, I have a hard time believing this.”

“Whatever you want me to do so you believe this, I will.”

“I want you away from my daughter.”

“She will hate you if she thinks you drove me away. I won’t leave her until she ask me to leave her.”

“I will make sure she does-”

“Why haven’t you told her?” Hades cut her off. “Why haven’t you told her about her powers? She told me how she was in the hospital for years? You scared her like that? Letting her thinking she was dying?”

“Um . . . that . . . look-”

“You scared her-”

“Let’s get through this dinner, this visit . . . Then. . . then we will go from there.”

I could feel my heart thumping through my chest. What were they even talking about? They seem to have spoken to each other like they have known one another for many many years. And my mom, he just said King of the underworld.

She knows who he is.

She knows more things than I thought before.

What was she hiding?

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