The Girl that Hades called Persephone

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Chapter Thirty-Four

She stared down from the top of the mountain, looking down to the Underworld. In the last few months, she knew something has changed, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

She was always in control, no matter what Hades had said, she was always the one in charge, running things from the shadows of the Underworld.

She twisted her necklace, feeling the metal almost bending, her fingers being cut off from blood flow. That didn’t matter. She loved the feeling.

Her long red dress dragged across the floor as she paced around in her room. She was drowning in rumors, trying not to panic, knowing that rumors were not always the most accurate of things in the Underworld. But still, the panic of them, the chances that they could be true . . . it was almost too much for her.

She saw the fireplace out of the corner of her eye, mocking her in a way.

She saw the face, dancing in the fire, drawing her in.

Her king.

She breathed out slowly. If she could, tears would appear in her large eyes, moaning for the face to come to her. She never understood why, after thousands of years, why that face couldn’t love her.

There were knocks on her door. She knew who it was, just by the sound and power of those tiny little fists. “Come in, Mega.”

The tiny little creature, horns sticking out of her hair, her big bright red eyes staring up at her. She was one of her favorite demons.

If she could, she would say that she had ever loved her. “Mother, we found out something you should know.”

The demon children all called her mother.

She never birthed any of them, but she took them all in when no one else would. That who she was.

She was a hero in all of their eyes. Even if other people had different things to say about that.

“What did you find?” she said, taking another drink of her wine.

“The king has found himself . . . a person.”

She turned around, seeing Mega, pictures in her hand and a smile on her face.

The mother of demons matched her smile, taking the pictures out of her hands, carefully going through them.

Her smile disappeared when she saw Hades hugging a small young female.

“What’s her name,” she asked.


“So, he finally becomes like his brothers and got himself a human whore.”

Mega cleared her throat. “She’s not human. She is a Goddess actually.”

She stopped in her tracks, her drink nearly slipping out of her hand. “Of what?”

“Not sure yet. But she is the daughter of Demeter.”

She raised an eyebrow, “I wasn’t aware that she even had a daughter. When was this? Who would even have a child with that . . . never mind. When was this?”

“The timeline is hard to track down, but she raised Persephone in the human world, making her believe she was human, up until a few weeks ago.”

The mother of demons looked out her window again, seeing Hade’s palace on the top of the hill, far far away from her.

“How interesting. However, if anyone knows Hades as I do, this is just a phase. His brother’s got to him, for sure, I know this. Hades would never-”

“He proposed to her. They are planning on getting married.”

Her eyes grew wide, her drink dropping to the floor, shattering all around them. Maga flinched. “How could he do this?” she had whispered to herself.

Her heart had shattered like the glass in her hand did just a few seconds ago.

“Mother?” Maga asked.

“Get everyone together, we are having a meeting.”

“What are we going to do, mother?” she asked.

Maga was greeted with a very large smile, one that had shown all of the mother’s sharp teeth. “We are going to fix this problem, that is what we are going to do.”

I gasped as I woke up from my deep sleep.

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