The Girl that Hades called Persephone

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Chapter Forty-One

Hades POV:

The guards didn’t want to let Demeter in; however, these guards had never seen the anger of scared mother. We were both allowed to walk through after a few moments of Demeter’s yelling and screaming.

The palace was more prominent than the last time I came by. That was a few hundred years ago. I should have kept a closer eye on Echidna. There was no reason to til Steffi came along. I must have known she was following us, her eyes were everywhere. Maybe I was too blinded by Steffi, perhaps I was so careless because all I could think about was her.

Every time I closed my eyes, it was her. It was always her.

We entered the house, the large opening, stairs from the top to where we were, Echidna was walking down. I forgot what she looked like at times. I forgot about the smirk that she carried, the red of her eyes, looking for her next victim.

There was a reason I banned her from the Underworld. She wasn’t safe.

And seeing Persephone, one step behind her, dressed up like a doll, my heart stopped. I wanted to run and grab her, but I knew Echidna too well. I knew that she had more than one trick up her sleeves.

“My, my, everyone made it, Steffi,” Echidna spoke over her shoulder. “Even your . . . ugh, Demeter, what are you doing here?”

“Mom!” Persephone screamed.

“Steffi,” Demeter screamed, trying to move forward. I stopped her and shook my head. “Let go of me, Hades.”

“No,” I whispered, “We have no idea what she’s up to. She can harm her, and we could be the cause of that. Please, let me do the talking.”

She didn’t like that idea, I knew that she didn’t. But she backed up, eyeing Echidna heavily.

“So glad you could make it Hades,” Echidna said as she got to the bottom of the stairs. “I hope you don’t mind me taking Steffi for a little while. She’s just so much fun, so smart and polite, no wonder why you prayed on her.”

I tighten my lips. “Let her go, now.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I will. I just want to talk, if that’s okay?”

“No, it’s not-”

“Great, so, let’s talk,” she said, grabbing Steffi by the wrist, and pulling her along to another room. “Come, follow.”

Demeter and I stared at each other, shaking our hands, but we followed. She made us walk to a room with a long wooden table with food all over it. I didn’t know what the little set up was, what she was planning, but I could see it in the woodworks.

“Steffi, darling, go sit at the end. And Demeter, you can sit with her. Hades and I need to talk for a little while. Do you mind waiting?”

Demeter didn’t wait for another second, and dashed to her daughter, embracing her into a firm hug. I could see Steffi’s eyes tearing up as she hugged her just as hard. She looked to me, begging eyes for me to help her.

I promised myself, I was going to get her home safely.

“Come Hades, let’s go to the next room.”

She was teasing me, getting too close to me, flipping her raven hair in my face. I just closed my eyes and followed her.

We exited, closing the tall doors behind us. As we walked the long and never-ending halls, she finally spoke. “I’m so glad you could make it.”

“You kidnapped my fiancé.”

“Kidnapped, invited her forcefully over, is there a difference? Anyhow, I’ll cut it short here. You know what I want.”

I stopped, and stared at her, “No. I can’t.”

“Once upon a time, you were going to.”

“Then I had to ban you from the Underworld. You were taking souls and feeding your demon child. Souls can never be replaced. You erased love ones, you did awful things-”

“You think Persephone will want to be with you? She doesn’t love you, she fears you.”

I shook my head. “That’s not true, and you know it. I know you. I know what you’re doing.”

“I would have made a wonderful queen. And you can still love me again, it may take time, but I know-”

“At one point, you had my heart. But just like those souls, you ate it, and it was erased.”

“You still love me.”

“Not anymore, and not ever again.”

Echidna looked away, but stepped closer to me, till she threw herself in my arms, and looked up at me with those big bright eyes. “Persephone couldn’t be a queen. She is not strong enough.”

I pushed her away. “I love her. I want to marry her. I would give up everything if it meant to be by her side. What do you not understand?”

Kindness had washed away from her face, only replaced by hate. She stormed passed me, “Fine then.”

“Where are you going?” I asked.

She turned around. “Just to be sure, you are refusing my purposely to make me your wife, your rightful queen?”

“Big time.”

She smiled evilly. “Great.”

She busted back into dinner hall and rushed to Persephone. With a wisp of her hand, she threw Demeter to the wall, knocking her down. She grabbed Steffi’s long red hair, and drug her away from the table.

“Persephone!” I screamed.

“Hades! Help!”

Before I could save her, Echidna took out a knife from her back and held it up to Persephone’s throat. Steffi was screaming, struggling to get out of her grip.

“Don’t you move, or I’ll kill her and eat her soul.”

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