The Girl that Hades called Persephone

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Chapter Forty-Seven


We waited for four years. To me, that was nothing, I would wait lifetimes for her.

I cheered my little flower as she walked across the stage for her degree, my heart filling of joy to see her smile and proud moment. She gave her mother a wave and then blew a kiss to me.

For the last four years, I had seen my dear one grow into a very beautiful soul every day, doing something that made me smile wide and filled myself with happiness.

She spent her time with me in the Underworld, keeping up with her promise with Zeus. She actually did it a little too well and had to be reminded to stay on earth for even just a little while.

It was hard to let her go, but it was always a joy when she came back. She would run and hug me and give me all her kisses.

I never thought I could love someone like I loved Persephone.

I gave her permission to tell her friend, Debbie, to tell her about us, and what we were. Debbie actually took it very well. We were both shocked. Even when we invited Debbie to the Underworld for dinner, she would just nod and say “Cool.”

It made Steffi happy, so I just went with it. Though, I never seen anyone as relaxed as Debbie about being ‘cool’ with the underworld.

I helped her over the last few years, trying to let her know what her duty as a queen would be. She tried punishment, and I had to reframe her from it since.

For someone that was so sweet, so kind, caring and loveable . . . she was a little harsh with her punishments. I’ve had to set her back on it.

But she was a kind spirit.

A few months after she finished school, the promise she made to her mother, we were set to marry.


The day of the wedding, I was nervous, scared, happy, and also nervous. It wasn’t a normal wedding, because all of the Gods and Goddess were there. No pressure I suppose, but my mother did put a lot on me.

She kept crying and hugging me, and I had to tell her it was okay. I thought that the brides were supposed to cry on their wedding day.

Debbie was my maid of honor and helped me plan the event. She got her degree in Art and now runs a graphics company with some of her artsy friends.

The room we were married in was filled with so many flowers. Zeus was standing next to Hades, and patted his back when I started walking down the aisle.

When I looked up to my husband, he was tearing up, trying to put on a brave face. It was nice to see the tears in his eyes, smiling at me. I knew he loved me, and it was still hard to believe it sometimes. Out of everyone in the world, he sat next to me on the bench, spoke to me, feel in love with me.

Me, out of everyone in the world, it was me.

I walked down towards him, held his hands as we said our vows.

Looking into his eyes, tearing up at the thought of how much love I had for him. And I was going to be by his side, his queen, for the rest of time.

I was his, and he was mine.

I am the girl that Hades called Persephone.

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