My Boyfriend's Cousin.

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Bad boy? Check. Good boy? Check. How blurry can the lines between them get? FIND OUT IN ALI. "I hate you." "Really? You hate me?" I press my back against the brick wall, my eyes never leaving his. With the slightest shrug of his shoulders, he whispers, "Well, I'm trying to for his sake." He gestures with a slight nod to an unaware Isaac who's stood on the field a few yards away. "What's that supposed to mean?" He hums, "I doubt you're that dumb..." His lips hover near my ear, "You know exactly what I mean." I do. I'm not as innocent as Pheonix believes I am. I'm also not as naive as he seems to think because I see exactly what he's been trying to do. - - - - - - - She isn't available but he makes her want to be. Ali Black finds herself caught in the middle of a guy she thought she loved and a guy who hates the idea of love. With stable on one side of her and damaged on the other, she's never been more confused. When all you have is perfect, why go searching for more?

Romance / Humor
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- You don’t have to read MBBFB & MBBFA in order to read MBC but characters will be mentioned that appeared in the first two.

- First draft [ there will be errors].

- This book, as all mine do, will contain characters who make stupid decisions because in real life we make stupid decisions!

- This book includes drama because Ali is a teenager with a wild heart and a loud mouth.

- Feel free to imagine anybody as the characters. After all, letting the imagination run wild is one of the many joys of reading!


Ali Black ** Rowan Blanchard
Isaac Court ** Cody Saintgnue
Pheonix Dean ** Janis Danner
Brooke Acosta ** China Anne McClain
Beau Trenton ** Cole Sprouse
Lucy Starr ** Olivia Holt
Murphy Lockhart ** Isaac Broussard
Holland Black ** Victoria Justice
Asher Black ** Shiloh Fernandez

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