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We met on Penitt. I found who I'm marrying.. Starring: Min, Angel, Hyungminnie.

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Angel: posts a pic of self

Min: You're pretty

Angel: Thank you~

Min: Post: I'm single :(

Unknown: I don't see why... I'd date you...
Angel: Same..
Min: Ha, well you to can see who I'll be with.
Angel: She's mine.
Unknown: O-okay... you can have her...
Min: That was short... well Angel, I'm yours.
Angel: As in, we're going out?
Min: I think...
Angel: O-okay.. *squeals*

The next morning
Min: Hey
Angel: Hi..
Min: Post: I'm taken by this cute girl..
Angel: aww~ <3
Min: Good morning <3
Angel: Morning~ hru?
Min: Tired. Too much drama..
Angel: oof...

Min: Post: At my friend's house. I love my babygirl~
Angel: cute~ <3
Min: Hey, if Min's friend. We were playing truth or dare and we dared her to moan the name she was thinking. She moaned Angel. Who's that?!!
Angel: aww~ and that's me...
Min: So you're Min's babygirl~?
Angel: Yup~ <3
Min: I leave for three minutes...
Angel: W h E e Z e

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