Alpha's Mistake

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Hi I’m Snow and I plan to put a lot of effort into this story. I am super creative but a terrible song writer. So, I will be using already written and performed songs but I will write the singers in brackets to show who deserves the credit. I suggest watching the songs if your up to. They are the personalities of the main character. Thank You - Stella Snow


My name is Zoey, my father is Alpha Ben Cassidy of the Silver Moon pack. My older brother James is celebrating his fifteenth birthday tonight and I am so excited.

My brother is a year older than me so he has a lot of the kids from the grade above me here tonight. That was the part I feared. I’m not as skinny as most of the other girls at my school, and because of this, everyone teases me.

My brother says that my mate will love me no matter what so I am really excited to meet him. In the meantime, I have my two absolute best friends Lily and Alex. They don’t care what I look like, they love me.

We have been pees in a pod since we were in diapers. Our parents are best friends as well. Lily’s father is my dad’s Beta, and Alex’s is my dad’s Gamma. That second and third in command.

I always spend time at the hidden waterfall behind our pack territory. Right now my bullies are getting worse, my brothers best friend, Chase called me a fat pig today, then Hannah spray painted pig on my locker. Alex and Lily told me not to worry, and I don’t.

I don’t care what others besides my family think of me, but it still hurts, you know. I pull out my phone and see that I have to go.

On the way back I sense a presence. I get scared because I think it’s rogues. Except it’s worse. It’s way worse, it’s Chase. ‘Well well well, look who it is, pig,’ he sneered. ‘l-leave m-me a-alone,’ I was so scared because his father was the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack and he was scary.

Also cute, but more scary. Suddenly my wolf Rose started chanting Mate Mate Mate. No way! He couldn’t be my mate. With Hannah and Henry he was my biggest bully. My mate is supposed to protect and love me. When he reached me his dark blue eyes widened with, horror, that hurt. ‘I would never take a fat pig as my mate.’

Chase got himself together and said the few words that changed my life, ’I Chase King son of Alpha Christian King of the Blood Moon pack, reject, Zoey Cassidy daughter of Ben Cassidy Alpha of the Silver Moon pack’. ‘I, Zoey Cassidy accept your rejection’.

Then I ran.

I ran back to the pack house and up to my room.

Nobody was there, they were all at my brothers party. When I opened my room I saw Alex and Lily there, they always know when somethings wrong. I explained what happened and Lily and I had to hold Alex from going and ripping Xavier’s throat out. I planned on running away, I know it makes me look like a coward but I want to make something of myself, of my music.

I don’t know if this is the best or the worst thing but the girls are forcing me to take them with me. I was going to say no but they told me things were getting worse with their parents and they had to do this for themselves. We packed our duffle bags with necessities and all three of us wrote a note for our families.

’Dear family, We have decided that the bullying at school is to much and that we hate it that you make us compete with each other. We love you but we are sticking with our choice, we’re leaving. Dear James, You said that my mate would love and protect me, well, I found my mate and he rejected me because of what I look like. You were wrong and I’m done. I love you and dad but we have to do this. Love from Zoey, Alex and Lily’

We left the note on the kitchen counter of the pack house. ‘Let’s ditch this popsicle stand!’ said Alex We giggled, ‘Yes lets’.

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