Alpha's Mistake

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Prologue 2


I still hadn’t told anyone that I rejected my mate. I didn’t want to reject her, and not because she was fat, she was beautiful. I was the one that was bad.

My dad and I were talking about the pack when my best friend James slammed the door open and punched the wall making a hole in it.

‘What the f*ck James what’s wrong?’. My dad and I were standing in case something happened.

The one thing I didn’t expect was for him to do was start crying. James never cried. He was always happy. Now I was scared.

‘She’s gone, my sister ran away because of you idiots and the school bullying her’. No, I didn’t want this to happen.

‘Maybe she just went somewhere with Alex and Lily?’

’Dude, all three left a note saying Zoey couldn’t take the bullying and that she found her mate and he rejected her, Alex and Lily said that they couldn’t take their parents putting them against each other, all three are gone’.


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