Alpha's Mistake

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Chapter 1: New Starts


We did good, if I do say so myself.

The three of us are still thick as thieves but we’ve changed.

My black hair is now a permanent deep metallic kind of strawberry red. It is straight and goes down nearly to my tummy and it sometimes curls around it self. My skin is still the slight tan except my storm grey eyes are brighter if I do say so myself. Oh, and my new name is Cadence. Well it is still Zoey, but, you’ll see what I mean.

Alex permanently dyed her brown hair a metallic blue that goes just past her shoulders in waves. Her skin is a little darker than mine. Her new name is Melody.

Lily permanently dyed her blonde hair a metallic pink that just touches her shoulders and is curly. Her skin is still pale but she is adorable. Her new name is Harmony.

After we ran away we were adopted, as you could say, by the Ocean Moon pack. They let us do what we wanted and gave us a chance. They are our family now and they know all about us. They know that Alex, Lily and I are the singers from the band ‘The Sirens’.

The girls and I made it big and no one knows who we are, we are just a hot trio who sing all kinds of song all written by us. Mainly me.

Before that we became and are assassin’s for our pack. We kill bad people. I have been looking for a man named Gabriel Sánchez. He raped and murdered thirteen woman and it’s a personal case.

The girls and I have been away from home for nearly two years and we have decided we will finish school at our old one and come home on holidays or when the pack neads us.

So that’s what we have been up to for the past time we have run away. Now we are on a plane and are landing in and hour.

Oh, did I forget to tell you, our personalities also upgraded, I am what people call a bad girl leather and motorcycles. What? There fun. Alex is way more nice and a bit of a nerd. Strange right? Lily is the mother of our group and extremely protective.

One more hour until it’s back to my blood family. I missed James and dad so much. My wolf already got over Chase.


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