Alpha's Mistake

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Chapter 2: Superheroes


I told my dad’s butler that we were coming and to not tell anyone.

Right now Alex and Lily are in Alex’s car, while I’m on my Motorcycle. Yep. You read right. It’s red, my favourite.

Here’s the unfortunate part, we don’t want anyone to know that were The Sirens so we have to get used to calling each other by our real names and we have to put temporary dye in our natural hair colour in each night. It took two packets to get Lily’s hair blonde and not orange. It was super funny.

I pulled up to the mansion that is the Silver Moon pack and wait a minute or two for the girls.

We link arms and walk up to the front door. In two weeks there is an Alpha meeting in which we will see our Alpha and everyone might, find out about our assassin’s status.

Lily is to my right and Alex Left. I glance at their faces and see how well I did their makeup. Besides our hair there is one other way to recognise us. Tattoos. The girls only have one but I have three. Under each of our left eyes on our cheeks our shapes. Small ones so that if you are a few steps away they look like beauty spots. Alex has a diamond, Lily has a heart and I have a star. I am the master at makeup and covered them with foundation.

I take a deep breath and knock on the door. After a second my family butler opens our door. Alfred, I know so cool, he is a sweet old man with blue eyes and white hair. He calls me Batgirl, Lily Supergirl and Alex Wonder Woman.

He smile and gets us all in a bear hug. We hug him back and see tears in his eyes when we pull back. I reach out and wipe them away.

‘My superheroes’ he says and we hug again. This time when he pulls back he goes into butler mode.

‘This way ladies the Silver and Blood Moon pack is having and meeting but they will love to see you’.

We start following Alfred and the girls look at me, Are you alright?

I’m fine Harmony, I’m over him.

And I’m proud of you.

Thanks Mel.

The girls and I share a mind link so we can talk or think like this, and I am really over Chase.

I take a second while we walk further into the house of which I still remember every turn of, to look at our outfits. Lily is wearing a yellow sundress that reaches just above her knees. Alex is wearing light blue jeans and a flowy white top. I am wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a black tank top that lifts up when I move my hands. Lily is wearing sandals, Alex flats, and me ankle boots with small heels.

I am also wearing red lipstick, my signature colour. The girls are just wearing lipgloss and mascara for makeup. While I don’t need mascara.

We finally reach the large conference room and Alfred knocks.

I hear a faint come in and get ready for this. I grab the girls hand one last time and squeeze.

Alfred stands in the door not letting whoever is inside to see us and says ‘ Sir you have guests’.

With that he stands next to the wall inside and motions for us to go inside.

All three of us take a step inside and watch as everyone’s eyes widen.

This will be fun.

The girls reply with yeps.

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