Alpha's Mistake

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Chapter 3: Reunited, unfortunately

Everyone stood up slowly.

The meeting was made up of my dad, my brother, the girls parents, Blood Moon’s Alpha, beta, gamma and their kids. So yep the boys are all checking us out and Chase is staring at me but I ignore him and turn to face my dad, I can still feel his gaze burning into the back of my head.

My dad and brother run to me in super wolf speed and hug me until I can’t breath.

‘I-I c-can’t b-breath’ I finally weez out.

‘Sorry’ their not apologetic. Is that even a word?

‘Your even more beautiful than you were before,’ I missed my dad so much.

‘I love having you here but what are you doing here?’ Ah, my brother, right to the point.

I looked over to see the girls getting the same treatment.

‘Well the girls and I decided to finish school here.’

‘You girls can stay in the pack house,’ that was Lily’s mother. No way in hell are we staying in this house, but I said something nicer to Aunt Megan.

‘I’m sorry but we’ve already bought a place and we’re staying there.’

‘Speaking of which we should go and unpack but everyone is welcome to come to our place at nine for dinner,’ thank goodness Lily sensed Alex’s and my discomfort, wait, dinner, what!?

Alfred started leading us back to the door and everyone followed, great. Note the sarcasm.

Why would you do this, without asking us first!

It’s fine Cadence

No it’s not!

Girls, chill


We walked outside after out minni argument in our heads.

‘Race ya,’ racing them is always fun, it gives me a chance to go faster than necessary.

I get my helmet and put it on. I swing my leg over my bike stradling it.

I looked back and saw everyone staring at us with shocked expressions. I don’t know if it’s because of my bike or their uber expensive car.

With one last wave I start my bike and speed of. In the mirror I saw the girls in their car.

That went well

Yep popping the p, both of them.

I shook my head and payed attention to where we are going. Our new beach house. Cool right.

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