Alpha's Mistake

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Chapter 4: Guests?!

I pulled up to our huge beach house. It has three levels. The ground floor is made up of the living room, kitchen, guest rooms and all the other areas all houses have. The second level has three huge bedrooms which are Harmony, Alex’s and mine. The third level is the roof which has a pool, a bunch of different game tables and a slide that drops you into the ocean. And one that drops you right in front of the front door.

There is a cove right under us so that is super cool.

Also the back door has a garden with a stone path that leads to the beach.

I open the door and get knocked to the ground. Something wet starts licking my face.

‘Commander! Off buddy,’ Commander is a golden retriever that was forced to fight underground. He has a few scars that never went away. After all of this he is still a loving dog who is super protective of me. Sometimes the girls to but mostly me.

I lift him of me and start walking to my room to change.

I walk down stairs to see Melody and Harmony cooking.

‘I’ll help,’ I say walking over to them.

‘NO!’ they both yell at once, we’re always doing that. Weird.


‘Cadence, don’t take it personally, but, darling, you burn water.’ Lily, always the one to break it to you nicely.

I sigh.

‘Fine I’ll be outside somewhere if you need me.’

I take Commander and my pink pen and red leather notebook and go outside to the roof.

I start writing a new song when Melody, sorry, Alex mind links me to open the door.

I do the most responsible thing, I hide my song book and get Commander to slide down the slide that goes to the front door and be a guard dog.

I wait until I hear a scream until I slide down.

What I see makes me burst out laughing. Commander is growling at scared looking James and Chase.

I kneel and start patting Commander and in an instant he stops growling and his tongue loles out and I giggle at the boys shocked expressions.

‘How the f*ck did you tame that beast?!?’ James, always overreacting.

‘He’s just scared,’ I say hugging Commander who is happily barking.

The boys gave me an are you serious look while everyone else was trying hard not to laugh.

I poked my tounge out at them and stood up.

‘This way I don’t have the key.’ I lead them around the back of the house while Commander and dad played fetch with a ball from somewhere.

I lead them up the staircase that goes to the roof.

When we got up I watched as everyone’s jaws hit the floor.

‘How did you get this house?’ Alex’s dad asked.

‘We got jobs you know,’ was my reply as we went down the stairs to the second then first level.

Lily and Alex come and meet us at the bottom of the stairs, ever the hostesses.

The girls start talking to the adults which leaves me with the boys and Chase’s sister Lola.

We got the adults, you got them.

What!? NO!!

Yes see ya.

What will I do!?

Be creative!!

No help Lily

Just Go


‘K kids let’s go.’

‘We’re not kids!’

I smirk at my brother.

‘Whatever you say dear brother’

‘We will be in the pool.’

‘Be back for dinner on time.’

‘Yes mother,’ Lily!

I start leading them upstairs to the mixed guest closet. It’s huge and would have swimsuits in it.

‘Where are we going?’

‘Well, Chase, unless you were planning on swimming in those clothes I am getting you swimmers from our thrift closet.’

‘What’s a thrift closet?’ Lola is so cute, she is a year younger than me.

‘All the clothed we own that we don’t use.’

I stop in front of a huge door and open them.

‘There should be things in all your sizes, grab towels as well I am going to go change in my room. Oh and Lola, there are change rooms in the back.’

With that I walk away.

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