Alpha's Mistake

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Chapter 5: Pool


I watched as everyone came out of the change rooms wearing trunks except Lola who was wearing a black one piece.

I still couldn’t believe that Zoey was back. Or how good she looked. I didn’t really care what she looked like now. I regret rejecting her the day after I did. I only hope she’ll have me back because I always had a crush on her and thought I was not good enough for her.

At the age of thirteen I had killed thousands of rogues. She deserved better so I made the excuse of not liking her. I couldn’t help it any more. I loved her.

After a few moments Zoey came back into the closet. I still can’t believe how rich the girls were.

When I saw her bikini my jaw dropped. It was a white bikini that was barely there. I looked around and all of the guys besides James were staring at her with lustful expressions.

I had a sudden urge to beat them up and cover her with something.

‘Let’s go.’ with that she turned around walking away, her bare feet padding on the ground.

We followed Zoey to the stairs, but instead of going up them she walked past them and went to an elevator.

‘Wow, what job do you have that gives you this much money?’ my sister Lola is always curious. I didn’t think she would answer because of how Zoey didn’t answer properly before but she surprised me.

‘I have two jobs’

‘And what are they?’ My sister is so nosey.

I watch as Zoey presses a button and we start moving up.

‘One is for my pack and the other is in show biz, but legally, I can’t tell you.’

‘You have a pack?’ That was Adam. James and mine other best friend. Also my soon to be beta.

‘Yes.’ the look Zoey gave us was a threat to not talk, and surprisingly, it was scary.

Good thing that the elevator doors opened and we walked out leaving the tension behind us.

Adam, James and Jake, my soon to be gamma ran and bombed the pool. Splashing Lola and Zoey in the process.

We looked at the girls and burst out laughing, James nearly drowned laughing in the water. Zoey and Lola glared at us and we shut up. They were both super frightening.

The guys and I shared a scared look and Jake laughed awkwardly.

Zoey started talking to Lola so quietly that even I couldn’t hear it with my wolf hearing.

Once they stopped they turned to us and Zoey was the one to speak, ‘Lola and I are going to go hang out in the games room.’ Then they walked away leaving the guys and me still scared.

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