Deviant Tendencies

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A series of terrible circumstances bring Balle and Will together. She hopes he can end her suffering and he hopes he can keep from killing her. Wills mother vanished without a trace when he was a boy. His father is a convicted serial killer. Everyone knows he killed her but her body has never been found. Balle was taken from her home as a child and sold to a series of increasingly depraved owners. Will needs someone to save and Balle needs to be allowed to die. Together they are toxic.

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Balle's Contract

The contract Jake made with me that night was fairly simple. I will make you love me and then I will try not to kill you.

This devil whispered sweetly to me from the heart of the flames. I will lend you one of my finest and in return, God will give me one of his flock.

I hoped there was a loophole I could exploit, perhaps my less than lily-white soul wouldn’t count as payment, but then I remembered how manic my life could be. There would be a low point where I would welcome weakness and happily pay the Devil in full.

Life started over again for me that night. Jake wanted ice cream and steak. After all, he had given me. I couldn’t refuse him anything.

We set out into the city nightlife to satisfy his cravings. These burrows are known to be dangerous at night but he was a beautiful flesh and blood predator dressed in a dark suit armed with several knives, a full money clip, and a perfect smile. I draped my arm over his and with a sideways grin and I accepted all his terms in full.

We would leave the city after a good meal and a few phone calls. It was made plain to me that I could never return, that sacrifice didn’t bother me. Jake wanted something perverse from me, a thing so weak I had folded it up and tucked it away a long time ago — he wanted me to love him.

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