Deviant Tendencies

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A series of terrible circumstances bring Balle and Will together. She hopes he can end her suffering and he hopes he can keep from killing her. Wills mother vanished without a trace when he was a boy. His father is a convicted serial killer. Everyone knows his father killed his mother, but her body has never been found. Balle was taken from her home as a child and sold to a series of increasingly depraved owners. Will needs someone to save and Balle needs to be allowed to die. Together they are beyond toxic.

Romance / Thriller
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Balle's Contract

The devil whispered sweetly to me from the heart of the flames. I will lend you one of my finest. In return, your God will give me one from his flock.

I hoped there was a loophole I could exploit. My less than lily-white soul couldn’t possibly be good enough for payment in full.

Life started over that night. The contract Will and I made was silent and straightforward, but after everything he risked to free me, I couldn’t refuse him anything.

The man has two sides one dark and heavy, the other light and inviting.

As a child, William was abandoned by his mother and watched as his serial murdering father was dragged off to prison. William is cold and violent and makes people uncomfortable. Jake was adopted into a loving but criminal family who nurtured and guided his dark desires. Jake desperately wants to please his new family. He is calculating and smooth—everybody loves Jake.

I can tell who I’m dealing with now. The change is subtle but it's there if you know what to look for. Sometimes I envy Will's ability to hide behind Jake’s smiling eyes. Jake makes you feel like his best friend. He can sell ice to Eskimos, as they say. William makes your skin crawl and can easily make you disappear without a trace.

Will craved a medium-rare steak and a cold bowl of mint ice cream. We set out into the city nightlife to satisfy his needs. The burrows are known to be dangerous after dark, but this tortured man beside me was a beautiful flesh and blood predator.

Dressed in a dark suit and armed with a good knife, a full money clip, and his perfect smile, there wasn’t any situation Will couldn’t handle. I draped my arm over his with a sideways grin, and accepted all his terms in full.

We would leave the city after a late meal and a few phone calls. It was made plain to me that I could never return to New York, that sacrifice didn’t bother me.

Will wanted something so perverse from me as payment. A battered and beaten mess I folded up and stashed away years ago—he wanted my heart. He wanted me to love him.

Faking this type of exchange would not be possible. A liar knows the face of deceit. I could feel the rawness of his request in his husky voice. He expected the truth from me and I didn't know if I could live up to my end of the contract.

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